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  1. 1. Leeanne HibbertResearchidentifying the target audienceIn order to create a promotional video for my college which is specifically for the course ‘CreativeMedia’ I have to take into consideration every single aspect of that course and who the right targetaudience is for it. I have been looking at other promotional videos for different colleges that someare media type courses but others I have just looked at literally to get an idea of who the targetaudiences are. All of the videos that I have looked at are within my area. After watching three ofthese different videos I researched closely who I think the audience of these would be. Obviously thevideo will be aimed at students but the main target audience will be both male and females who areinterested in doing a creative media course. These students can be students who are currentlylearning in another college but are interested in doing a different (or same) course in my college, orfor year elevens who are currently looking up both the right courses for them or particularlyinterested in creative media and want to find the right college for them to attend which does thecreative media course.Whilst researching the type of target audience for the creative media course I did find out a veryinteresting fact that more males tend to choose the creative media course than females, I do believethis as in my own creative media lesson there are only 3 females and the rest are males. This doescome down to the fact that the majority of males do play on Xbox or ps2 etc. games and have aslight more interest than females to create their own games as they are probably intrigued by evencreating there dream game. Whereas females are more in the type of media which is more on theprint based side such as editing and creating their own magazines.This screenshot above is a video which speaks about the creative and digital media course atManchester College. The man that you can see is speaking is a student who does the course at thiscollege and his name is Stuart Weston. In this video Stuart speaks about what he does in his courseand what software he uses, he mentions the programme Flash and also using HTML(these twothings he mentions are what you will learn to use in any creative media course.
  2. 2. Leeanne HibbertThis is basically just a video of Stuart speaking about his work and what he has achieved. He alsospeaks about how taking this course at Manchester College as really helped him to learn new thingsand achieve his goals. He also says that thanks to taking this course he now feels a lot moreconfident when it comes to speaking in groups which is something you need to develop in case youwant to attend university. Looking at this video it doesn’t seem to be as entertaining as I would wantmy own promotional video to be but it does speak about the same course and Stuart does say keypoints which are useful to me about the creative media course.Audience FiguresMCV - I have also been researching audience figures and came across ‘MCV’ which is the market forcomputer and video games. MCV is the best company to research if you are interested in creativemedia and gaming. There is both a website and a weekly magazine for MCV and they are bothcompletely essential for information about the gaming business. So everything you want to knowsuch as release dates; more gaming news, plus new games consoles and systems etc.this screenshot above is of the official ‘MCV’ website. As you can see it is all about the gamingbusiness.