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Find out about our business opportunity offering. with a network spreading from the UK, Germany & Spain to Russia, Kuwait & Yemen you can join one of the fastest growing leather repair businesses in the world today.

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Business opp eBrochure

  1. 1. THE ULTIMATE IN ON-SITE REPAIR, RESTORATION, PROTECTION AND REFINISHING OF LEATHER, VINYL AND MANY OTHER TEXTILES! ABOUT COLORCARE COLORCARE is recognized throughout Europe, as being the leader in the repair, reconditioning, cleaning, protection and colour restoration of leather, vinyl and other textiles in the Automotive, Furniture, Marine and Aviation markets. Our cutting edge technology allows us to match colour so precisely, that any difference will be so slight that it is undetectable to the human eye. We can restore damaged items to a like-new condition and offer significant cost savings versus replacement; sometimes as much as a 90% saving. THE MARKET The leather market is vast, spreading throughout the Automotive, Furniture, Clothing, Marine, Equestrian and Aviation industries, to name but a few! Over 50% of households in Europe have a leather sofa or chairs and the growing list of car manu- facturers including leather upholstery as standard, means even in this economic climate our market continues to grow. In fact, the current economic situation has forced people to look at repair options rather than replacement. We have national clients with some of the largest companies in the following industries; • Insurance Services (Domestic, Commercial & Warranty Claims) • International Removals • Automotive Manufacturers & Dealerships • Furniture Manufacturers & Retailers • Hotels, Restaurants, Golf Clubs, etc • Residential Services WHY COLORCARE? Unlike our competition, COLORCARE’s franchise package allows you to start earning from day one! We have introduced the latest technology into our business in the form of handheld colour scanners. These remove the need for a minimum of 12 months training, which our competitors omit to tell you. With COLORCARE you will receive a 2 week home study program, followed by 2 week intensive training program at our location, covering all aspects of the business, ensuring that you leave confident enough to work on your first day alone. The colour matching scanner allows you to focus on producing quality repairs without the headache of trying to match a colour. This means that even with no previous experience you can hit the ground running. We have a proven marketing program that gives you all you need to start building your business. Our administrative and technical support staff is always on hand to assist you in the practical issues. You will also benefit from our national advertising campaign as well as receiving work from our national client base.
  2. 2. THE FRANCHISE PACKAGE COLORCARE has the most comprehensive package available! From day one, COLORCARE will give you the best training, making you completely proficient in all aspects of leather, vinyl & textile repair. You will receive training in marketing, bookkeeping and general duties required in running a small business. If you are not completely comfortable with your training, you can stay longer, until you feel ready to start earning. You will also benefit from on-going product development and management support and you’ll have all the equipment you need to do the job right, first time, every time! Our strong corporate image and market awareness in place, you’ll get top class advertising, branding, stationary, livery and sign-writing. The packages on offer vary depending on country, territory and the level of kit required, but a ‘protected area’ local operator franchise in Spain with a complete kit package will cost €25,000.00 – with the exception of a vehicle this will be all the tools and kit you will require to start earning. WHAT IS YOUR EARNING POTENTIAL? The earning potential with COLORCARE is enormous! It is not uncommon for an established ‘single’ operator to earn in excess of €1800.00 a week, but there is absolutely no limit as to your earning potential. Your area will be big enough that you can easily employ 5-6 staff to develop your business and surrounding areas can be made available to expand further. With a team working your area the earning potential becomes even greater. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BECOME A FRANCHISEE? As with any small business you will need to work hard to be successful, but if you work our systems correctly and put the hard work in then you will be successful. You will need motivation, dedication, determination and most importantly the support of you family and friends. Combine this with the support of the COLORCARE HQ team and the proven marketing systems; you will be the maker of your own destiny. A BIT OF HISTORY The concept of vinyl welding and leather repairs has been around long before our business began, having been around in the USA, UK & Australia since the 80’s. However, it is still reason- ably new here, in the rest of Europe. Lee Bryan, COLORCARE’s founder, has taken a service which was used primarily in the automo- tive reconditioning market, added some cutting edge technology and delivered a service that now works for the marine, aviation, furniture and automotive markets. In the first years of trading, COLORCARE has secured national accounts with the likes of LA-Z- BOY, Uniters Group, Iberian Claims Services and Chipsaway. The fact that leather has become so popular in the home means that our services are required by more than 50% of homes in Europe. Combine this with the automotive market, which research shows that more than 90% of cars on the road in Europe have the need for at least one of our auto reconditioning services, all adds up to an exciting opportunity! BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY COSTS
  3. 3. We have chosen to follow a “licensed” model rather than a “franchise” model, simply because it allows us much more freedom to focus our efforts in making sure our services remain at the cutting edge of technology. We still offer many of the same benefits of a franchise, such as; ongoing training, supported national contract work, protected area, etc. We are happy to discuss the benefits of this with you, in person. license costs vary, depending on the location and current customer base. Prices are available upon request, but as a guide, a basic package starts at €25,000.00 You will have to supply your own vehicle. We have a selection of vehicles, but a Peugeot 206 / 207 van is big enough to fit all kit and have a mobile workstation. However if you wish to carry all your kit in your van at the same time, you may wish to go for a mid-size van, such as a Citroen Berlingo / Peugeot Partner. ONGOING FEES Ongoing license/van fee is €150.00 per calendar month. These funds allow continual improvement and promotion of the COLORCARE brand, both in individual territories and nationally. AREAS Most other business opportunity offerings give you an area with a population of no more than 60,000 people (approx 25,000 dwellings), but our business opportunity areas will give you a minimum of 700,000 people, but we aim to offer 1 million people in each area. This will have a mix of residential and commercial targets and the area will be big enough that you will be able to employ/contract others as work grows. We feel it is important to provide you with the opportunity to grow your business and not simply buy yourself a job. By following the marketing program provided, you are able to take on addi- tional vans to work for you in their territory and thus, increasing income and free up time. ADVERTISING You will receive initial and ongoing support with your marketing and advertising programs. This will be in the form of national advertising, flyer design and direct marketing. We are always on the end of the phone to assist with any questions. TRAINING The training program involves hands-on practice both away from and with customers. All areas of running the COLORCARE business are covered in the training, including; Company History An in-depth understanding of Leather, Vinyl & other products Repairs to Leather & Vinyl Recolouring/Refinishing Leather & Vinyl Cleaning & Conditioning Leather goods Dealing with and locating new customers
  4. 4. Managing accounts and book-keeping Advertising Strategies Selling products Completing the necessary reports (insurance work) Managing your daily schedule and inventories Once training is completed, you will receive constant assistance both by phone and in person to ensure that the business grows steadily and the workmanship remains first class. CUSTOMERS Work can come from just about anywhere. If something has leather or vinyl, then a poten- tial customer is there. COLORCARE currently has a regular customer base with many leading furniture, automotive and marine retailers and manufacturers, including; Uniters Group Casasola Sunseeker Mobile y Disenio Salamanca Fairline Boats Natuzzi Iberian Claims Services La-Z-Boy Espana Roche Bobois SAFA Audi Divile Adani This is just the start. Each area will have its own regular customers, and added to this is the private residential market that requires repairs to the leather furniture, car interiors, boats, caravans, etc. The type of repairs can be anything from a minor scratch to a major cut or tear. Most repairs are done on-site and you are paid straight away. Some repairs and larger jobs, such as recolouring a com- plete lounge suite, will have to be done off-site, so you may need to rent space for a specific job, but you will find local companies will rent you space on a daily rate. In most cases you will have sufficient workspace at a home based garage or workshop. MAINTENANCE PLANS
  5. 5. The best way of securing repeat business from the domestic market is to get customers to sign up to a regular annual maintenance plan, which ensures a steady revenue stream over time. We also offer this service to businesses as an opportunity to resell the service. INCOME Each area is different when it comes to the type of work that is performed. Some areas do mostly vinyl repairs on boats, while others do mostly domestic furniture repairs. Each area has its mix of industries that make up the customer base. On average you will net, between €6,000 to €10,000 each month if the system is followed correctly.
  6. 6. What the kit includes Equipment Quantity Equipment Quantity Tephlon Tape 1 Franchise Package (see other sheet) 1 Vacuum & Carpet Shampoo machine 1 Spectrophotometer 1 Elec Palm sander 1 Netbook 1 pack of 240grit refills 1 Scale 610 g x 0.01 1 Extension Cords - 50 mtrs 1 Extra Battery for Spectro 1 Surge Protector 1 Military Spec case 1 Heat Gun, Steinel 1 Teflon non-stick mat 1 Butane Iron / Torch 1 Vinyl repair mesh 1 Mini microscope 1 Velour Atomiser 1 Deodourising machine 1 Velour Adhesive 250ml 1 Deodourising fluid 1ltr 2 Velour Fibres x 76 colours (in bags) 1 Hair Dryer 2 Airbrush kit 1 Mini Compressor 1 Airbrush bottle resevoir 2 Compressor - 25 ltr 1 HVLP Spray gun 3 Selection of M&F hose connectors 1 Gauges for spray guns 2 10 mtr Air hose 1 385ml paint mixing cups 100 Air blow gun 1 Sandpaper / 2000grit 1 pack Flex Base Coat x 5ltrs 2 Leneta Cards 100 1 pk Hardbase Coat x 5ltrs 1 Paint Strainers 100 Hi-Gloss Top Coat x 5 ltrs 2 Chill Bar 1 Lo-Gloss top coat x 5 ltrs 2 2 " Foam Brushes 100 Black Pigment 1 ltr 2 Cleaning sponges for leather 20 Yellow Oxide Pigment 1 ltr 2 Linen sub-patch (26cm x 26cm) 1 Red Oxide Pigment 1 ltr 2 Razor Blades Box White Pigment 1 ltrs 2 Coloured Felt tip pens 1 set Medium blue pigment 1 Selection of watch picks 1 set Dark blue pigment 1 3M sponges (3 in each pack) 5 Orange 1 Plastic pipets x 5 1 Rich Red 1 Tweezers (set of 5) 1 Bright Yellow 1 Pallette Knife / Spatula (set of 3) 1 Green 1 Needles - curved 1 Light Red 1 Calculator 1 Violet 1 Scissors 1 Lemon Yellow 1 Clamps 1 Crosslinker 1 Flexible Glue 1 Leather Cleaner 5ltr 1 Wood Glue 1 Leather Prep 5 ltrs 1 Super Glue 1 Leather Conditioner 1 ltr 1 Glue - GE Silicone 1 Leather Scratch filler 100ml 1 Plastic Dust Sheet 3 Vinyl Repair Compound 100ml 1 Nylon Brush (Paint brush) 1 Graining Compound 100ml 1 Tool Box (Roller Style) 1 Graining compound catalyst 15ml 1 Tool Box (Compartment Style) 1 Overspray Remover 1ltr 1 moulded plastic (tackle box) 3 Leather Cleaner in 250ml spray 10 Rubber Gloves 2 pr Leather Conditioner in 250ml 10 Black Tape, Roll 1 Conditioner with Aroma in 250ml 10 0.5ltr spray bottles 2 Custom-built product cabinet 1 Breather Mask - Niosh Approved 1
  7. 7. F.A.Q’S FROM POTENTIAL BUYER All of you will have lots of questions in your head before looking to commit to investing your money in a COLORCARE business opportunity. In order to help you make the right choice we have listed some of the more frequently asked questions. 1) Will I need a workshop or industrial unit? No, you will not require a workshop, as 95% of the work we do is in the home or on a client’s site. As time goes on you may wish to rent a workshop for the larger ‘full refinishing’ jobs that you will win. This is usually a full 5 seat sofa or complete car interior, but renting a unit is completely up to you, but most definitely not essential 2) If I don’t need a workshop how will I work out of a small van? Whilst we carry a lot of kit, most of it is smaller items that can be packed into a smaller van to ensure the best economy is offered. We supply a custom built work unit that houses bottles, cups, laptop, colour scanner, etc. So when you unload your van you actually work from the back of the van like a mobile workstation. As most of the work is at the client’s home or workplace, you simple mix your colours at your van and then finish the job in the client’s home or workshop. 3) What sort of jobs will I be taught how to do? The training program will teach you everything that you need to know to successfully run your business opportunity. We will teach you everything from planning your day, sales calls, running a diary, marketing, invoicing, basic bookkeeping through to the operational training of how to repair leather, repair cat scratches, cigarette burns in leather, vinyl and cloth, spraying leather, repairing carpet, invisible stitching, interior detailing, leather identification, leather cleaning, leather conditioning, etc. You will be taught and given all the information to become a qualified leather technician. 4) How much are ongoing consumables? A litre of coloured pigment will cost €43.20 + IVA and 5 litres of topcoat will cost €86.40 – to give you an idea of how long this will last, a litre of pigment will last approx 1 year, depending on how accurate you are. 5 litres of topcoat will last 3-6 months, again depending on how accurate you are with your colour mixing. 5) Will I be guaranteed any work? No, a business opportunity is a new business, within a business, and you will need to work hard to secure your own clients. However, we do have several national accounts and as a result you will receive work from these accounts, from time to time. Whilst there are no guarantee’s of work, we will work with you to secure business in your area, and due to the fact that there is little or no competition in this market, you will find it relatively easy to secure work with car dealers, furniture stores, car hand washes, furniture manufacturers, restaurants, property managers, etc.
  8. 8. We hope this information has helped you learn a little more about the COLORCARE business opportunity and if it would be the right business for you. If you would like more information about specific areas or would like to speak with us about starting a business opportunity in your area, please contact on of our management team today. Mr. Lee Bryan – Founder Mobile +34 685 928 228 Office +34 951 703 334 Mr. Sebastian Rapp – Partner +34 660 770 116 +34 951 703 334 Ms. Sheyla Garcia – Admin & Business opportunity HR Mrs. Sherry Eaglestone – Marketing Polígono Industrial Nueva Campana Calle Gabriel de Celaya 2 29660, Nueva Andalucía Marbella, Málaga