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New forms of Leadership


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Slides of a talk I gave at the E20 Summit, Frankfurt, Nov 2009. See for the narrative.

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New forms of Leadership

  1. New Forms of Leadership in decentralised organisations Lee Bryant, E20 Summit, Frankfurt, Nov 2009
  2. it is a myth that leadership is less important in the devolved (E2.0) organisation
  3. E2.0, network-centric approaches can assist & support both old & new forms of leadership
  4. In biological systems, the brain and body are equals - it is not a one-way street
  5. Obama’s election demonstrated a powerful combination: the ‘power of we’ enhanced by strong vision and leadership
  6. Leadership does not disappear in flat organisations: “The Tyranny of Structurelessness” (1970)
  7. Even wikipedia has leadership ... and leadership issues
  8. E20 and business social networking opens up new opportunities for traditional leadership strengths
  9. the social web show us how to build new structures that have both intimacy & scale, using trusted networks to reduce friction & co-ordination costs
  10. Leading from the front: 1.5m followers
  11. Being human in public creates trust
  12. Intimacy at scale
  13. IBM BlogCentral: 67k users, 16K blogs IBM Beehive: 53K members, 63K photos WikiCentral: 150k users, 1m views per day Media Library: 8m downloads (source: Adam Christensen, IBM January 22, 2009)
  14. E2.0 requires new leadership skills and management competencies in addition to the old ones
  15. Adhocracy: anyone can organise today
  16. Affinity vs Structure
  17. Trust vs Control
  18. Management vs Co-ordination
  19. Collective intelligence: sometimes leadership is shared within a group
  20. We need network-centric management
  21. “Blatant integrity is present when people and organisations are comfortable with being held up to scrutiny ... [&] welcome the opportunity to cushion and overcome objections because they’re more interested in creating a moment of truth with you than making an expedient sale.” (Anne McCrossan)
  22. three ways E20 impacts on leadership in companies today
  23. 1: identify & nurture future leaders...
  24. Graduate onboarding, leadership programmes, business social networking
  25. Leaders can break out of silos and hierarchies to encourage talent
  26. 2: enable leaders to have presence & intimacy at scale
  27. Social business tools enable leaders to communicate directly, in a human voice
  28. Leaders want real-time, unmediated info about business performance
  29. 3: give everybody a chance to demonstrate community leadership
  30. Leadership as supporting other people, synthesising, making links, making sense
  31. showing vulnerability and being human: how much trust do you have in your network?
  32. What does this mean for organisational design and the ‘business operating system’ ? © 2009 Dac
  33. Social Business Design connections archetypes (lenses) content collaboration culture [social business design]
  34. What is the role of connections network-centric leadership in this model? management Helping filter for content relevance focus on data collaboration creating a & signals for performance sharing culture culture improvement [social business design]
  35. Thank you for listening
  36. I am and live at Except where otherwise stated, photos courtesy of Flickr using Creative Commons license. Thanks to the following photographers: interactive_blogosphere_map flyover.jpg