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Reinventing Michigan Through Placemaking


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By Karen Gagnon

Published in: Business, Technology
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Reinventing Michigan Through Placemaking

  1. 1. Headlines: Saturday Evening Post
  2. 2. December 4, 2008, 9:42 am Live Blog: The Automakers PleadBy FLOYD NORRIS
  3. 3. Losing Youth, Growing Older
  4. 4. Young Professional Households in Metro ChicagoYoung Talent in the Great Lakes: How Michigan is Faring – July 2008 – Michigan Future, Inc.
  5. 5. Young Professional Households in Metro MinneapolisYoung Talent in the Great Lakes: How Michigan is Faring – July 2008 – Michigan Future, Inc.
  6. 6. Young Professional Households in Metro DetroitYoung Talent in the Great Lakes: How Michigan is Faring – July 2008 – Michigan Future, Inc.
  7. 7. Foreclosures
  8. 8. Housing Demand Changing 2005 – 2030 + 40 Million + 15 MillionMillions ofUnits - 23 Million Attached Small Lot (7,000 sf less) Large Lot (over 7,000 sf) Source: Metropolitan Inst. Virginian Tech.
  9. 9. Increased Housing/Transportation Costs
  10. 10. Michigan Rankings – January 2011 • Unemployment 48th • Real Gross Domestic Product 49th • Real Personal Income Per Capita 40th • Children Living in Poverty 38th • Bachelor’s Degree or Higher 36th • Violent crimes per 100,000 39th
  11. 11. Graduation Rates Michigan
  12. 12. 2005: Only 27% of Michiganparents feel a collegeeducation is essential to theirchildren’s success. Source: EPIC-MRA Your Child Survey, April 2005.
  13. 13. STRUCTURAL CHANGEThe world has changed and we must changetoo. The world has changed and we mustchange too.
  14. 14. Headlines: Saturday Evening Post
  15. 15. The(SaturdayEvening) Post 1961
  16. 16. “Kites risehighestagainst thewind, notwith it.”–- Winston Churchill
  17. 17. Neighborhoods, cities and regionsare awakening to the importance of― place in economic development.They are planning for a future thatrecognizes the critical importanceof quality of life to attractingtalent, entrepreneurship and encouraging localbusinesses. Competing for success in a globalmarketplace means creating places where workers,entrepreneurs, and businesses want to locate, investand expand.
  18. 18. This work has been described as a ― sense of place,or place-based economic development, or simply ―placemaking. Economic development and communitydevelopment are two sides of the same coin. Acommunity without place amenities will have adifficult time attracting and retaining talented workersand entrepreneurs, or being attractive to business. A Special Message from Governor Rick Snyder: Community Development and Local Government Reforms to the Legislature on March 21, 2011
  19. 19. MI-Place Partnership Initiative• Placemaking Economic Development• Centers-Nodes-Corridors• Michigan Municipalities• Globally Competitive• Talent Retention and Attraction• Cultural Transformation
  20. 20. MI-Place Partnership Initiative• The goal of The MI-Place Partnership Initiative is to create more jobs, raise incomes and thereby restore prosperity in Michigan at least in part, through targeted local and regional placemaking activities.
  21. 21. MI-Place Partnership Initiative• Toolkits• Education/training• Regional and local strategic action plans• State technical assistance - Consultancy• Local project action plans• Measurements of progress and outcomes
  22. 22. Curriculum• Organization Structure• Research - Science• Foundation• Courses• Setting stage for cultural change• Policy change
  23. 23. Modules – Levels 1. People and Place 2. Economics of Place 6 3. Neighborhoods & 4 5 Basi 1 2 3 Connections cInte 4. Form Planning & rme Regulation diatPra e ct ition 5. Public Involvement er throughTea cher Collaborative Design 6. Applied Placemaking
  24. 24. Moving Pieces• Curriculum• Engagement Strategy• Current Education Resources/Trainings• Clearing House• State Field Staff Organization – Consultancy
  25. 25. video