Unit 65 assignment 2 task 1


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Unit 65 assignment 2 task 1

  1. 1. Unit 65 Leeanne Hibbert Assignment 2 Task 1 For this particular assignment I will be analysing different websites and looking closely at their house styles and other things. This is because I will in time be creating my own website for OZ backpackers, so it will basically be all about the country Australia. The reason for looking at other websites is to get ideas for my own website. Analysing Websites The first website I am looking at is named http://www3.yha.com.au/and this stands for ‘Australian Backpacker & Youth Hostel accommodation’.Shows wherethe hostels are Easy Booking This screenshot above is what the website looks like. Already I have noticed that the headings and fonts are all the same throughout the website plus it’s all the same colour scheme, so it is not confusing and very easy to read. Now although this website was not made in flash but does have interactive elements that would have been made in flash. The navigation bar at the top of the page is also once rolled over is a ‘drop down menu’ meaning a list of different pages will be shown to you, this means it makes your search a lot quicker and less stressful as you will find the page you are looking for straight away as once you click on the certain page option on the drop down menu it will direct you straight to that page on this website. Another advantage of this website is how it actually has a map of Australia placed on the home page and gives you the option to type either a city or hostel and it will show you where it is and also how to book it straight away with no fuss, you can even choose how many nights you would want to be
  2. 2. Unit 65 Leeanne Hibbert spending at this certain hostel in the particular city in Australia. There is also a ‘my bookings’ part on the homepage which is located on the top right hand page and this is basically been made even more easier for the public as if say you have already booked a hostel in a city then you can simply type in your booking number and email then press search and it will take you to the page showing your booking and the hostel of your choice plus different information. I also like the colour scheme as to me the colours seem to show like the outback of Australia, such as the colours green, orange and brown seems to represent to me the wildlife. The other website I am looking at is named http://www.australianbackpackers.net/ this straight away to me looks like quite a funky and entertaining type of website.Coloursblue andorangerepresentthe ocean Search and book button made easy to book in less time As soon as I look at this website the colour scheme seems to represent to me the beach life of Australia as the colours are like a sandy orange and an ocean blue. The font all looks the same throughout so there is no reason for anyone to get confused. Again on the right hand side of the page you have a ‘search & Book’ button making it easier for you as all you would have to do is click that button then search for the city and place of accommodation and within at least ten minutes you may of even booked it without any fuss.
  3. 3. Unit 65 Leeanne HibbertThe navigation of this website at the top of the page again is a ‘drop down menu’ meaning its easierfor you to find the page you are looking for, so you will get there quicker as your search is sectioneddown for you. I really like this website it seems pretty cool. The headings seem s a really cool fontmaking it look ‘graffiti like ‘ so I would say this is aimed at younger adolescents such as 18 years andonwards.Another website I have looked at is http://www.australianbackpackers.com.au/ and this websiteseems more of a formal and serious website. Picture image as background Slideshow of imagesThis screenshot is of the homepage of this certain website straight away you notice that thebackground is an image of a sunset sky making it look warm. The font colour does seem pretty plainas it is only black but it is all the same font and easy to read so it will please people as there will beno confusion, plus it is also the same font and colour throughout so it is professional. There is also onthe bottom right side of the page a slideshow box; this once you click your mouse on the imageshows you different images of parts of Australia.The navigation at the top of the page isn’t a drop down menu but this to me is simply because of thefact that the website does seem quite small and therefor the buttons which are on the navigationare the only pages on the site, so this is simple for the target audience. There is a ‘book now’ buttonwhich is the first one placed on the navigation bar and once you click this you can then start bookingyour chosen accommodation. The only thing with this website is that it is just for the city ‘Sydney’ so
  4. 4. Unit 65 Leeanne Hibbertyou could only book for accommodation in the city of Sydney, so you would only use this website ifyou want to be in the city of Sydney.The ProposalFor this particular assignment I have been asked to create a fully interactive website by a clientwhich is to be aimed at Australian backpackers preferably between the ages of 18 to 25 years of age,as this is because backpackers are usually students or past students. This website has to be createdand finished by the 26th November 2012.To get myself some ideasI have been looking at different websites that are similar to the one that Iwill be creating and with the same target audience as mine. I have been looking closely at the housestyle of each of the three websites that I have been viewing and making my own opinions of them asI go. Although I haven’t started to create my own website yet I am starting to think of the types ofcolour brands I want to use. For instance one website that I looked at earlier had matching colours ofwhat I would say the Australian wild life; it had colours such as greens, browns and blues. Thenanother website I looked at had colours that symbolised an Australian beach with sandy and oceantype colours, I like the idea of this for my own website as it seems more professional and people donotice the colour scheme. So for my website I am thinking of using a mixture of blues and greens anda sandy yellow colour. Or all of the colours that represent the Australian flag which seems a reallygood idea because the public will notice this and straight away know they are the colours of theAustralian flag. I think this will work well together as people will notice why I have chosen thesecolours and they are quite relaxing colours not to ‘in your face’.As I have previously said the target audience of my own website will be for Australian backpackersbetween the ages of 18 and 25 again this is as most backpackers are usually past students orstudents taking some time out of education. As the age range is quite young adolescents I don’twant to make the website to dull and boring for them with lots of columns of writing, or plaincolours such as standard black and white, but on the other hand I don’t want to make the website toovercrowded and full of different colours as this would make the pages very unprofessional andwould make people straight away want to just close the site off. So I am going to make sure mywebsite is fit for purpose and professional towards my chosen age range making it that they leavethe website happy with what they originally planned to do being achieved, instead of leaving thewebsite annoyed and confused in a rage of anger.The layout of my website I want to be simple and not confusing towards the target audience. So mynavigation bar will be located at the top of my homepage. My idea of the buttons on the navigationbar will be at least 6-8 different buttons and one will be named ‘Hostels’ and this will once clickedlocate you to a page of all of the most popular hostels in Australia and there will be an image of eachof these plus information on them and the price range. I will also have another button named ‘booknow’ this will be the page which will have a form that you can fill in which is how people will bookfor a hostel. I will have another button named ‘Contact us’ and this page will be of the email address,phone number and main office address of the company. Those are the two main buttons that I will
  5. 5. Unit 65 Leeanne Hibbertdefinitely have on the navigation bar, the other buttons I am not too sure what I will call yet. I willalso be using headers, and the font will all be the same throughout my website, as will the colour ofthe font. Plus all the writing will be the same size except for headers which will be a little bit larger. Iwill also add about 2 images on my homepage. These will be on the right hand side. I may create aweb banner which will be inserted on the homepage somewhere on the left hand side. This is fornow the only way I can describe what my layout will look like as I have not started to create this yetand many ideas will come to my head once in the process of this.Now obviously I will be adding images to my website but I need to think in great deal about theimages that I am going to use. I am going to make sure firstly that all of my images are relevant tothe purpose of the website so that I will not upset anyone. Most of my images will be Australiansymbolised such as the Australian flag, different countries of Australia and plus past images ofAustralian backpackers, so that when it comes to people viewing my website if they are new to thebackpacking life then they will see exactly what it is like to be a backpacker in Australia.When it comes creating a website I also have to think about both legal and ethnic considerations, sostraight away I want to reassure the client now that all of the creations on my website is 100%originally created by me when it comes to copyright issues.This means all the work is original andnot copied from other websites. The same would apply to my own work as If I was to come across awebsite that had my original ideas and exact layout as my website does then this would annoy medeeply. I also have to think about the representation of race meaning that I want my website to bemade for all types of cultures; race and gender. So all of my images will be of both genders male andfemale, plus different culture types will be shown. Also my images will be equal to race and I willhave images of both the black and white race, this is so my website does not upset anyone andmakes them feel comfortable whilst in the process of viewing. Also once my client has the details ofmy website I would like it to be kept very private and confidential meaning I want nothing to berevealed about my website until it is official published towards the public.
  6. 6. Unit 65 Leeanne HibbertStoryboards of my websiteThese are just screenshots of all of the pages that areincluded in my website. I have addedbrief information underneath each of the screenshots just giving a small description of thatcertain page and what will be included.The HomepageThis screenshot is the homepage of my website.As you can see my navigation bar is locatedright at the top of the page and has six buttons included with it. The navigation bar isincluded on every single page of my website. This is the homepage so I will add around twoimages and just a brief introduction to the website and some information.
  7. 7. Unit 65 Leeanne HibbertAbout Australia pageThis is a screenshot of the page named ‘About Australia’. This will have one image and willjust be information all about the country Australia and the different cities in there. But it willbe mostly information about what events and hostels etc. will be for backpackers.
  8. 8. Unit 65 Leeanne HibbertHostels pageThis is a screenshot of the page ‘Hostels’. This page will have images of most of the hostels aroundAustralia. After each image of the hostels there will also be information on the right hand side of itjust giving a brief description of that certain one.
  9. 9. Unit 65 Leeanne HibbertBook Now pageThis is a screenshot of the ‘book now’ page. This page is where people will be able to book for ahostel of their choice. On this page there will be a booking form so that it enables people to fill inand then properly book without any fuss.
  10. 10. Unit 65 Leeanne HibbertThe Gallery pageThis is a screenshot of the ‘gallery’ page. This will be images of all of the places and events that willinterest backpackers.
  11. 11. Unit 65 Leeanne HibbertThis is a screenshot of the ‘planning your travel’ page. This will be a page that just has informationon travelling for the backpackers.
  12. 12. Unit 65 Leeanne HibbertThis is a screenshot of the ‘Contact us’ page. This page will have all of the important contact detailsof this website just in case people really need to get in touch with the people behind the website orsomething to do with it.
  13. 13. Unit 65 Leeanne HibbertFolder of my Website imagesThis is inside of my Unit 65 folder. The folder that is circled which is named ‘website images’ is wherethe images that will be inserted on my website are. I will now show a print screen of this folderopen.This screenshot is of the’ website images’ folder. As you can see I have gathered images.