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Presented to #PRPLI [Public Relations Professionals of Long Island NY] + Adelphi University Beyond Facebook and Twitter for PR event - presentation on Social Media Inflencer Analytics for PR by Lee Bogner, Social Business and Social Analytics Authority.

Radian6 Sysomos Lithium Social Mention Klout Kred Traackr Blitzzmetrics Youcast

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  • Lee, I hope you'll see the Hashtag Academy blog on - where we'd love to have your 'I got this done with a hashtag'-type guest post, whether ritetag played a role or not. Check us out, talk in G+ or SKYPE?
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  • Great presentation! Conversations are definitely the way to go now. That's a great list of influencer ranking programs, but have you tried eCairn Conversation?

    We've been around for quite awhile and have worked with both large enterprises and agencies to help people identify and engage influencers for everything from research to geo-targeting campaigns. The application as garnered the acclaim of Forrester. It's also been used in pivotal research done on the role social media has played in the Arab Spring
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  • Companies and Influencer Analytics measurement tools surveyed include: Blitzmetrics, Traackr, Youcast, Kred, Klout, Social Mention, Lithium, Sysomos, Radian6

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Beyond Facebook and Twitter | Social Media Analytics that Deliver PR Results

  1. 1. BeyondFACEBOOK& Twitter for PR Social Media Analytics that Delivers PR Results1.10. 12 @LeeBogner#PRPLI + #AdelphiU
  2. 2. @LeeBogner ’s #Intro
  3. 3. Social Media Tools Survey Influencer Analytics Just some of the dozens of tools available to: • help quantify and report • on people, companies and topics in the social media sphere Market is rapidly evolving market • Larger players – being acquired, growing strong + larger • Small players – some gaining steam + client focused, some limited reliability + algorithms Use these tools to: • analyze mentions of brands, orgs, people • find + understand influence of industry thought-leaders • keep tabs of the competitionMARKET SURVEY
  4. 4. Influencer Analytics Tools YOU Can Use for PR + marketing Learn about: • Established Tools:  Radian6, Sysomos, Lithium • Free Tools:  Twitter Advanced Search, Google Alerts, Social Mention • Exciting Emerging Influencer Tools:  Klout, Kred, Traackr, BlitzMetrics, YouCastMARKET SURVEY
  5. 5. MAD MEN
  6. 6. DALE CARNEGIE MAD MEN @LeeBogner
  7. 7. Marketers areexperimentingwith a broad setof So Lo Morelated vehicles @LeeBogner
  8. 8. providing greater targeting than traditional print and broadcast and offer new collaboration opportunities. @LeeBogner
  9. 9. @LeeBogner
  10. 10. MAD MEN
  11. 11. @LeeBogner
  12. 12. @LeeBogner
  13. 13. OBJECTIVES, then TacticsIMPACT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 MONTHS @LeeBogner
  14. 14. DOING BEING @LeeBogner
  15. 15. Themes for Beyond
  16. 16. Themes for Beyond
  17. 17. Themes for Beyond
  18. 18. USE Analytics!!
  19. 19. Analytics TIPS
  20. 20. Analytics TIPS
  21. 21. Analytics TIPS
  22. 22. Radian6 CASE STUDY@LeeBogner
  23. 23. Radian6 CASE STUDY@LeeBogner
  24. 24. Radian6Not all voices carry thesame weight online– bloggers with manywebsite visitors orTweeter users with lotsof followers, have moreinfluence.PR agencies can benefitfrom Radian6 byDiscovering, Monitoring,WarningResponse, Crisis mgt,Brand Protection CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  25. 25. SysomosCovers/Archives:Blogs, forums,microblogging, videoservices, wikis, socialnetworks and majornews sources.Real time monitoringSentimentText analytics CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  26. 26. Sysomos - InfluencersDemographicsTrendsInfluencersWorkflow CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  27. 27. SysomosBrandMeasurement CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  28. 28. LithiumCovers:blog comments,photo + video sites,Twitter,FacebookOver 100 millionsources CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  29. 29. LithiumData viewsEmerging themesAutomated sentimentHuman overrideImproving sentimentAutomated extractionExport SM contentExport graph data CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  30. 30. Analytics TIPS
  31. 31. Twitter Search Hashtag Search powerful Advanced features http://search.twitter.comHashtag tracking + data collectionStrengths:• Cost = Free• RSS Feed + Readers to search, aggregate +• monitor keywords, phrases, termsWeakness:Limited time storageof Tweets CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  32. 32. Google AlertsRSSEmail AlertsFrequency SettingsMonitoringdeveloping news storycompetitor or industrycelebrity or eventManual, Labor Intensive CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  33. 33. Social media search engine Social Mention that covers blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and micro-blogging services, 100+ Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, GoogleAggregated and remix as a single stream of infoTrack what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic social media real-time.Features email alerts and personalized RSS feeds for automatic and instant updates. CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  34. 34. Analytics TIPS
  36. 36. KloutTakes into account your social activity, size of your followers (and their relative activity) + amplification + more***Klout uses Twitter as its primary network for measurement, and has added Facebook, G+, LinkedIn and Foursquare to create a more well-balanced assessment.Brands are being ranked CASE STUDY*** full scoring details undisclosed @LeeBogner
  39. 39. Measures influence in online communities connected by interests.Kred provides a comprehensive score for Influence and Outreach by valuing engagement and audience quality over follower count.It is the only influence measurement to offer complete transparency so users understand exactly how their scores are calculated. CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  40. 40. Combines the power of personal influence and generosity at the true heart of human relationships - tight groups of friends and subject matter experts.For marketers, Kred presents the opportunity to reach and engage the most trusted people with the highest likelihood of relaying content to their audience. CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  41. 41. Influencer identification platform TraackrFocus on PR & Marketing professionals, agencies & brands.Identify the most relevant influencers for any topic or conversation.Identify influencers, and track whenever they mention you brand or product. CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  42. 42. “3 R’s” of TRAACKR’s scoring algorithm. TraackrREACH – measure total audience size. Blog visitors, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, etc.RESONANCE – How much activity someone creates when he/she publishes. Interaction with their content. Retweets, linkbacks, comments etc.RELEVANCE – How relevant someone is to a topic. Does he/she talk about this a lot? Relevance is a factor of how often someone uses the keywords that drove the search; the timing of the keyword usage (more recent The combination of these three metrics drive posts are weighted more Influencer “ranking” on any list. heavily); the diversity of the Relevance weighs more heavily keywords used by an than either Reach or Resonance. influencer; and the placement of keywords (title vs. body). CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  43. 43. blitzmetricsPORTFOLIO COMPETITIONLiving, breathing representation of your brand. Find out how well you are engagingAnalytics your brand, individual product or sub- customers through social media via brand on a social media channel, track all of competition your social media metrics in one place. CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  44. 44. blitzmetricsREAL TIME UPDATES REPORTINGYour analytics NOW! Create customized, shareable reports quickly and easily.Stay on top of and interact with fans Reports can also be run on a pre-determined schedule quickly, or triggered based on an alert – either metric-based or USER INSIGHTS event-based. Know your fans CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  45. 45. Manhattan based, social media campaigns for Pepsi, youcast McDonalds & GECore: * campaigns through 8,000- strong influencer network * database of blogs, forums and other communities on Facebook & Twitter etc., * evolves and grows week by week.Delivered over 2,000 campaignsReaching 120 million consumers.“flexibility to find granular insights which help underpin our services, in a fraction of time it would normally take.” CASE STUDY @LeeBogner
  46. 46. Get to know these