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H:\eog reading vocabulary quiz 1

  1. 1. EOG Reading Vocabulary Quiz Directions: Choose the correct vocabulary word for each question and write the letter and answer on your paper. 1. A story about a person’s life that is written by another person is a. autobiography b. biography c. fantasy d. science fiction 1. Fiction that is based on impossible characters and worlds is a.fantasy b. historical fiction c. imagery d. science fiction 1. A story about a person’s life that is written by that person is a. autobiography b. biography c. realistic fiction d. short story 2. Fiction based on science a. historical fiction c. invented fiction b. realistic fiction d. science fiction 3. Fiction that could really happen a.historical fiction c. realistic fiction b.science fiction d. tale 1. Fiction based on true events a.historical fiction c. narrative
  2. 2. b.realistic fiction d. short story 1. An alphabetized list of important words and their page numbers that can be found in the back of a book a. glossary b. index c. table of contents d. word list 1. A page near the beginning of a book that tells topics and their page numbers a. glossary b. index c. table of contents d. dictionary 1. The events that happen in a story a. plot b. setting c. summary d. exposition 1. An author’s main reason for writing a selection a. justification b. mood c. purpose d. idea 1. An alphabetized list of selected words in a book and their meanings a. dictionaryb. glossary c. index d. table of contents 1. The subject of a written selection a. mood b. plot c. topic d. writer 1. The feeling you get by reading a selection
  3. 3. a. determination b. impression c. mood d. purpose 1. Where and when a story takes place a. origin b. plot c. setting d. timeline 1. Additional information attached at the end of a book or reading selection a. appendix b. glossary c. index d. foreword 1. The most important idea(main idea or conflict) that is supported by all other details a. central issue b. plot c. rising action d. exposition 1. A book of words and their definitions, pronunciations, spellings, and more a. atlas b. dictionary c. encyclopedia d. thesaurus 1. An alphabetized group of articles giving basic information on a variety of topics a. atlas b. dictionary c. encyclopedia d. trilogy 1. A book of maps
  4. 4. a. atlas b. diagram c. globe d. thesaurus 1. A book of words, their synonyms and sometimes their antonyms a. dictionaryb. manuscript c. report d. thesaurus 1. A drawing with labels that gives explanations a. diagram b. globe c. map d. passage 1. Which correctly includes the parts of plot in order? a.conflict, characters, setting, plot, and resolution b.exposition, setting, characters, falling action, and conflict c.exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution d.introduction, battle, suspense, aftermath, and conclusion 1. A book of facts and figures about a variety of topics updated each year a. atlas b. almanac c. dictionary d. encyclopedia 1. Where something got its start, or the beginning of something a. birth b. entrance c. origin d. activation 1. A person who draws pictures or illustrations for a book a. author b. illustrator c. novelist d. writer