Leeanne Hibbert Heather Lomas Lewis BradleyProposalContent OutlineWe have been planning our content outline for the promot...
Leeanne Hibbert Heather Lomas Lewis Bradleythe video and it is important that we make sure that there requirement are met....
Leeanne Hibbert Heather Lomas Lewis BradleyThe main issue with money is equipment and hiring it, the equipment we will nee...
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Proposal unit 4,5 & 62


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Proposal unit 4,5 & 62

  1. 1. Leeanne Hibbert Heather Lomas Lewis BradleyProposalContent OutlineWe have been planning our content outline for the promotional video and did come up with a fewideas. However we all came together to choose the main one that we was going to stick to. We havedecided to make the video entertaining as we know this is what students want to see, so the videowill start where we are filming walking from the colleges main gate into the ICT suites, this will bemade to look like it is being sped up. You won’t see us as the group in the first part will be like youare seeing from somebody else’s eyes. Whilst this is happening throughout the video aninstrumental version of a song will be played and this will be ‘shake it by metro station’. When weget into the ICT suite we will then film a creative media lesson that is going on so that the audiencecan see what this lesson is like on a daily basis. Once we have filmed a part of the lesson we are thengoing to have an interview with a current creative media student to see how he/she enjoys thecourse and what she has learnt from it. After the short interview has finished this is when images ofdifferent places around the college such as the refectory and quad will be shown again still with themusic playing. After this the end part of the video will appear and this will just simply have theCheadle campus address and telephone number plus the tagline which is ‘working with you tosucceed’. Then the music will fade out and the video will now have finished.Target audienceIt is vital that we as a group make sure that are promotional video is not only fit for its purpose butmade for the right audience. As said before are target audience for the video promoting the creativemedia course at the Cheadle Campus is either present college students or year 11 students who arelooking at different colleges seeing which one is right for them and which one they want to attend inthe nearby future. It is also aimed at students who are interested in the creative media course,perhaps they are doing this similar course at another college but not enjoying it as much so lookingat other colleges for a similar creative media course.ResourcesAs a group we have come up with all of the resources that we will need. Firstly we are going to haveto have a video camera as without this we won‘t be able to do any filming whatsoever. We will alsoneed to use college grounds for filming, so we will have to make sure we are not disrupting anybodyplus we will ask permission to film a creative media lesson. We will also need to use computers tothen edit are video the way we want so we will need to make sure at least three computers are freeso that after we have completed are filming we can then go straight into an ICT suite and use thecomputers. Tripods will also be needed so that are video is all equal and no wobbly or bouncy filmingis being created we can easily use these as we can ask the photography teacher to use one for a fewlessons.Personnel requirements cast and crewWhen we are making the video is it is important to take in to consideration the cast and crew, andwhat their job roll will be in making the video. The cast and crew take a very important job in making
  2. 2. Leeanne Hibbert Heather Lomas Lewis Bradleythe video and it is important that we make sure that there requirement are met. As a group we willbe directing the cast and crew on what they need to be doing when we are filming the video. Thereare three of us in the group and we will all be taking different job roles in making the video butthought out making the video we may swap job roles so that all of us get a chance of using differentequipment. The different job roles that we will be doing are, setting the scene, filming, editing andputting the video together.TeamThere are three people in our group, which we have been working at since we starting the planningof the video. We have had a range of tasks that we have had to do since starting the video, the firstthing that we looked at was other promotional videos which gave us ideas on what we want ourvideo to be like and how we can make it better that other promotional videos that we have lookedat. Then we had to look at a range of different briefs which gave us ideas on what type ofpromotional material we needed to use. Then we started the first stages of the planning which wasto do a project schedule so that our client could see what stages of making the video we were at andto help us stay on target. Then we needed to complete some risk assessments which showed backup plans and health and safety issues and to ensure the project is completed on time. The next stageof the planning was to decide where we were going to be filming the video and make sure that itwas suitable for the video. The last stages of the planning were to do the sketches, script and amood board so that the client could see the colours and fonts that we were using in the video. Whenwe have finished the planning we will then be working as a group to get the video filmed and puttogether.SpecialistsWhen it comes to specialists we have to take into account who knows about the course that wecould include within the promotional video.Specialists that work within the creative media course include the tutors. The tutors would bebrilliant to use within the video as they would be the ones that know everything about the courseand put as much information into one sentence more than anyone can.Also we want to comment on the student’s opinion of the course so having an insight into what theythink would also respond well to showing people a view from both the students and the tutors.When it comes to looking at promotional videos potential students aspire to looking at what otherstudents think. The reason for this is that students don’t always believe what tutors say so they feelmore comfortable with a student’s opinion.BudgetWhen it comes to the budget we have been given £4,000 to use throughout the project. By having£4,000 this gives us a reasonable amount of lenience within working through the money we have.There is not a reason why we think we may go over budget as there isn’t too much to afford whenworking in a college video. As the college is asking to be advertised we do not have to pay moneytowards the venue in which we want to record in. Money issues will come into place when we haveto start hiring the equipment and sorting out paying for each helper that we need within the video.
  3. 3. Leeanne Hibbert Heather Lomas Lewis BradleyThe main issue with money is equipment and hiring it, the equipment we will need is cameras,videos cameras, tripod, and a computer. Those are the main pieces we need to pay for so any otherequipment needed will be an extra cost.Project ScheduleWhen it comes to the project schedule we had to think through what we will be doing and when.This includes the order in which we will be doing things.To begin with we need to do all the preparation and planning such as storyboards and the initialproposal in order to work out what we are doing and all the information that has gone into thispiece of work. We will then begin with a pitch to our client where we can discuss with them the planwe have created and what the video will include on the side of content. This will allow the client tothen add in any necessary information that they may also want to include that we haven’t thoughtabout. We will then continue onto filming and editing the video before having a final meeting withthe client where we hand over the created video and receive feedback on everything that wasgood/bad.