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How Universe & Life formed


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Whole universe is governed my the simple theory of attraction

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How Universe & Life formed

  1. 1. Presentation by - K.G.L.Jayasuriya 16sea043 1
  2. 2. Let us begin with the condition of the universe all the particles were spread unevenly
  3. 3. Attraction between two celestial bodies can take place in two ways • It can be a direct hit or • It may be attraction with the influence of any other planet so that the planet may be revolving around the bigger planet
  4. 4. Due to attraction between planets they are getting closer, by orbiting or directly absorbing
  5. 5. We are gradually moving towards sun and the whole solar system is winding in to the center of galaxy
  6. 6. Some planets are getting larger and their attractive force gradually increases
  7. 7. Shape of earth due to bombardments from meteors
  8. 8. Long ago earth was further away from sun and the temperature was very low
  9. 9. With the collision of moon earth has shifted towards sun and its ice partly melted and evaporated to atmosphere
  10. 10. Dinosaurs world
  11. 11. Collision of a meteor destruction of dinosaurs
  12. 12. Evolution of life on earth
  13. 13. Domination of human civilization on earth
  14. 14. The End of the slide show Thank you, Miss Dilini Leelachandra – our lecturer and My audience of Batch mates for your patience during my presentation