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  1. 1. Katherine Khoo Sen Sen A124954 FPEND Sukan & Rekreasi
  2. 2.  Netball is a non-contact generally indoor sport similar to, and derived from, basketball.  It is usually known as a women's sport.  It was originally known in its country of origin, the United States, as "women's basketball.  Invented in 1895 by Clara Gregory Baer, a pioneer in women's sport, netball is now the pre-eminent women's team sport (both as a spectator and participant sport) in Australia and New Zealand and is popular in the Wes Indies, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom.
  3. 3.  The first Netball World Championship was held in 1963 and was hosted by England.  In 1995 netball became a recognized Olympic sport, making its inclusion in future Olympics possible, and in turn has been included in the Commonwealth Games since then.
  4. 4.  The objective of a game of netball is for players to pass the ball to a teammate within the opposition's goal circle and score goals.  The team with the most goals at the end of a game is the winner.
  5. 5.  Like basketball, netball is played on a hard or soft court with scoring hoops or "rings" at both ends.  The court is slightly larger than a basketball court, being 30.5 m long and 15.25 m wide.  Court markings are no more than 50 mm wide.  A 90cm-diameter "centre circle" is located in the centre of the court.
  6. 6.  At each end of the court there is a 4.9 m- radius semi-circular "shooting circle" or "goal circle" from within which all scoring shots must be taken.  The goal posts are 3.05 m high from the top of the ring to the ground and have no backboards.  The rings have an internal diameter of 380 mm and are located 150 mm forward from the post and are made of 15 mm diameter steel.
  7. 7.  A netball will often have a patterns engraved or stitched  The ball resembles a into its design similar basketball but is to a volleyball. lighter, smaller, slightl  Gilbert is the official y softer in ball supplier of the construction, and International generally white. Federation of Netball Associations.
  8. 8.  There are seven players on each team, who are given nominated, named positions.  Each player must wear a "bib" showing one of the abbreviations below, indicating that player's position.  Each player is only allowed in certain areas of the court: a player in a section of court that is not part of their playing area is deemed "offside".
  9. 9. The positions are described below: i. GS ii. GA iii. WA iv. C v. WD vi. GD vii. GK
  10. 10.  Netball rules do not permit players to let their landing foot touch the ground again if it is lifted at all while in possession of the ball, So players can take 1.5 steps while holding the ball.  Players are entitled to balance on the other foot if the landing foot is accidentally lifted.  The ball cannot be held by a player for more than three seconds at any time, and players may not tap the ball to themselves more than twice ("replay").
  11. 11.  The player cannot catch the ball, drop it, and pick it up again; this is called a replayed ball.  The duration before it is called a drop is determined by the umpire.  These rules, combined with the restrictions on where one player of a particular position can move, ensures that everyone on the team is regularly involved in play.
  12. 12.  Contact is only permitted provided it does not impede with an opponent or the general play and players must be at least three feet (90 centimeters) away from a player with the ball mean attempting to defend.
  13. 13.  If impeding contact is made, a penalty is given to the team of the player who was contacted, and the player who contacted must stand "out of play", meaning they cannot participate in play until the player taking the penalty has passed the ball.
  14. 14.  A game is played in four quarters, each one lasting fifteen minutes, with intervals of three minutes between the first and second quarters, and between the third and fourth quarters.  There is also an interval of five minutes at half time.  If a player has an injury, a team-mate or umpire calls time, and the time keeper pauses the timer.
  15. 15.  When the game starts and the player has swapped places with another player, or is healthy, play is resumed and the timer is restarted.
  16. 16. Player is ready to pass ball. Player is trying to steal ball from opponent.
  17. 17. The positions are described below: Goal Shooter i. GS ii. GA iii. WA iv. C v. WD vi. GD vii. GK
  18. 18. The positions are described below: i. GS Goal Attack ii. GA iii. WA iv. C v. WD vi. GD vii. GK
  19. 19. The positions are described below: i. GS ii. GA iii. WA Wing Attack iv. C v. WD vi. GD vii. GK
  20. 20. The positions are described below: i. GS ii. GA iii. WA iv. C Center v. WD vi. GD vii. GK
  21. 21. The positions are described below: i. GS ii. GA iii. WA iv. C v. WD Wing Defense vi. GD vii. GK
  22. 22. The positions are described below: i. GS ii. GA iii. WA iv. C Goal v. WDDefense vi. GD vii. GK
  23. 23. The positions are described below: i. GS ii. GA iii. WA iv. C v. WD vi. GD vii. GK Goalkeeper