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Sam Dixey the student Tinder Powerpoint Viral sensation!


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This week a Leeds lad went viral for posting a funny powerpoint presentation on Tinder! Here are his slides. Here is my article and interview with him...

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Sam Dixey the student Tinder Powerpoint Viral sensation!

  1. 1. Why you should SWIPE Right. A presentation by Sam.
  2. 2. I have friends and do things outside • As you can clearly see from the visual aids I have friends and go places.This is always a good thing.
  3. 3. Things I enjoy doing • Laser tag • Long walks on the beach • Talking about my feelings • Dad jokes • Dominos • Petting Doggos
  4. 4. Other notable Qualities and skills • Knows all the rules to drinking games • Not the worst at sex • Generous when drunk • Owns a Netflix account • My friends say I’m funny • Great guy to take to family events
  5. 5. But don’t just take my word for it, here are just a few of many (totally real) reviews… “This guy makes the greatest PowerPoints, the best.The reviews he’s getting are youuuuge” 5/5 - DonaldTrump “Not the worst Sam I’ve met” 4/5 - Leonardo Di Capri Sun “Stop pointing that gun at my head… I’ll give you a good rating alright” 3/5 - Some random guy “Makes unbelievable pancakes, the best I’ve ever laid my eyes on” 5/5 -TheTimes Guide to Pancakes 2011 “How do ratings work again?” 5/7 - Brendan Sullivan (imgur) “I have a son!?” 1/5 - Dad
  6. 6. References Dixey, P. (2007). How to DealWith a Disappointment for a Son. pp.12-13. Dixey, S. (2017). Life of Sam: Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls. Astley, R. (2017). Never gonna give you up. TheTimes Guide to Pancakes 2011. (2011). TheTimes Guide to Pancakes, (03). Bloggs, J. (2012). All definitely very real references and not made up in the slightest.