Lee Hopkins - Personal Manifesto/Resume 2005


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My personal manifesto/resume - created late 2005.

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Lee Hopkins - Personal Manifesto/Resume 2005

  1. 1. Lee Hopkins Communication doesn’t boring have to be
  2. 2. They say “Communication is a serious business” I say “But it doesn’t have to be boring!” They say “We need to get our message out” I say “But in their language!” If the message is not in the language of the receiver then the transmission is a waste of time and energy – and will annoy them! They say “We need inkage” I say “We need linkage!” The new direction of communication is the fusion of offline and online worlds. Column inches and ink are no longer the only metrics – soundbites, bloglinks and google rankings are becoming more important. We need to pay attention.
  3. 3. They say “We They say “Talk to your audience” need to control I say “Soundbite them first!” the message” We have 7 seconds before they tune out. If they choose to tune in, only then we can engage in a conversation and start to build rapport and a I say “The relationship. audience will always control They say “Improve and Maintain” the message!” I say “Destroy and Re-Imagine!” People are swamped by over 1 million messages a day. The traditional ‘Interruption Marketing’ approach has lost its authority. And is now haemorrhaging advertising/marketing budgets. We are in the ‘Permission Marketing’ age, where we have to get people’s permission to talk to them first, before they give us their full attention. Transparency and willingness to engage with — just ask Kryptonite (they lost US$10m by not listening your audiences are the new ‘musts’ for business to and engaging in a conversation amongst 20m people)
  4. 4. They say “Design is very important” I say “Design is essential – but only when it supports and underpins the words you use… AND MAKES SENSE TO THE RECEIVER!” They say “Basic Black” RULES!” I say “TECHNICOLOUR
  5. 5. They say “Print has always worked for us” I say “There are new communication channels you need to master!” They say “Communication is about imparting knowledge and ideas” I say “Communicating is about sharing experiences and passion!” They say “Communication is about telling a story” I say “It’s about conversation by sharing stories!” The one-shot, one-way style of communication is no longer enough. Markets are now demanding we engage in conversation with them.
  6. 6. The new channels of communication won’t go away. We need to be embracing the new, whilst still mining the old. Blog and podcast: Which is why I blog and podcast – to leehopkins.net embrace the new and build competency. Why blog? To engage in dialogue with customers and get their views and opinions (and over 32 million people blog daily) Why podcast? To embrace powerful new channels to constituents; asynchronous communication at their convenience (and we need to be available when they want us to be there, 24/7)
  7. 7. In a 367-word editorial dated 5th August the New York Times told the world that it takes blogs seriously. The underlying message is we all should follow its lead. The editors wrote... It's natural enough to think of the growth of the blogosphere as a merely technical phenomenon. But it's also a profoundly human phenomenon, a way of expanding and, in some sense, reifying the ephemeral daily conversation that humans engage in. Every day the blogosphere captures a little more of the strange immediacy of the life that is passing before us. Think of it as the global thought bubble of a single voluble species.
  8. 8. Communication must not be • You want someone who can write left to those who believe they could be ‘doing something • You want someone who can speak in public better with their time’ • You want someone who understands websites – both internal and external facing • You want someone who can design employee communication vehicles • You want someone who can design collateral • You want an innovative communicator • You want someone who believes the voice of the employee is a key to a company’s future • We should probably talk… +61 8 8388 5171 / +61 410 642 052 lee@leehopkins.com leehopkins.com / leehopkins.net
  9. 9. • 2 years frontline customer service experience (call centres) About me • 5 years communications consultancy experience (UK and Australia) • 11 years internet communication experience (Producer, developer, writer, editor) • Great people skills • Able to meet and exceed KPIs • Can design strategy and implement tactics • Is a rapid learner • Highly motivated and enthusiastic Member – International Association of Business Communicators lee@leehopkins.com / leehopkins.com +618 8388 5171 / +61 410 642 052 BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology & Sociology Cert IV Marketing / Cert IV Small Business