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  1. 1. Heather Lomas Leeanne Hibbert Lewis BradleyPromotional VideosConsidering we are going to be making our very own promotional video, we are starting thisassignment by watching different promotion type videos on YouTube. We are going to be looking atadverts or college type videos just to get ideas for us.Cheadle and Marple Promotional VideosI have started by looking at what my own college had produced in there promotional videos as a fewwere uploaded onto YouTube. One in particular which I looked at was named ‘Cheadle and MarpleSixth Form College’. This video is advertising both the Cheadle and Marple campus and is talkingmainly about the different subjects you can take at the sixth forms and how they offer a wide rangeof subjects that will suit anybody with any culture. I also like the fact that the video is actually beingtaken around the college environment that they are speaking about and you can see what’s going onbehind the person speaking. Another point about this video is that they have used the same colourscheme as what the actual Cheadle and Marple logo is. So the colours green and blue are addedquite a lot in these videos when it comes to the screen when there is writing on it informing youabout the college.Other College Promotional VideosA Stockport College promotional videoAlso on YouTube I decided to look at other colleges promotional videos just to see how theyadvertise their college. I came across one of Stockport colleges videos advertising there college, it isnamed ‘Stockport College Music Video **Brand New for 2010!**’ it’s a very entertaining video andyou can tell has had effort and time put in to actually create it. Just a brief summary of the video itssome Stockport college students and teachers miming and dancing to the song ‘we are young’ andgoing round the different rooms of the college, then a transition will appear and a black screen withwriting about the college comes up like things such as pass rates etc. then it goes back to thestudents singing and dancing around the college. This video seems very fun and is almost like amusical it makes you want to get involved with it, which is basically what the college is aiming to doas if you enjoy this video and you do want to get involved then it’s like really your wanting to getinvolved or attend the college. This does seem a lot more entertaining than Cheadle and Marplepromotional videos but if you were to want a more formal and educational video about college lifethen Cheadle and Marple videos are the ones to watch as they are a lot more punctual and serious.
  2. 2. Heather Lomas Leeanne Hibbert Lewis BradleyMy Own IdeasFor my own promotional video for my college which is Cheadle and Marple, me and my group havecome up with an idea which I think will work very well and also be entertaining towards the targetaudience which is of course students who are thinking of attending college or students who alreadyattend a college but are having second thoughts and wanting to move to a new one as they don’tfeel that college is the right one for them.So the idea is we try to put on a flash mob together which will include our own college students (thestudents who are willing to do this obviously). The idea was to say video a few rooms in college withstudents in learning then lesson ends and it now goes to lunch time. Then the camera is filming thesquare where people are sat down and walking around, then music starts this is when at this pointpeople are still sat down and then you see a particular group of people walking around, a few ofthem then start dancing to the music all doing the same routine. Everyone’s eyes then look at thedancers, and then a few more people join in the dance routine. Then once the song has ended thedancers then all just walk of and act as normal students again. I am hoping we can get at least 10people to learn a certain dance routine. ApplicationsShort FilmsIn the beginning short films were what people went to the cinema for. Before developing into filmsof around 90 minutes long these day’s short films aren’t very popular. These days now short filmsare not as entertaining but in some cases such as music videos short films are collaborated withinthe music. Short films vary in length from 2 minutes to around 7 – 10 minutes. By using a short filmwithin our video we will be extending the overall finishing time so that the promotional video islonger. Other ways that we could use a short film within our video is using a technique that will keepthe viewers interested. Stockport College have used a technique of music by making a music videoall around college. They change some of the lyrics round so that the viewers can see how it relates tothe college.Promotional MaterialThis is where certain materials such as photographs and videos get used to promote a specific thing.For example, any previous photo’s that have been taken within college that may be on the collegewebsite could be then used by a student to put into their project. This is what we will be doing. Wewill be using a lot of promotional material within our video which will then turn out to be an evenmore creative promotional piece for the college. Below in a few other points I have shown thedifferent ways we are going to be using to promote our video and gone into detail about why we’repromoting the college this way and how effective it will be.User Generated Content
  3. 3. Heather Lomas Leeanne Hibbert Lewis BradleyUser generated content is anything that is uploaded by someone to another source. For example thiscan include uploading a photo to Facebook or any other social networking site. Many socialnetworking sites will contain some sort of user generated content in fact there will be usergenerated content uploaded every day. Facebook was made in 2003 and has been a major successever since for user generated content. It was created for people to get in contact with each otherand show others what they are doing in life.Viral Marketing“Viral marketing is an idea that spreads--and an idea that while it is spreading actually helpsmarket your business or cause.”I took the above extract from a page I found on Moodle. In a basic form viral marketing is whensomething in particular gets put onto the web and then spreads across the world virally. For examplethe Cadbury’s advert based on the gorilla playing the drums was a massive hit across the world.Everyone can remember the advert and the hits on YouTube soon rocketed high. After putting thevideo on YouTube it has 6, 912,572 views to this day. This is a massive amount of views as everyonewas researching into it and watching it for leisure. This was a good example of viral marketing as theCadbury’s product was selling all across the world.AdvertisingWhen it comes to advertising the college video we will have to take into account the best ways ofgetting feedback and the most views of our product. Advertising includes how we publish the videoto the public, parents and potential students. This can include putting the video on in local schools toadvertise the college. We could also put the video on YouTube which will draw students in as theyresearch into colleges. Another way would be to put the video on the college website also forparents to see as well as students. As you can see many ways of advertising include going online withthe video, uploading it to the web as the web is the most successful way of researching these days sohaving our video on there will keep the college up to date showing it online, this will also keep thecollege in mind for any students that view the video and website.World Wide WebThe World Wide Web is important in this day and age as everyone goes on it. The Web is a veryuseful tool as it instantly gives you the answer you are looking for. Since the World Wide Web hasbeen made public there is no need to go looking for books with the answers you need. There aremany different advantages of the internet and this is why it is used every day all around the world.Technology such as the internet has even progressed onto portable devices such as mobile phones,music players and laptops. Of course when I say that everyone uses it there are in some cases whenpeople do not have the facilities to be able to connect to the internet. Places with such adisadvantage like this will not be able to progress into the future of technology like most places weknow such as Japan. The World Wide Web is important to know about for our video as the video willbe published to the internet on sites such as YouTube. By putting it on YouTube we will need toknow all about the internet and what the issues are with it. The only issues with the internet areinternet trolls and privacy. Internet trolls are people who hide behind the internet to abuse andupset users that in some extreme cases can cause the users victim to do something drastic. Issues of
  4. 4. Heather Lomas Leeanne Hibbert Lewis Bradleyprivacy are most known on Facebook where people hide behind a fake account. By hiding behind afake account many criminals such as paedophiles can get in contact with the younger generation andstalkers can also get in contact with someone without realising. Facebook is a prime target for thisand internet trolling as it is often in the news and in the papers. Facebook is the social network to beon in this day and age so you never know who could really be adding you. Overall having our videopublished to the internet will be good for us as we can get all the feedback we need whether it ispositive or negative to help us progress in the future.CDsCD’s also known as Compact Discs are used in everyday life more and more. These days compactdiscs are all the more useful when it comes to advertising having a CD means you can watch itanywhere. CD’s used to be very popular a few years ago before the craze of smartphones andportable music devices came out. There used to be the day of Walkman’s which portable CD playersthat ran off batteries. These were very popular and still kept the demand for CDs on the rise. In 2001the IPod came out. This was a portable music device which cancelled out all the necessities ofcarrying CDs with you and spare batteries. This meant that CD’s went down in the music world butalso was on the rise when it came to computers. Computer used to have floppy disc slots. The floppydisc did everything a CD can do now but they were out of date for this decade. CD’s are now morepopular for Computers and games consoles, which is why we are going to be using a CD within ourproject. By using a CD we will be able to put our video onto a disc so therefore we always have abackup in case it is deleted but also we can send CD’s out to promote our given course.PresentationsWhen it comes to presentations our whole promotional video will be a presentation for thecollege to show students and others that Cheadle & Marple College is a great college to goto and fits everyone’s needs. To show this in a presentation we will be showing all theinformation needed to know about a chosen course but also what the college itself has tooffer, such as the facilities. Furthermore with using presentations within our promotionalvideo, we will be showing out video through a presentation on interactive whiteboards andon computers around the college open evenings. As well as this we need to make sure thevideo is made in a presentation format to be used to promote the college.CompressionCompression will be very important when we have finished the filming as we will need tocompress all the filming down to make the file size smaller. We will need to make the filesixe smaller because the larger the file size is the longer the video will take to start playing. ifwe were to leave the video the same size when we have finished the filming it will have tobuffer for ages and would be very slow at loading for anyone to watch the video.Digital file formats Throughout making the video we will be using a few different types for digital file formats,the main file format that we will be using is mov. We will be using mov because it is a quick
  5. 5. Heather Lomas Leeanne Hibbert Lewis Bradleytime movie file, which is an apple software product. Quick time movie files are a verycommon file. Mov functions frequently as both as a sharing file but its quality enough to useas a source video inside of an editing program. But the only thing with using mov is that wewill have to make sure that we compress the video as much as we can so that the mov filewill work as well as it can.Streaming methods For the video that we are making we will be using windows media player which is aprogression streaming method. One of the reasons that we will be using this method isbecause the video us going on to YouTube and that is the streaming method that we needto use in order to put the video on. It is easy to tell the different between differentstreaming methods, for example as I said before YouTube use the progression methodwhich will buffer the video when it is playing.The screen shot to the right is offBBC I player which is showing thatis buffering before the video willplay which is different to you tubebecause it buffers the whole videobefore its starts playing. When weput our video on to you tube wewould have used the progressionstreaming method and the videowill buffer as it playing.Data transfer rateData transfer rate is the rate that data is transferred between devices which are sometimesreferred as throughput. Data transfer rate will be important when we need to add music toout video because we will need to down load it off the internet and change it to MP3 formatso that is when we will be looking at how fast the transfer rate is. For example when wemove files on the computer to a different folder or to a pen drive you will often get a boxcome up which will tell you how long it will take to move the files that is when thedownloading is taking place. Below is an example of what I was just saying where I havecopied a file from a different folder and pasted it in to a new folder and it is telling me howlong it will take for me to move the file.
  6. 6. Heather Lomas Leeanne Hibbert Lewis BradleyWe will get the same type of box come up when we will be downloading the music of theinternet which will tell us how long it will take to down load the file.Media playersWhen we are making the video we will be using widow’s player,but there are several other different types of media players.Adobe flash player is also a popular media player which will playfiles on the internet that have been created in flash. When flashplayer was created it could only play to display 2‐dimensionalvector animations, but has also become popular for creating RichInternet Applications and streaming audio and video. Quick time isanother popular media player that has been developed by applebut it can play many file formats like digital video, media clips,animation text and music. It is also available for windows operatingsystems.Digital rights management systems.DRM, which stands for digital rights management systems which is important to know whenmaking and type of video so that we know the copy right rules and that the digital content iscorrect for out video. DRM help to protect the copyrights of electronic media, which includemusic and movies too. For example the apple iTunes store uses DMR system to limit thenumber of computers that songs can be played on. Each audio file downloaded from theiTunes music store includes information about the owner of the file and how many timesthe file has been transferred. The protected files will not play on computers that have notbeen authorized to play the music. DRM will help publishers limit the illegal propagation ofcopyrighted works. This can be accomplished by using digital watermarks or proprietary fileencryption on the media they distribute.