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Propaganda ppt


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Propaganda ppt

  1. 1. Note for teachers: This presentation is designed to be used as part of a large group discussion regarding some of the propaganda techniques commonly used by advertisers. Each slide lists the technique followed by the definition of that technique. Each slide also contains some images that reflect the propaganda technique in practice. Please modify or replace the images if they are not appropriate, out of date, no longer relevant, or you have found better examples. Also, make sure to look at the additional information contained in the “notes” section on each slide.
  2. 2. 8 propaganda techniques used by advertisers
  3. 3. Bandwagon This technique tries to persuade everyone to join in and do the same thing.
  4. 4. Testimonial An important person or famous figure endorses a product.
  5. 5. Transfer Good feelings, looks, or ideas transferred to the person for whom the product is intended.
  6. 6. Repetition The product name or keyword or phrase is repeated several times. How many times can you use the word “Fresh?”
  7. 7. Emotional Words Words such as luxury, beautiful, paradise, and economical are used to evoke positive feelings in the viewer.
  8. 8. Name-calling Negative words are used to create an unfavorable opinion of the competition in the viewer's mind.
  9. 9. Faulty cause & effect Use of a product is credited for creating a positive result.
  10. 10. Compare & contrast The viewer is led to believe one product is better than another, although no real proof is offered.
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