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Night Final Project<br />Your name_________________________________<br />Topic_____________________________________<br />Y...
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Night final project


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Night final project

  1. 1. Night Final Project<br />Your name_________________________________<br />Topic_____________________________________<br />Your job is to work with a partner and use the internet to research your topic. Design a power point presentation with 10 to 15 slides. You will present to the class. Both people must speak. Both must contribute. You need at least 3 slides to contain a picture that is related to your topic. Do not write so much on the slide that you have to read it. You must have eye contact with the audience. No super small or super large font. First slide must be a title slide with your names and your topic. You are giving us general, useful, important, or unusual information about your topic. Remember to present your slides in chronological order (beginning, middle, end.) Try to share with us something we don’t know already about your topic. We will have today, part of class tomorrow, and Tuesday of next week. We will begin presenting on Wednesday of next week.<br />Rubric:<br />Following directions ______________<br />Working together, behavior_________<br />Research, inforation_______________<br />Presentation skills_________________<br />