Who is building the institutions
 of the Twenty-First Century ?


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A talk I gave at Meaning 2013 looking at startups and corporates and the lack of innovation in org design they both suffer from; plus, how we could turn the best of our new firms into C21st institutions to give longevity to our ideas and values.

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  • Thanks Jose. I agree if you plant a good seed you see a good harvest. It is not really an argument against profit - I think building businesses that create value is a wonderful thing - but the goal of a good business is rarely just to accumulate and extract as much cash as possible. Investment in innovation and building structures that can generate future value are just as important.
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  • Great presentation and I agree with you, business need to focus in other things other than making money/profit. I believe planting the seed properly and the purpose of that sowing is more important that the harvest. If you plant a good seed, in a rich soil and nurture it properly, the harvest will be almost guarantee. When the business focus solely in the profit, it begin to lost its the purpose (and the soul) of the business. Everybody begin to get lost and quality of the final service/product is affected.
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Who is building the institutions
 of the Twenty-First Century ?

  1. who is building the institutions
 of the twenty-first century ? LEE BRYANT POST*SHIFT
  2. very old, successful firms rarely had onedimensional goals
  3. is business only about capital accumulation ?
  4. are there also other ways to create and measure value?
  5. short-termism: managers vs shareholders in public firms
  6. short-termism: managers vs shareholders in public firms
  7. finance was once a service to business; but now owns it
  8. startups: a new way or just a financial product?
  9. unicorn hunting: too many startups internalise VC goals
  10. unicorn hunting: too many startups internalise VC goals
  11. acqui-hires and sunsetting 2008 Personal annual report for Lee Bryant Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Geneva Sevilla Munich Boston Copenhagen Berlin Frankfurt Paris Feb 05 to Feb 08 Feb 26 to Feb 28 May 28 Jun 08 to Jun 13 Jun 25 to Jun 27 Oct 20 to Oct 23 Nov 11 to Nov 12 Dec 09 to Dec 10 You took 12 trips in 2008, which added up to 29,416 km or 8% of the distance to the moon. In 2008, you mostly coincided with: Henriette in Geneva, Copenhagen and Lisbon Pedro in Geneva, Copenhagen and Setúbal In 2008, you spent 319 47 You have 177 travellers in your network. They travelled a total of 9,538,128 km in 2008, and everyone on Dopplr travelled a total of 1331.4 million km or 8.9 AU in 2008: the approximate distance to Saturn from the Earth as of January 2009. Your personal velocity for 2008 was 3.36 km/h, which is about the same as a duck. You spent the longest in Blato. Your carbon for 2008 Stowe in Copenhagen, Lisbon and Berlin The 5 most popular cities in your network are London, New York, San Francisco, Milan and Paris. Colin including Geneva and Copenhagen Thomas including Geneva and Copenhagen The furthest distance you travelled was to Boston (5,269 km from London), which is the 9th most popular city on Dopplr. The shortest distance you travelled was to Brighton (76 km from London), which is the 70th most popular city on Dopplr. 3,607 kg CO2 Based on figures from Fueleconomy.gov, 1 x Hummer H3 4WD truck produces nearly 10 metric tonnes of CO2 a year. The visualisation above uses this figure to illustrate your carbon from Dopplr as calculated by our friends at http://amee.cc and is an approximation only. The city images above sourced from Flickr and are used under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence: Going to the Park by Alexandre Duarte, Alcazar relief by chantrybee, BMW - Welt by digital cat _, Sunset on the Charles by Pear Biter, c.f.hansen, christiansborg palace church, copenhagen, 1810-1826 by seier+seier+seier, we'll meet again by chaosinjune, Telephone Booth by maha-online and Paris Old Metro Signboard by pedrosimoes7.
  12. you don’t need to lose your purpose to scale and grow
  13. why so little innovation around org design ?
  14. many problems begin with the org chart
  15. many problems begin with the org chart
  16. many problems begin with the org chart
  17. many problems begin with the org chart
  18. too much focus on appearances vs real value creation
  19. Coase’s transaction costs thesis: reality is less rational
  20. Microsoft’s failed stack-ranking management system
  21. even Google suffers the middle management problem
  22. even Google suffers the middle management problem
  23. after all, if you have a money tree, what else matters?
  24. org design, structure and culture are key to building C21st orgs
  25. social business technology: necessary but not sufficient
  26. more interesting: the new affordances it brings into play
  27. we already have many alternatives to simple hierarchies
  28. “The centre is tired" photo: @honorharger
  29. “speed, trust, scalability. tangible, epic goals” photo: @georgejulian
  30. “Collective intelligence is the way to crack problems” photo: @honorharger
  31. “creating wealth for society through solidarity” photo: @georgejulian
  32. Haier: from state industry to agile market leader
  33. Kyocera: de-centralised ‘amoeba management’
  34. Morning Star: efficiency through self-management
  35. Valve: no management required
  36. Valve: no management required
  37. Valve: no management required
  38. white goods, old tech, agriculture & gaming anyone can do it
  39. but must startups mimic corporates when they ‘grow up’ ?
  40. five areas where these guys could learn something…
  41. planning and project management: agile, open, flexible
  42. working in the open: shared as the default setting
  43. devops: automate and monitor *all the things*
  44. the wiki way: if you see a problem, fix it
  45. role- and task-focus, not management by entitlement
  46. role- and task-focus, not management by entitlement
  47. let’s create the new institutions
  48. institutions codify and give longevity to ideas
  49. what might post-C20th organisations look like?
  50. what might post-C20th organisations look like?
  51. fractal structures are more resilient at scale than hierarchy
  52. how do we get there from here?
  53. this is not your consultant’s ‘change programme’
  54. protected spaces provide a low-risk starting point Performance ALPHA Services GOV.UK performance Transactions Explorer GOV.UK overview Departments and policy GOV.UK performance Departments and policy Departments and policy content had 1.46 million visitors last week, a decrease of 2% from the week before Web traffic Weekly unique visitors Unique visitors per week to departments and policy
  55. Recent news Policies protected spaces provide a low-risk starting pointchart view) 1116 recent news items (76 in Filter: keyword or title chart table News items updated in last 2 months; items with fewer than 1000 views not shown More views Less engaged More engaged 14% 85% Fewer views Size of items based on number of views Colour of items based on engagement level Data sources News engagement criteria GOV.UK engagement criteria measured with Google Analytics User spends at least 30 seconds on the page, or clicks on a link within the body of the page. Is there anything wrong with this page?
  56. leadership is even more vital, but management is not
  57. the future of work ?
  58. what might the ‘old firms’ of the future look like ? { } explicitly blended business goals - not only financial ! better ecosystem thinking to reduce costs for all players ! social tech + new culture of work + new structural design ! employ people, be situated in a community, contribute ! sustainable ownership and funding models not IPOs !
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