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W E B Committee Training Part 3


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Published in: Business, Spiritual
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W E B Committee Training Part 3

  1. 1. Setting the Board Development Training Course The Active Role of the Part 3 Board in the Care of Staff
  2. 2. Let’s Review A Trustee is (Board Member) who has a sense of genuine responsibility and _____________________________________ extraordinary personal commitment ____________________________________ to the overall welfare of the organization. (which is made up of staff).
  3. 3. IMPORTANT First things first: We must find people who can serve in this way on our boards! Men and women who will devote time, talent and treasure
  4. 4. 1) Who will serve because they have______ and _________ skills business ___________; expertise meetings functions 2) Will come to all __________ and ____________; 3) Who are willing to give of their ____________. (10-15 valuable time hours a month is not asking too much--more if retired); 4) They must understand that sharing their_________ is a talent requirement;
  5. 5. 5) They are expected to set the example by ________________ ; giving financially 6) They must know we are not looking for them to be involved in the _______ , but rather to be a details strategizer, a visionary or an idea person; 7) Board members are to _________ and help evaluate _______________ ; solve problems 8) They should understand that they are to be an ___________ ; ambassador 9) They must ________ their replacement and other recruit ___________________ to serve on the board. extraordinary people
  6. 6. IMPORTANT There is no better way to care for our staff than to be part of their life by playing an active role in the ministry.
  7. 7. I. Management A. Do not appoint just _________ - make sure they anyone are called and have some ability to succeed. mentor B. Come along side and ________ this person. encouragement C. Be an _____________ to the person by your calls and visits. D. Review and renew their __________ every year to contract ensure salary increases, health insurance, retirement and covered expenses.
  8. 8. personal needs desires E. Know their _____________ and ________ . finances F. Support them personally with your _________.
  9. 9. II. Mission A. Keep the focus on the ___________ of the purpose ministry. B. Do your ____________ and know the mission homework you have been called to. involved C. Get __________ in a ministry of CEF if for only a day. planning process D. Be part of the ___________________ as goals are established. demand E. Know what it will ______________ of the director and staff before approving the goals.
  10. 10. III. Relationships A. Inside (staff) 1. Attend ______ meetings on occasions to show staff concern and understand more of what it takes to accomplish goals. 2. Encourage the staff by conducting a yearly retreat _________ . bonus 3. Give each an end-of-year _______ at the beginning of December for Christmas.
  11. 11. board meetings 4. Ask different staff to come to _______________ to give a short report of their activities. 5. Make sure all staff contracts are reviewed and renewed ________________________ annually.
  12. 12. B. Outside (General Public) 1. Tell others of the ______ of the ministry. needs 2. Promote with a _________ to friends and passion churches. experiences 3. Share the ____________ you have witnessed as you have been involved in the ministry. 4. Make contacts with __________ in your area to get media good press for the ministry.
  13. 13. support 5. Be active in all functions to show your _______ of the ministry. ministry functions 6. Volunteer to help with __________ and ___________ when asked. 7. Recruit good people as volunteers to serve on the ______ and ___________ . board committees
  14. 14. IV. Finance A. Take your responsibility seriously for the financial __________ well-being of the ministry. B. Know what it will take financially to reach _______ set by the staff and board. goals C. Determine how the _______________ should raise board members the necessary funds to accomplish the goals. 1. Banquets; 2. Dinners; 3. Auctions, etc.
  15. 15. D. Take the lead in making each local committee ___________ in this area. successful E. Realize that this is, in most cases, the greatest burden ________ directors are faced with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
  16. 16. IMPORTANT Help your board/local committee see finances as the greatest area of help and encouragement you can offer in the care of your staff.