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E20 Transition Strategies

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E20 Transition Strategies

  1. Transition Strategies for E2.0 Adoption Lee Bryant, Headshift, June 2009
  2. international social software consulting & development group that applies emerging social tools and ideas to the real-world needs of modern organisations: consulting & engagement prototyping and experimentation development and integration
  3. A recession is the perfect time to be adopting Enterprise 2.0
  4. we can no longer afford the high-friction, high-cost model of process over people
  5. What next after headcount reductions?
  6. Improving business agility, innovation and productivity
  7. What will the C21st company look like?
  8. rapid feedback is the key to evolution
  9. (cc) social networks + weak ties = organisational immune system
  10. network productivity, not just personal
  11. CISCO Experience: What used to be "me" is now "we" The goal is to get more products to market faster ... Fifteen minutes and one week to get a [business] plan that used to take six months!"
  12. Doing more with the knowledge flows and information you produce
  13. We are wasting too much brain power
  14. make hidden data shared and use it to drive collective intelligence
  15. Ambient presence sharing & updates
  16. Social reading and writing
  17. Social Search & Expertise location
  18. Social networking for collaboration
  19. process improvement and reducing co-ordination costs
  20. an anti-bureaucratic (r)evolution
  21. Focus on quick wins, but be strategic Add a social layer to existing tools Build quickly and iterate rapidly we have learned how to get started...
  22. but
  23. what about 2nd wave adoption?
  24. We all face adoption challenges
  25. But what does adoption mean in an Enterprise 2.0 context?
  26. Tool use metrics?
  27. Personal tools: organising your world of work Group collaboration: getting things done Blogs and networks: sharing & sense making Tweets, bookmarks & tags: signals of relevance Public feeds & flows: data firehose
  28. ... or are we talking about business outcomes? business transformation?
  29. I think the goal is: adoption of new ways of working, not just adoption of new tools
  30. A hotbed of revolutionary thought?
  31. no ... but people are people and they want to make things better
  32. so how can we get in touch with the motivations of 2nd wave adopters?
  33. Find simple day-to-day use cases where users waste time getting things done and start there...
  34. the importance of specific use cases
  35. ‘in the flow’ cases = the ones that work
  36. behavioural transition strategies
  37. don’t mention wikis, blogs, social networking, etc.
  38. just focus on tasks people know
  39. #1 “Email you don’t need to file or delete”
  40. #1 “Email you don’t need to file or delete”
  41. #2 “The phonebook has been upgraded”
  42. #2 “The phonebook has been upgraded”
  43. #3 “you can now edit the intranet”
  44. #3 “you can now edit the intranet”
  45. #4 “we would like to hear your ideas”
  46. #5 “Your customer wants to talk to you”
  47. #6 “What guidelines should we adopt?”
  48. “show us what you can do”
  49. #8 “organise your own docs and info”
  50. #9 “Let’s take this out of email” (nudge)
  51. Thanks for listening! I am and live at Except where otherwise stated, photos courtesy of Flickr using Creative Commons license. Thanks to the following photographers: sizes/l/ dailyexpress_130609.jpg 32912172@N00/3432829188/sizes/l/