Answer the following: Pages 5-11
1. Where are Gerald and his mother at the beginning of the stor...
15. What does Jordan tell Angel will happen to her if she doesn’t play “the game”?
   16. What did Jordan do to Gerald whe...
Forged by fire questions
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Forged by fire questions


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Forged by fire questions

  1. 1. FORGED BY FIRE QUESTIONS Answer the following: Pages 5-11 1. Where are Gerald and his mother at the beginning of the story? How do you know This? 2. What did Gerald not know or had never seen? 3. What were the “important things” Gerald knew? 4. What did Gerald’s “Mama” do when she caught him playing with her lighter? What was her reason for doing this? 5. What did Mama get from Leroy? What had Gerald learned about this? 6. What kind of pretend games did Gerald play in the cart? 7. What is the fire sword soldier Gerald played with? 8. What happened at the end of Chapter One? Pages 12-29 1. Where was Gerald when he woke up? Describe what he saw. 2. How was Gerald saved from the fire? 3. What did Dr. Orangehair say Gerald was suffering from? 4. What did Gerald ask Aunt Queen if he could have to eat? 5. What did Gerald hope he would get for his birthday? How old would he be? 6. How did Aunt Queen get the heat turned back on? 7. What did Gerald get for his eighth Christmas? 8. What did Gerald build with the old wheelchair he found? What happened to it? 9. What was Gerald’s “unexpected present” for his ninth birthday? Pages 30-58 1. What is the “whole story” Aunt Queen tells Gerald about his mother? 2. What did Gerald find under the “old green blanket” in the garage? How far from home did Gerald explore? 3. Monique, Gerald’s mom, had a few more surprises for Gerald. What were they? 4. What is Gerald’s reaction when Monique tells him she wants him to live with them? 5. From the description of Jordan in chapter 5, how would you describe him? 6. What does Angel tell Aunt Queen she thinks about Gerald? 7. Why doesn’t Angel miss her friends in Atlanta? 8. What does Gerald think of Angel? 9. What happened to Aunt Queen that changed everything? 10. Why do you think Angel remembered the ambulance driver? 11. Who helps Gerald when he finds out Aunt Queen is dead? How? 12. Monique says Jordan will be pleased to have Gerald living with them. How does Her phone conversation with Jordan support or deny this? 13. What happened to Gerald’s bicycle? 14. Why was Jordan going to punish Angel? What happened when Gerald attempted To help Angel?
  2. 2. 15. What does Jordan tell Angel will happen to her if she doesn’t play “the game”? 16. What did Jordan do to Gerald when Gerald “interrupted” the game? Why didn’t He do it a second time? 17. Why does Angel feel like sunshine? 18. Whenever Angel felt sad, or guilty, or afraid, what made her feel whole again? Pages 60-79 1. What does Monique say when Gerald asks her if she is afraid of Jordan? How Does she explain her answer? 2. How did Gerald manage to get Angel to sleep in his room where she would be Safer? Why couldn’t Jordan do anything about it? 3. Where did Jordan put the cat when Angel had the chicken pox? What did he say He would do to it if Angel said anything? Pages 80-113 1. What did the court provide Angel with to make her testimony easier? 2. Who called Gerald to congratulate him on making the basketball team? 3. Why did Gerald prefer to ride the bus to basketball games rather than Ride with Andy and the guys? 4. What did Angel get that she said was better than winning the lottery? 5. Why does Jordan say he can stay, even though Gerald wants him to get out? 6. What does Mr. Washington tell Gerald to do to keep track of what Jordan does? 7. Describe the audience’s response to Angel’s dance recital. Pages 114-156 1. What did Jordan do when Monique’s prescription for pain medicine ran Out? 2. What was stolen that made Jordan mad? What did Jordan do? 3. What did Angel and Gerald do to solve the “pill” problem? 4. What happened after the November 7th basketball game? 5. At the end of the story, what did Jordan say about being Angel’s father? 6. What caused the fire at the end of the story? 7. What did Jordan tell Gerald when he entered Angel’s room in the burning apartment? 8. How did Jordan indirectly save Angel from the fire? 9. Who joined Gerald, Angel, and Monique in the ambulance? 10. What is the setting of Forged by Fire? 11. What is the conflict of the story?