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Assets table


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Assets table

  1. 1. Leeanne HibbertASSETS TABLEAsset(file name &extension)PorS*Description(Details of Editing) Where foundProduced by How muchusedWhere used Why Used PermissionInterviewPFilming an interviewwith a presentcreative mediastudent/ Produced by ourgroup as we arethe ones filmingWant toshowroughlyaround 15seconds ofthis clipwithin thevideoWithin the last 30seconds of the videothis will be usedWe have filmed acreative mediastudent simply toshow the targetaudience what thecourse involves andwhether or not it isan enjoyableexperienceHad permission ofboth the creativemedia studentthemselves and thecreative mediateacher.Logo_5288JPEGSImage of theCheadle and Marplesixth form logoOn the internetfrom the GoogleSearch EngineWill use thisfor around 4seconds alltogetherThe start of thevideo this image willbe shown for 2seconds, then againat the end of thevideo it will beshown for 2 secondswith the collegeaddress addedunderneath theimageHave used this imageas it is the officiallogo of the college,this is important as Iam promoting acourse from thiscollegeNot neededMetro Station– Shake it.Mp3 SInstrumental themetune that will beused in thebackgroundthroughout the videoYouTube Produced byYouTube userEntire clip Faded in frombegging thentowards end fadesout so goes a lotquieterThe tune is catchyand will berecognisable for theviewers of the videoto rememberNot neededFilmPShort filming of acreative media class/ Produced by ourgroup as we arethe ones filmingRoughly 10secondsThis part of film willbe probably just abit before theinterview with acreative mediastudentSo that the viewerscan get an idea ofwhat a creativemedia lesson will belike at CheadlecollegeHad permissionfrom the creativemedia teacher asthey knew why wewere filming soagreed for us tofilm them teaching
  2. 2. Leeanne HibbertLearning-CAMSFC-003JPEGSImage of studentsusing the computers inan ICT room/ Produced byCheadle collegeAround 3secondsThis will be just afterthe viewing of both thecreative media lessonand interview withcurrent creative mediastudent. I will beshowing differentimages of areas ofaround collegegrounds, it will be kindof like a slideshowSo that people canagain get a view ofanother ICT roomNot neededCHE_3840JPEGSImage of collegereception/ Produced byCheadle CollegeAround 3secondsWill be shown after theimage of students onthe computers in ICTroomSo people can see whatthe reception of ourcollege is likeNot neededIMG_2406P Image of refectorytables , plus entranceto the hub/Produced by ourgroupAround 3secondsWill be shown after theimage of collegereceptionJust so the viewers cansee what it is actuallylike in the refectory plusthe entrance to the hubcan be seenNot neededIMG_2419PImages of all ICT &Media book section inthe library/Produced by ourgroupAround 3secondsWill be shown after theimage of refectorytables and entrance tohubSo people can see thatwe do have a variety ofdifferent books to helpwith the creative mediacourseNot neededIMG_2417PView bird’s eye view ofthe library/Produced by ourgroupAround 3secondsWill be shown after theimage of all ICT andmedia books in thelibrarySo that people can seewhat that the libraryhas in store for themNot neededIMG_2404PThe entrance to therefectory/Produced by ourgroupAround 3secondsWill be shown after thebird’s eye view imageof the librarySo viewers can seewhat the refectoryentrance looks likeNot neededIMG_2412PImage of two peopleon computers in an ICTsuite/Produced by ourgroupAround 3secondsWill be shown afterthe image of entranceto the refectorySo people can see whatit is like on thecomputers in an ICTroomNot neededIMG_2409PImage of inside thehub/Produced by ourgroupAround 3secondsWill be shown after theimage of two people oncomputers in the ICTsuiteSo that people can seewhat the inside of thehub looks likeNot needed* P = Primary source S= Secondary source