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Wearable hearing adide


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This is a wearable audio amplifier that can be used as a hearing aid without inserting an ear piece in to ear, but wearing closer to ears.

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Wearable hearing adide

  1. 1. Wearable Audio Amplifier as a hearing aide Designer: Leelananda Jayasuriya E- mail : Web :
  2. 2. Introduction • Due to environmental noise and disturbances sometimes we cannot hear properly when someone talking to us or giving an important speech • When a person is delivering a speech, sometimes we will be not able to hear it with natural ability of the ear. • People with hearing deficiency also require some device to boost the sound for them to hear properly • There are instances we need to hear the sound from a distant place • Idea of this project is to introduce a new device that will be capable of boosting sound coming towards the listener
  3. 3. Background Art • At present there are listening devices built to amplify sound and be able to hear with a head phone or ear piece for personal listening.
  4. 4. Objectives • Introducing a wearable device capable of boosting the sound coming in to listener for personal listening replacing the head phone of an ear piece. • There are health Issues of side effects using Headphones and Earphones. A high quality sound generating device with a speaker device for listener’s personal hearing this problem is avoided. • This device is a wearable audio amplifier that can be attached to listener's’ dress or attached to body.
  5. 5. • The following details are a device operating with above mentioned features • This Audio amplifier built around IC LM386, condense microphone and speaker and built in a casing operating with 9 volt battery power and attached to specially designed jacket wearable for people
  6. 6. Procedure of implementing the project Step 1 • Selecting an audio IC and design a low power high sensitive audio amplifier. • Using OrCAD software to simulate the circuit • Build the circuit on bead board • Build the circuit on Universal PCB Printed Circuit Board • Design the circuit using Eagle CAD software
  7. 7. Procedure of implementing Step 2 • Get a print of the circuit in .pdf format • Transfer the circuit to a copper coated vinyl sheet using sticker paper • Assembly of the components on the circuit board • Testing the circuit • Placing the electronic assembly in casing • Placing everything in a wearable jacket
  8. 8. OrCAD Simulation
  9. 9. Circuit Assembly for testing
  10. 10. Printed circuit board
  11. 11. The assembly of the hearing Aide
  12. 12. Complete assembly with a wearing jacket
  13. 13. The End