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25/08/2009                                                           30/06/2008 - News: DW Awarded £12…

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2008 News Dw Awarded £12m Contract With Streetbroadcast


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2008 News Dw Awarded £12m Contract With Streetbroadcast

  1. 1. 25/08/2009 30/06/2008 - News: DW Awarded £12… 30 June 2008 Next article Return to news summary E-mail for further details: DW Awarded £12m Contract with Streetbroadcast We are pleased to announce that on 30th June 2008 David Webster Limited (DW) signed a 3 year contract with Streetbroadcast (SB) worth at least £4m per year. The contract was signed by Bertrand Richard – Managing Director, DW, Vincent Ladougne – PFI & Development Director, DW and Lee Arthur – CEO, Streetbroadcast in Stockport. Streetbroadcast (SB) SB are the UK leaders in lamppost advertising and digital high street media via the latest 360° street TV’s that display advertising materials and public broadcast Left to right: Vincent Ladougne, Bertrand Richard, Emily Barton, messages such as missing children (amber alert) and security issues. Lee Arthur, Kevin James, Stuart Lawrence, David Halvorsen SB work on behalf of local authorities and commercial property owners in the UK. and John Phillips just after the signing of the contract. Their service delivery includes income generation via advertising columns. SB’s advertising displays are ranked No 1 for effectiveness on 'POSTAR', the Outdoor Advertising Industry's ranking system. SB install a wide range of new, specially engineered lampposts with integral advertising displays called StreetLites in busy commercial locations. StreetLites require fewer sites than any other form of lamppost advertising to generate material returns, meaning less visual impact on the environment. SB has negotiated the installation of electric advertising equipment, such as street TV, with local authorities nationwide. The projects will be given to DW on an exclusivity basis each time SB get a new contract. DW will carry out the installations and project management of their “streetlite” advertising boards (conventional illuminated column mounted advertising housings) and their "streetlive" digital TV units (individual Led TVs mounted separately) installation works, whilst SB will keep up the maintenance. The contract is due to start on 14th July 2008. L EGA L NOT ICE SIT E M AP GROUP WEBSIT ES BROC HURES…/news-dw-awarded… 1/1