Evaluation of my flash website


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Evaluation of my flash website

  1. 1. Unit 65 Leeanne HibbertEvaluation of my flash website for ‘Australian Backpackers’.Before in the process of creating my website I did much planning in order to make sure I wascompletely prepared and ready to create a website from scratch and also to know exactlywhat I wanted it to look like. I began to do lots of research which was based on what thepurpose of my website was for which is for ‘OZ Backpackers’. I spent around three hours oftime researching the country Australia itself plus all of the different parts, I then researchedhostels specifically for backpackers which were around the cities of Australia.My last part ofresearch was just backpackers in general and seeing what they’re travelling and experiencesplus expenses are like.I then went on to create online storyboards of each page of thewebsite showing exactly how I wanted them to look and what type of graphics andinformation I would have on them. Then just before I began to start creating my website inthe programme named ‘Flash’ I gathered folders on my computers of resources I will beusing for the website, so all of the images I was going to be using. I gathered these resourcesbefore starting my website so that once I needed a particular Image then it was already inmy workspace and I could just simply import all of the folders of images to my library inFlash without having to minimise Flash and start looking on the internet for images.I have tried to make all of my pages to be the exact same as my original intentions andbasically all of it I have. All of my pages have the exact same colour scheme as my originalstoryboards and used three main colours throughout. These three colours were a sandyorange type; dark blue and red, I chose these colours as they are warm colours and remindme of a beach which is perfect for what my topic is. Just as like on the storyboards thenavigation bar is the blue colour, the background colour of the pages are the sandy orangecolour. Most of the text is in the colour red, although some parts are also in the colour blackbut very few are.Considering my website is targeted at OZ backpackers I have provided lots of information onhostels and travelling for them, but not too much as I don’t want people becoming bored ofthe website and going to another backpackers website as they find mine to boring and plain.I have also added a gallery like I had in my original intentions; these are all images of placesaround Australia as this is where the backpackers will be. I have added a booking form sopeople can actually book with my website and they can also choose from hostels as I have ahostels page which provides images of certain hostels plus a brief description of each ofthem.My website is very fit for the purpose of it and it is also very easy to navigate, meaning justlike my original intentions I have made sure that the navigation bar is accessible to use onevery page on the website, therefore if people need to find the homepage as they need togo back then they can simply click ‘Home’ and you will be located to the homepage. Becauseof the style of my website I do think it looks very professional and styled as a backpacker’s
  2. 2. Unit 65 Leeanne Hibbertwebsite should be as there is literally everything on this website that backpackers will needto know. Plus I have stuck to my original intentions as everything that I said was on my storyboards are actually on the pages of my website so this I am pleased of as I was proud of mystoryboards. It did take a few stages before I finally began to create my website but I havereally enjoyed it. It has made me feel a lot more confident with the software ‘Flash’ and Ihave learnt to do new techniques that I could not do before such as being able to addscrollbars to the text on my pages and also being able to enlarge the images once rolledover these have made my website again look more professional as it has certain effectsadded to it now that other sites have.When it comes to the font I have followed my original intentions and used the exact samefont style throughout the website.I have made sure that all of the text is the exact same fontso that it makes my website look professional and there for does not annoy people whenthey are viewing the website and not seeing all different types of paragraphs in completedifferent font styles. The font style that I have successfully used throughout is named‘Century Gothic’. All of the paragraphed text on my website is all the exact same size and soare all of the titles on each page, I have made sure of this as again just like the font style, itlooks professional to the audience. No one is going to want to visit a site and the first page islots of text in different font styles; sizes and colours, it will literally confuse us and possiblyhurt are eyes.When it comes to time management I think I have managed the time really well, I have metthe deadline and spent the exact amount of time of each the steps I have had to do whilst inthe process of this assignment. It has taken me around seven days to create and finish mywebsite and I did not rush I took my time throughout making sure it was a successfulcreation. Plus the next day after I had finished it I also used an hour just to edit or do anychanges to the website, plus making sure that the navigation was working properly and theeffects that I had added were also working correct. I have also kept a diary which I haveused each time I have been making my website, this diary just shows each of the steps ofwhat I did on each page and how that I did it. I have really enjoyed creating my own site andam very proud of what that I have produced I think that it is a very professional website andif I was a backpacker wanting to start a journey in Australia then I would defiantly considerusing my website.I also wanted feedback of my flash website from someone in my class who was willing tolook at my at the website and give me feedback on what they thought was the strong pointsof the website and also what was weak and could be improved or added. Below this page Ihave added a feedback table so the person who has viewed my website can write in there,their personal opinion.
  3. 3. Unit 65 Leeanne HibbertWhat is working on my website? What could be improved? - The colours work well together, - (Book Now) As there isn’t a don’t clash and aren’t too drop down list for selecting bright. which hostel they want to go to, - There is a lot of information for customers may not memorise the viewer to read upon and get the hostel and may find it enough information about the annoying having to re trace country and what you can do back to the ‘Hostels’ page. whilst there for the user to get a - There’s a limited amount of reasonable overview of what animation that could keep the the country offers. viewer interactive with the - The way the images enlarge website. when rolled over is a good - On the ‘Hostels’ page you have component. mentioned about requesting a - The images contrast with the brochure for further particular subject being information but there isn’t an discussed on each page. option for this on any page.After being given this feedback I have added changes to my website in order to make it asbest as I can.