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This presentation is prepared as a requirement for the fulfillment of the course ADV 892 Section 701 - New Media Driver's License.

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  • The eMarketer report, “Worldwide Social Network Users: 2013 Forecast and Comparative Estimates,” has revealed that almost one in four people across the globe will be intosocial networking by 2013. Worldwide the social network users have risen up to 18 % from 1.47 billion in 2012 to 1.73 billion in 2013. It is estimated that total global social network audience will be 2.55 billion by 2017. Hence, a coherent digital strategy is vital to increase the impact of Pure Michigan.
  • Michigan local residents, national, regional and international tourists of all ages as the state has year round diversified attractions to offer ranging from silver sand beaches, waterfalls, ice skiing, lush green forests, wineries, museums to historical villages and many more.  
  • The students are the best carriers for the diffusion of information. Since every educational institute arranges excursion trips for its students; the big idea is to coordinate with the centre of student services in each educational institute for arranging trips to Pure Michigan’s attractions. The hotel and transport industry operating in Michigan will be advocated to provide subsidized services to these educational institutes, which they will do certainly as they must be earning profits from these activities as well. In return, the students are made obligatory to share their tourism experiences online. This way the pace of Pure Michigan going viral will be increased manifolds. The
  • Digital tools:For broadcasting Pure Michigan, following digital tools will be used;  A.    Social Media 1-      Facebook 2-      Twitter 3-      YouTube 4-      Foursquare 5-      Blog 6-      Website 7-      Pinterest 8- FlickrB.     Social Networking Service like Instagram C.    Digital apps like Vine D.    GoogleAdWords
  • Before:Preliminary arrangements will be done prior to the campaign launch that includes Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords search and the study of social media users’ analytics reports besides using Google analytics to assess the trends of social media usage as at what time and days, internet traffic is high. During:Key Performance Indicators will be measured that includes the calculation of Tweets, Likes, click through rates and number of Visits and Followers to gauge the impact of the campaign. Besides, reviews and feedback will be collected through short online surveys.During and After:Free digital media monitoring tools of HootSuite, Social Mention,TwitterCounter, Buffer, Boardreader, Google alerts, Google trendz,Pinpuff and Shoork will be utilized.Campaign Team:A digital media manager and an assistant manager will be recruited for a period of one year. The two persons will specifically be responsible for the overall execution and monitoring of the campaign. Besides, their job responsibilities include advocating the corporate sector to include scenic beauties and other tourist attractions and adventures for the production of their advertisements.  The graduate students enrolled in media studies will be hired to write, design and produce the content. Besides, they will also keep the track record of social media monitoring. These students will report to assistant manager. 
  • 1- One – click mobile website conversion:The website and all the other social media used for the digital strategy will be compatible to mobile responsive designs so that the visitors have the ability to track information on the basis of as and when required. 2- Mobile Coupons:Discounted and promotional coupons for sightseeing and other tourist attractions in Pure Michigan will be available through smart phones and other mobile devices. This will help save printing cost and cut down the electronic media advertising expenses.
  • The breakdown of the budget will be provided in the printed form to the panel members to whom the presentation will be made.
  • This last slide will mark the opening of Question and Answer Session.
  • Pure michigan digital strategy

    1. 1. Pure Michigan’s Digital Strategy Presented by: Leena Maqsood
    2. 2. Goal & Objectives in consonance to Michigan Tourism Strategic Plan 1. Increase Canadian visitors to Michigan from 1.54 million in 2011 to 2.15 million by 2017. 2. Collaborate with corporate sector to promote, market and publicize Pure Michigan. 3. Raise Michigan’s ranking among the index of desirable place to visit in Portrait of the American Traveler Report from 28th in 2010 to at least in first half of 20s by 2017. Raise the visitor spending from $17.7 billion in 2011 to $21.5 billion in 2017.
    3. 3. Michigan is UNIQUE in offering something to every age group
    4. 4. Tap the potential of students in the educational institutes of Michigan State. This Big Idea will be implemented free of cost.
    5. 5. • Campaign Launch – Before, During and After • Campaign team
    6. 6. 1. One – click mobile website conversion 2. Mobile Coupons
    7. 7. $ 11.3 Million (This amount covers human resource, program, administrative and mobile marketing strategy cost). 1st Aug. 2013 – 31st July. 2014
    8. 8. Note: All the images used in this presentation are copied form Google Search Engine.