2013 Mentor Orientation


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Slide deck from the 2013 Professional Mentorship Program mentor orientation.

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  • 2013 Mentor Orientation

    1. 1. Welcome to the PMP! Presentation for Mentors October 3, 2013 Kristen Freaney, Program Manager | kristen.freaney@colorado.edu | KOBL S220 Katie Connor, Director | katie.connor@colorado.edu | KOBL S220
    2. 2. Mentor Orientation •Welcome & Student Insights •Program Overview •Mentoring Milestones & Your Mentoring Partnership •Using the Leeds Mentoring Network Software •Mentor Panel - Q&A  Refer to the “PMP Mentor Handbook”
    3. 3. Student Perspective • Mentor Panelists: Maria Gersick, Phu Nguyen, Geoff Winter, Ashley Ziegler • Introduction – You and your PMP experience • What have you done with your mentor that has been helpful? • What has worked well? What has not? • How have you maintained good communication? • What do you wish your mentor would have asked about/focused on more? “Remember to reach out if you haven’t heard from your mentee in a while, because while we try to stay connected, it sometimes gets busy in the world of a student.” “My advice for mentors with students who don’t know what they want to do is to ask specific questions about what they like and dislike, rather than general questions about what they want to do.” “I would advise mentors to try to relate to mentees on as personal a level as possible to make the relationship feel more real and less structured.”
    4. 4. Mission: To enhance the Leeds academic experience by providing opportunities to develop academic, personal, and professional skills through a continuum of mentoring relationships. Vision: The Leeds Mentoring Office aspires to set the standard for integrating mentored learning experiences into business education; providing our students with the real-world skills, knowledge and experience necessary to be early contributors and future business leaders. Introduction Exploration Preparation Professional Mentorship Program First year Sophomore Young Alumni Mentors Junior and Senior Co-Lab Peer2Peer
    5. 5. Facts & Figures: •PMP Mentors represent over 400 companies, 27 states and 8 countries. •100% of PMP undergraduates would recommend the program to others. •96% of PMP students felt more prepared to transition to their career. •85% of PMP students were more likely to stay engaged with Leeds in the future as a result of their participation. •83% of PMP students were satisfied or far more satisfied with their CU/Leeds experience because of PMP. •PMP students are 40% more likely to secure a job upon graduation than non-participants. Program Growth and Performance
    6. 6. Nuts & Bolts • Two-year program pairing professionals with juniors and seniors at Leeds • Mentors should connect (in-person, phone, Skype/FaceTime) at least twice per semester with their student(s) • Be available for advice and support via phone or email • Be willing to share your personal and professional experience, insights, and network with your student • Optional: Attend kick-off and end-of-year celebrations, participate in networking events, workshops, provide connections to jobs or internships, etc.
    7. 7. 2013-2014 PMP Calendar Fall Semester October 3: Fall Kick-Off Event, 5:30 – 8pm, Koelbel Atrium October 24: Sr. Workshop: Creating your Personal Brand, 6 – 7:30 pm, Volunteers? Before November 1st : 1st connection with your student November 6: Leeds Social Media Workshop, 5 – 7pm, Koelbel 220, Mentors welcome November 25 – 29: Fall/Thanksgiving Break December 14 – 19: Final Exams December 21 – January 13: Winter Break Before January 10th : 2nd connection with your student Spring Semester End of January: Reconnect with your student February TBD: Networking Night with Mentors Before Spring Break: 3rd connection with your student (job & internship search update) March 24 – 28: Spring Break April 24: Spring Celebration & Senior Send-Off May 3-9: Final Exams May 10: Spring Commencement
    8. 8. Who are your students? • Undergraduate students: 19 – 22 years old • Represent diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests • Many have no professional experience or contacts • 50/50 split male/female • Average GPA = 2.97 • Busy, stressed, overwhelmed, nervous… • Some find you (a bit) intimidating  Mentor Handbook: “Year-in-the-Life” of a PMP Student, Leeds-at-a-Glance for PMP Mentors
    9. 9. How did we match you? • Student Application – industry and functional area interests, desired location, personal info, faculty references, essays • Mentor Application – fields of expertise, location, bios, fun facts • Not a “scientific” process – an arranged marriage • Efforts to insure that the relationship is valuable on both ends: student and mentor orientations, software and support tools
    10. 10. Mentoring Milestones & Your Mentoring Partnership GOAL – To facilitate your partnership by providing structure and accountability, tailored to individual needs. • Two types: Program Requirements & Personal Mentoring Milestones • Include working on things such as: Resume, Personal Statement, Mentoring Goals, Mentor-Mentee Partnership Agreement, Attending Workshops • Use Personal Mentoring Milestone Guide and Year-in-the-Life of a Junior/Senior to help develop mentoring goals for the year • Set clear expectations, schedules, deliverables (goalsmilestonestasks) • Let us know if you need help • Be open-minded, have some fun (and a sense of humor)!  Mentor Handbook: Your First Meeting, LMO Mentor-Mentee Partnership Agreement, Personal Mentoring Milestone Guides
    11. 11. The Leeds Mentoring Network http://leedsmentoring.colorado.edu  Mentor Handbook: Leeds Mentoring Network Tips for Mentors Manage Your Partnership •Personal – you and your mentee •Partnership Info & Support Share Resources •Job & Internship Postings •Forums/Q&A •Program Resources Create Community •Beyond one-on-one partnership •Events, contacts, calendar •Connect with other mentees and mentors
    12. 12. Lessons and Perspective • Effective in fostering skills, connections, and satisfaction • Staying connected is the biggest challenge • Greatest opportunities for impact may be with some of our students who are struggling • You are not a “silver bullet” • This is an entrepreneurial endeavor • Everyone’s experience is different • Learn something, enjoy the experience – don’t feel guilty!  Mentor Handbook: Staying Connected, Resources for Mentors, LMO Activity Ideas & Checklist
    13. 13. Insight from the Experts Mentor Panelists: Chris Hedberg, Leyla Jacobs, Josh Sroge, Lisa Ayala-Williams •Introduction – You and your PMP experience •What to expect? •Challenges and solutions? •What has worked well? Advice. Thank You!