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Founder Arthur Quits Streetbroadcast Media News Media Week

  1. 1. 05/02/2009 Founder Arthur quits Streetbroadcas… Maisie McCabe,, 03 February 2009, 3:20pm Founder Arthur quits Streetbroadcast LONDON - Lee Arthur, chief executive and founder of outdoor media owner Streetbroadcast, has left the company and sold his shares in the business. His duties will be absorbed into the remaining three-strong management team - Mungo Knott, managing director of ad sales, Nick Crow, finance director, and Noel Lindsel, development director. Arthur said the decision to leave was made a year ago, before the economic downturn. "Over the past year, I have been sorting out a restructure. Streetbroadcast has a strong management team that will be able to do its job without me getting in the way. It's unfortunate the recession has hit now, but I want to be doing other things. He plans to take the next year off to "play golf" and holiday in France and will then begin to look at other projects, including "flying cars". As part of the restructure, Streetbroadcast has shed 15 members of staff over the last year, including one salesperson who took voluntary redundancy. Nineteen people now work for the company. In December, Streetbroadcast and Avanti Screenmedia struck a deal to sell their sites in a new national integrated network, Digital Life. The companies' sales teams did not merge and they work under the direction of Avanti Screenmedia's sales director Jamie Ball and Streetbroadcast's Knott. Ads by Google Transport Media (Outdoor) Transport Media Uk's No 1 supplier of Taxis Advans& Buses 08451202470 Outdoor Advertising Why does most Outdoor Advertising not work. Exclusive Free info UK taxi advertising Taxi advertising experts - premium quality and service 21p per 1000 vehicles High Impact Advertising for Motorways, Mobile/Static Trailers…/Founder-Arthur… 1/1