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User-Driven Companies - start from the inside


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User-driven companies are likely to do well in the new economy, but they must start from the inside by engaging employees in the same way.

This was a talk I gave at Next09 in Hamburg

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User-Driven Companies - start from the inside

  1. User-Driven? a contribution to Next09 and its discussion of ‘sharing’, May 2009 Lee Bryant, May 2009
  2. ( if this talk was user-driven, I would be asking questions, not standing here showing off, pretending I know something )
  3. what do we mean by user-driven?
  4. User-centred product design
  5. User-driven innovation
  6. the open source movement as a model
  7. can we think beyond user “involvement” and ‘bake in’ a more participative approach to business?
  8. Is user-driven innovation meaningful or just a surface activity?
  9. Digg, Dell and Potato Crisps? Any more?
  10. Digg, Dell and Potato Crisps? Any more?
  11. Digg, Dell and Potato Crisps? Any more?
  12. is this enough?
  13. how do companies talk to customers?
  14. mass production, marketing, segmentation
  15. CRM: we do not value you or your call
  16. VRM: a user-driven alternative?
  17. but the times they are a’changin’
  18. Downturn exposes costly models
  19. Flat, responsive structures will win
  20. Shared business models look good
  21. what is the goal of a company?
  22. Sustainable income, status or plunder?
  23. taking the long view: pillage != social status
  24. Older models of trading networks
  25. (Hamburg and the Hanseatic League)
  26. Corporates with a social mission?
  27. Even banking used to be a profession
  28. ...before it descended into plunder
  29. To be user-driven, you must be people driven
  30. No point being open at the edges...
  31. ... if you treat your staff like machines
  32. user-driven starts with your own people - they must be ‘drivers’ too
  33. Harnessing people power inside and outside
  34. Allow your staff to be human too
  35. Let them engage with customers
  36. We need consistent people values throughout the business
  37. what will successful companies of the future look like?
  38. (cc) The ecosystem is everything...
  39. Create shared meaning & purpose
  40. Trust your network to support you
  41. Except where otherwise stated, photos courtesy of Flickr using Creative Commons license. Thanks to the following photographers: innovation/ XQeFy-mPsvk/image-5.jpg at-ford/1914-Ford-Model-T-Painting-lg.jpg (cc)