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Participation and Open Data

  1. Participation & Open Data Lee Bryant, Social Strategy Talk, Amsterdam, October 2009
  2. The Twentieth Century is over, but its political structures live on
  3. Slow shift from old, tired ideological battles to solving problems & delivering services
  4. smart government = bigger (inclusiveness) but smaller (bureaucracy)
  5. this is our time and I think ‘we’ can do better
  6. But even Obama’s call to ‘We’ is still more rhetoric than reality
  7. We face problems that governments cannot solve alone
  8. We face problems that multiply through networks
  9. We face problems of fragmentation, identity, belonging
  10. We need public services that can do more with less
  11. participation + open data are part of the answer
  12. Transparency Participation Empowerment
  13. lessons of the social web
  14. (Simple actions * scale) ^ aggregation = potentially powerful network effects
  15. cost of group forming & collaboration falling all the time
  16. the power of feedback
  17. some use cases
  18. Make invisible data visible & leverage open data for improvement
  19. Participation & feedback can drive evolutionary improvement, enable co-design of services
  20. Participation & feedback can drive evolutionary improvement, enable co-design of services
  21. Participation & feedback can drive evolutionary improvement, enable co-design of services
  22. Treat government budgets as innovation funds & build solutions with people
  23. The DIY / guerilla approach to opening up government data & services pioneered by mySociety
  24. Why are governments not doing more?
  25. why are we still working at the edges whilst government “procurement” wastes millions ?
  26. contemporary critiques of transparency...
  27. “Transparency is the new objectivity” Some limits of transparency ?
  28. “More information does not always produce markets that are more efficient … people may ignore information, or misunderstand it, or misuse it.” Full Disclosure: The Perils and Promise of Transparency
  29. “...the problem of attention-span. To understand something--an essay, an argument, a proof of innocence-- requires a certain amount of attention.” Larry Lessig
  30. issues of legitimacy?
  31. “The fear is that, by forging a path between the ... Weberian defence of the state and the democratic Habermasian defence (a path manifest in the concept of 'civic hacking' that mySociety represents), that we get some hybrid of bureaucracy and democracy, that is neither quite as effective as the former, nor as empowering as the latter” Will Davies
  32. limits to participation?
  33. Who do we not want to participate and why?
  34. Conclusion
  35. participation + open data are ready for the mainstream
  36. ecosystem co-design signals / data filters Key areas of focus for online participation & open data projects
  37. there are many forms of online participation
  38. We need to learn a lot more about different participation methods, & reach non-geeks better
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