Test on heroes parks and mandela


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Test on heroes parks and mandela

  1. 1. TEST ON HEROES Answer in complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper. 1. Why did Rosa Parks get arrested? 2. What did Nelson Mandela fight to end? 3. What is apartheid? 4. What does Nelson Mandela say about hate? 5. Explain how Nelson Mandela’s view of freedom changes from birth to adulthood. 6. Why was Rosa Parks in the right time but the wrong place? 7. How is Rosa Parks like David and Goliath? 8. Why was it a good idea for Parks not to frown, struggle, or shout when she got arrested? 9. Why did the civil rights leaders think Rosa Parks was the ideal person to bring a test against the bus segregation? 10. What is the significance of the colors Rosa Parks wears to court? 11. How does the bus boycott support Rosa Park’s case against segregation? 12. How long did it take for Alabama to pass the integration law? 13. What is the theme of the poem “The Impossible Dream”? 14. What were Park’s and Mandela’s “unreachable stars”? 15. What does the image of someone “scorned and covered with scars” say about the nature of heroism? 16. What personal sacrifices did the two heroes have to make? 17. How will the world be “better for this”? 18. Who gave Nelson Mandela a “glimmer of hope” while he was in prison? 19. What “unrightable wrong” did they both right? 20. How can you do something small to change society? Or What lesson did you learn from these selections?