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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. Leeanne Hibbert Heather Lomas Lewis BradleyQuestionnaire resultsonce we had created a questionnaire with certain questions on it, we then gave it out to sixmembers of the public to fill the sheet out for us. This table below is the feedback that wereceived.
  2. 2. Leeanne Hibbert Heather Lomas Lewis BradleyAs you can see for each question there was fair amounts of answers. The first question you can seethat more people were actually aware of the course and interested than the people who were awareand not interested or not aware at all. This is good results for us as we now know that thepromotional video will be helpful to people as they are interested in the creative media course andthey are already partly aware of it, so seeing more information on this particular course will intriguethem.The second question which is all about the time period of a promotional video, as you can see all ofthe possible answers were equal as two people voted for each answer. Although the first possibleanswer to this question which is ‘o – 30 seconds’ probably wouldn’t be the best promotional videoas 30 seconds is not enough time to promote the course as succesfully as we would like to, so aslong as we use either the ’30 seconds – 1 minute’ or ‘1 minute – 2 minutes’ then the public would behappy with either of them.The third question was asking the public if they had ever seen a promotional video for collegesaround there area.This question again received equal amounts of answers as three people hadntseen any promotional videos before and three other people had. The reason why we asked thisquestion was to just see wether people were aware of promotional videos for college and so theywould be able to opinion our finished promotional video against the others they perhaps had seen,so to see what had worked and maybe what had not worked.The fourth question on the questionnare was asking if the public lived locally to the cheadle andmarple sixth form, cheadle campus area.This was so that if people were interested in the college andcreative media course then they would know exactly where that we are located. Again for thisquestion there were an equal amount of answers as three people did live locally to the cheadlecampus and three people did not live locally. Although they don’t live locally to the campus they canobviusly still attend here and find out exactly where we are, this has just basically helped us out asnow we know that perhaps at the end of the video we could add the address of the campus on to itso people who don’t live locally know where to find us.The fifth question was asking the public what they preferred out of a video which is full of interviewsand talks from past or present students, or a video which is more of a music video typed video whichdescribes the college. However four out of six people preffered a music video typed video as this oneis obviusly more entertaining and less boring for the audience watching. Where as if it was just a sayminute long video all on just talks of a student speaking about the creative media course then brainswould tend to switch off and instead of carrying on viewing this video they would probably just clickon another video to watch as this one would simply be too boring. We know now that when it comesto creating the video it will need to be more on the entertaining side to keep the audience awake.One question that we did not add on to the results table a page above was ‘What would you like tosee within a promotional video?’ the reason why we did not add this into the table was because itwas a question where the six people had to write down their own opinions on what they would liketo see. So below Is some quoted answers that we received:1 questionnaire : ‘”Lots of music and creativity happening”Another questionnaire: “General information to what the course is about, that is interesting at thesame time”Another questionnaire: “A tour around the college if possible”
  3. 3. Leeanne Hibbert Heather Lomas Lewis BradleyAbove are literally just three of peoples personal opinions but we have put into consideration all sixof publics opinions and are hopefully going to put in a little bit of what the public suggested so that itsuits everybody, but at the same time we are still going to try and keep it to an entertaining video aswe know that this is what the public enjoy.The last question on the questionnaire was “The college campus is an important part of the collegewhich we like to take care of. Does the college campus reflect your overall opinion on studyinghere?”. We asked this question as we wanted to know whether the building of the Cheadle campusand environment would reflect peoples studying here. So whether they think the college is to smallor old and are wanting a more modern and huge college that holds more students and has a list ofdifferent creative media opportunities; perhaps they prefer a college with more eating facilities suchas small cafes dotted around the campus and not just a small canteen. The results that we gainedfrom the public were again equal as three people said that yes it does reflect their overall studyingand three other people said that it does not. This is one of those 50/50 type questions and answersas it literally depends on the person and the types of environments that they are normally use toand want to learn in. However no matter how big or small a building is it does not matter what thecollege structure is like it literally depends on the students’ abilities and how hard that they workwithin the courses that they are studying.