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Mas overview dirks at cni dec11b


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Mas overview dirks at cni dec11b

  1. 1. | Director—Portfolio Strategy Microsoft Research
  2. 2. |Outreach. Collaboration. Innovation.••••
  3. 3. Explore over 36.7 million publications
  4. 4. MSR Academic Search data comes from openaccess repositories, publishers, and web crawls – Currently 36.7M papers across 14 domains • 100M+ papers in the queue – More enhancements to come…
  5. 5. Working with publishers
  6. 6. 60+ Content Providers growing weeklySigned Signed & Indexed
  7. 7. 4 August 2011 | Nature 476, 18 (2011)(doi:10.1038/476018a)“…Meanwhile, Microsoft AcademicSearch (MAS), which launched in2009 and has a tool similar toGoogle Scholar, has over the pastfew months added a suite of niftynew tools based on its citationmetrics ( include visualizations ofcitation networks (see Mapping thestructure of science); publicationtrends; and rankings of the leadingresearchers in a field.”
  8. 8. Alerts Papers Editpublication ExportLinks to fulltext Citation History and ContextReferences &Citing Papers
  9. 9. AlertsTop … Usage History keyword Definitions
  10. 10. Top … Sort journal
  11. 11. Embed Authornetwork author Citing Papers
  12. 12. CompareDomainTrendsorganization
  13. 13. Call forPapersconferences
  14. 14. Ranking
  15. 15. Editing
  16. 16. Embedding
  17. 17. Public API• Application Programming Interface – Supports queries against all academic entities and their basic info• With the API, you can – Work with others to share info – Help users to build useful clients• All openly available to everyone – Targeting the academic community – API is available for non-commercial use only API details at
  18. 18. Citation Semantics Paper B cites Paper A Subject Predicate Object Paper F Paper B Paper DPaper A Paper C Paper E Time
  19. 19. Derived Semantics OrganizationPersonisAuthorOf Journal Domain Paper Conference
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Windows Phone 7 – MAS ApplicationAvailable at
  22. 22. New Features—Coming 12/23 Citation GraphsAcademic Genealogy
  23. 23. Next up…• Growth – Content Coverage – Domain and Sub-domain Models (Associate Member) – Extensibility – Partnerships – Usage Scenarios (including data citation) – Content Types (Founding Sponsor)• Our Commitments – MAS is a web service for researchers, by researchers. – We intend to be an open platform for the community, and we want to commit to the community to keep this service open, transparent, and a “sandbox” available to researchers for exploration and experimentation. – We are very interested to evolving this service to better represent how science/academia works. As protocols and/or standards emerge, we hope to embody these as part of MAS moving forward.
  24. 24. Thank you! Lee Dirks Director, Portfolio Strategy Microsoft Research | Connections or URL – Facebook: Scholarly Communication at Microsoft