Technical considerations


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Technical considerations

  1. 1. Leeanne HibbertTechnical ConsiderationsFile TypeThe file type that my final promotional movie will be saved as is the .MOV file format and the reason that I willbe using this file type is because it is a QuickTime movie file extension which is brilliant for using when it comesto saving videos that you make yourself and then playing them back in good quality. By using .MOV I amallowing my movie to be compatible with Windows Media Player which is the standard movie player on allwindows computers. These then ables viewers to see the promotional video when it has been bothexportedand published.File SizeWhen it comes to file sizes there isn’t an exact limit on the file size that my video will take up. I’m not surewhat size my video file come out at as many of my clips already are around 88MB for the large files and downtoo 5MB for a short interview. There are many different sizes that I will be putting into my video so I can’t be100% sure until I have exported and published my final video. One thing that I will ensure is that the file size ofmy video will not be a ridiculous sized amount and this is becauseI do not want the download speed for otherusers to affect their computers and also I want the video to load quickly as it will really annoy people if it takesaround 5-10 minutes just for the video to start they will get bored and probably not have the patience to waitto watch the video so they will probably just close the player down.CompressionAs I have just said above within file size I will not be sure how big my file size will actually be until the finalvideo has been completed. The good thing about compression is that it compresses your file size down to amore suitable size meaning download speeds, loading time, and the overall video will be faster and quicker toview. Although compression cannot always be the best thing to use when it comes to videos and imagesbecause the overall quality will become poor. Compression compresses the files down which often can equalloosing important pixels and quality to the images.Media PlayerFor a default setting for my final video I will be using the software named Windows Media Player, meaningthat this will be compatible with any other windows based computer, however this doesn’t in anyway meanthat it cannot be viewed on another computer format for example the format Applebut it just means that thevideo will take longer to load into a default program on their specific computer software.