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Project schedule

  1. 1. Leeanne HibbertProject ScheduleIn this project I have different tasks to do in order to prepare and finish this particular assignment.Beneath this paragraph are each of the tasks and different pieces of work that I will need to do inorder to create the promotional video that I will be developing over the next few months.Unit 4,5& 62 assignment 2Task 1The first thing in task 1 that I need to create is a project Schedule, this is basically this piece of workthat you are reading now. A project schedule is just explaining what you will be doing throughouteach tasks and what those certain things are and require.After I have finished the project schedule I will then move on to creating a ‘Gant chart’. A Gant chartthat I will need to create is an assignment outline which is just stating all of the assignments andtasks plus start and end dates.I will then create a risk assessment which will be very detailed. This piece of work will state how I goabout creating this video and what I will do to make sure I keep both me and others safe whilst inthe process.Task 2In task 2 I will be Identifying the TargetAudience of the promotional videos meaning I will be findingout the target audience which will preferably be present college students or upcoming collegestudents.After I have identified my target audience I will then start researching ideas for our own video, I willdo this by watching past promotional videos from both Cheadle College and other colleges aroundthe area of Stockport/Manchester.Once all of my researching is out of the way I will then start the process of planning for thepromotional video gathering everything and then arranging a meeting with the client. To show myplanning I can create mood boards; storyboards; possible scripts; shot logs etc.
  2. 2. Leeanne HibbertTask 3The start of task 3 is to produce a proposal. In the proposal I will speak about the legal and ethicalconditions and requirements. It will also state health and safety issues plus what our promotionalvideo idea is and everything about it such as the location.The pitch is basically how we tell our client what our idea is and what will be going on. We as a groupcan show our ideas through a power point; video presentation or a multiple presentation etc.Task 4If once after having a meeting with the client and they require slight changes to the promotionalvideo then now in task 4 would be the time to make these changes.Next I will have to create a short report, this report will outline all of the changes made (if anychanges have been made) and what has been agreed to be produced as the final product. Obviouslyif there was no changes made I will have to state that in the short report.Task 5In task 5 I will Source any video assets that I may use in the final product. This will require someresearch into what video assets are readily available for me to use. I will also need to complete an‘asset table’ which will identify where the assets were found and identifying any asset I create.Task 6The last task is to then start shooting the raw video footage. When it comes to shooting we as thegroup that were in have to make sure that everything we do is completely number one our ownwork and not copied from anywhere else, but we will also have to make sure that everything that wehave already stated about our main idea; target audience ect is exactly the same, but if there aretiny changes we would consider that will make the video even better then there is no problem withthat as long as it isn’t going completely away from original intentions. For shooting we will need acamera and preferably someone to shoot the video who knows exactly how to use the cameraproperly so no time is wasted whilst in process of shooting.
  3. 3. Leeanne HibbertUnit 4, 5 & 62 Assignment 3Task 1The first task of assignment 3 I will be importing the video. I will need to provide evidence oforganising any assets by creating a blog/diary which I will need to make sure it is updated.Task 2In task 2 I will be using post production techniques to edit my own digital video in adobe premierpro/ elements video editing software. Whilst I am editing the video I will also keep a fully illustratedand updated blog/log to provide evidence of the software techniques I have used.Even though as agroup we will have created the video together we will all individually edit it ourselves.Task 3I will then export the video so that it can be used on the World Wide Web; DVD and as apresentation in an appropriate digital video format.Once I have exported my video I will then produce a report of how I have done this and ensure this isin my production. In this report I will explain in detail all of the decisions and considerations made inrelation to exporting my product.Task 4I will then create a questionnaire which will have certain questions, I will be creating this specificallyto collect the audience responses.After I have finished my questionnaire we (the group I have been working with) will have an end ofproject review meeting with the client.Once I have finished both collecting the questionnaires from the audience and had the meeting withthe client. I will then produce a short report of all of the feedback that I gained and also reviewingthe comments.
  4. 4. Leeanne HibbertTask 5The last task which is task 5 I will be producing and evaluation which reflects on the final productand the production skills used throughout this unit. I will also need to explain how my work meetsthe client brief.