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Center activities for won

  1. 1. Center Activities for Won’t Know Till I Get There<br /> <br />Directions: Choose 5 of the activities to complete on the book. This project will count three times. Each center is worth twenty points. A center must be completed correctly and by you in order to receive the points. You may complete a sixth center and receive extra credit.<br /><ul><li> Select a scene from the book that you think lends itself well to illustration. Create a drawing or collage of words, pictures, and symbols to illustrate the scene. Give your artwork a caption from the text. The illustration must be filled with at least five details that would be in the scene. The illustration should be original, creative, finished, colored, detailed, and drawn by you.
  2. 2. Draw a stickman of Steve Perry or Earl Goins. There are nine items for the stick figure. You must include three details for each of the nine items.
  3. 3. Create a word search for the book. It must include twenty-one key vocabulary words. Do not use your weekly vocabulary words. You may include some characters and places.
  4. 4. Write an original poem, song, or rap of at least ten lines about the book or a character in the book. Write a rough draft of the poem, have someone proof it for you, and then type it or write neatly in black ink. I have a sample form for a poem, or you can create your own. You must also include a caption and picture to go with your creation.
  5. 5. Create an advertisement or public announcement on an issue from the book such as adoption, peer pressure, or volunteering. You must make a rough draft of this on notebook paper. Put this on posterboard, construction paper, or make a glog for it on
  6. 6. Pretend to be Earl, Steve’s mom or dad. Write two one page journal entries describing your family’s life before and after adopting Earl.
  7. 7. Create a six slide comic strip that gives the main points of six key chapters or six key events for a character. Decide what six points to focus on, draw the six slides, and then provide words in bubbles and color it. You may get the paper for this from me. (2 centers)
  8. 8. Using Powerpoint, create three-five slides about the book. You must put the rough draft of your slides on computer paper and turn in to me. You must include three pictures, and complete the following sentences: I noticed….,I wonder……, One interesting vocabulary word I learned is ____ and it means …, Use the vocabulary word in an original sentence, This book reminds me of…., I learned…..(2 centers)
  9. 9. Write another two-three page letter to Twimsy pretending to be Steve and tell us about your life a year later or even today in 2009.
  10. 10. Research the life of Walter Dean Myers. Take 10 of the important dates in his life and create a timeline for them. Focus on the major events in his life, the publishing of his most important literary works, and his travels. The timeline must be turned in on posterboard. Place the events in order. Draw a picture or symbol and use clipart or pictures to illustrate each event. (2 centers)
  11. 11. Design a brochure or pamphlet on a cause like adoption, vandalism, juvenile delinquency, volunteering or any other issue that correlates to the book. Include all of the information like the organization, a description of the cause, addresses and helpful websites, etc. Make sure you make the information colorful, attractive and use some clipart or pictures. You must make a rough draft of this before working on the final. (2 centers)
  12. 12. Create a new book cover and jacket for the book to be republished in 2009. Make the book jacket colorful and interesting. You should include a paragraph on the author, a summary of the main idea of the book, and a paragraph about you the illustrator. There must a rough draft of this included. (2 centers)
  13. 13. Create an acrostic poem on Steve, Earl, and Hi-Note describing each one. Include a drawing or picture to go along with each one as if it was published in a book.