How use social_media_to_inform_greater_new_haven 2012


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How use social_media_to_inform_greater_new_haven 2012

  1. 1. How use social media to inform Greater New Havenabout the work of your Nonprofit Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Resource Council 22 May 2012 “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”—General Eric Shinseki, retired Chief of Staff, U. S. Army
  2. 2. Social Media: General Information• Creating a fan page on Facebook, Techsoup help• Best practices on Twitter, how to engage people• Tips for Professionals on LinkedIn, Nonprofit use• Ways to use Pinterest page, why and how• Create online social network using platforms like Ning and advice for how to do this best on Ning page for nonprofits
  3. 3. Social Media: Operating Premise Your organizational: • Facebook • Pinterest and • Twitter Ning, can be used independently OR in combination w/ o New Haven Independent Calendar o JournalRegister: Connecticut o NHFPL Blog Calendar and/or o GNH Communityto promote fundraisers, make the community aware of yourprograms, recruit staff and create general awareness aboutyour organization.
  4. 4. Social Media: Beginning • Listen: its impossible to engage without knowing whats going on • Training for staff at all knowledge levels • Lastly, establish Rules of Engagement that are understandable and practical (legal documents c.y.a. but may ultimately discourage & be counter-productive)Adapted from a presentation by: Stefan Heeke, Director of Social Media at Siemens Corporation
  5. 5. Old Way: One Way Communication• Public Service announcement• Hard copy (paper) newsletter• Website example: • No easily discernible way to act • All about the org.
  6. 6. Social Media Way: Be Everywhere• Start with YOUR people. Request that board members, donors and perhaps program participants repeat your message in their social networking & make it easy for them to do this• Link your website to social networking websites: Twitter, Facebook, possibly LinkedIn• Add a share button to your webpage (Best practices re: share buttons)
  7. 7. Old Way: "Personalize“ email messageEvolution of email as social media evolves:• Old School• Stepped up• Maximizing reach
  8. 8. Social Media Way: Be a Curator, be UsefulExample:• CWYC - website connected to Facebook & You TubeHashtag: #NHVYOUTH• What about elderly, homeless, low income who cant afford a cell phone? Eligiblityclients? With Twitter to Text
  9. 9. Old way: Audience knows YOUR MISSIONMake your Organizational mission clear & easy to repeat
  10. 10. Social Media Way: Bite Size InformationInformation should be:• Actionable (attend, donate, volunteer)• Easy to share via emailed and social media• Bridge from specific interest to general knowledge
  11. 11. Social Media Way: Summary• Be Everywhere by: • Making it easy for recipients to share your message • Asking board members, staff & perhaps clienets to use their social media network to help spread the word.• Be useful, be the curator of something• Provide bite size bits of information that allows people to act, share and expand awareness about your nonprofit
  12. 12. Thanks for ListeningQuestionsDiscussion