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Whymca 2009


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This is a pretty old talk, that I am publishing as "archive"

Published in: Design
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Whymca 2009

  1. 1. usabilityUX | IxD AI,Virtual Assistant Internet of Things Prototypes iPhone Eye-Tracking Multimodal UI Leandro Agrò aka leeander SrLabs | Frontiers of Interaction | WideTag
  2. 2. Gmail, Skype,Twitter, Flickr, etc: leeander
  3. 3. HP garage is a museum where the company Hewlett-Packard (HP) was founded. It is located at 367 Addison Avenue in Palo Alto, California.[2] It is considered to be the "Birthplace of Silicon Valley".[3] It is a designated California historic landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Hewlett-Packard's first product, built in the garage, was an audio oscillator.[5] One of Hewlett-Packard's first customers was Walt Disney Studios,[6] which purchased eight oscillators to test and certify the sound systems in theaters that were going to run the first major film released in stereophonic sound, Fantasia.
  4. 4. “Internet of Things”
  5. 5. Internet of what?!? Prima era del Web 
 (I dati sono una risorsa condivisa)
 Web 2.0 
 (Le applicazioni sono una risorsa condivisa. Emergono i Network Sociali)
 Internet of Things 
 (Dati e/o componenti hw sono una risorsa sensiente, consistente, condivisa.
 Emergono reti sociali M2H e sistemi autonomi)

  6. 6. driver...
  7. 7. SmartEvT
  8. 8. People feel themselves already involved Digital Natives Social
  9. 9. RealTime
  10. 10. +
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Super... Boost No Mono-Core Computers for Sale!
  13. 13. Cloud.. Coding as usual? Single Core, Single Box Multiple Cores, virtualized in the Cloud
  14. 14. La IoT che è già a scaffale
  15. 15. Secondo Forrester Research, la X-Internet o The Internet of Things, vedrà collegati oltre 25 Miliardi di Oggetti nei prossimi dieci anni. Internet degli Oggetti
  16. 16. Mr. > 250 K Nabaztag I Nabaztag sono il PONG della Internet degli Oggetti
  17. 17. IoT La prima generazione è già passato
  18. 18. Adidas for Geek Runners
  19. 19. Philips AJL305 is an alarm clock with radio with voice messaging capabilities. 
 Users can start their day by waking up gently. A recording feature enables the use of personalized ‘mailboxes’ for all family members. la Sveglia con le facce
  20. 20. Un personal Trainer connesso
  21. 21. IoT... da Sogno
  22. 22. Primordi Robotici
  23. 23. Wi-Fi Android-based photo frame from Parrot: “Grande Specchio” designer frame
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Scenari...
  26. 26. IoT: Una Opportunità per molti. La Big Picture...
  27. 27. Autonomia della IoT Oggetti percettivi: le conseguenze inattese dell'Internet delle Cose. 
 Le prossime reti di sensori distribuiti che costituiranno l'internet delle cose avranno caratteristiche nuove e importanti di necessaria autonomia
  28. 28. Maps...
  29. 29. Oakland Crimespotting is an interactive map of crimes in Oakland and a tool for understanding crime in cities. If you hear sirens in your neighborhood, you should know why. Crimespotting makes this possible with interactive maps, e-mail updates, and RSS feeds of crimes in areas that you care about.
  30. 30. Offender Locator
  31. 31. Orange County fire map
  32. 32. eGov 3.0 Citizens as public sensors: We believes that the citizens may have as much to offer local government as the government may have to offer to the people
  33. 33. Self Tracking...
  34. 34. Self Tracker: La vita in una statistica (online)
  35. 35. Nicholas Felton: Tracking the Life of a Graphic Designer The culture of sharing information online has shifted in recent years, from a focus on blog ramblings to the ubiquitous micro-movements of posters' daily lives.
  36. 36. MakeMe Sustanible
  37. 37. Cure Together
  38. 38. BedPost
  39. 39. Makers...
  40. 40. > 350 detailed video from MAKE
  41. 41. Arduino & Open Source Hardware
  42. 42. over 300,000 Instructable fans
  43. 43. WideTag...
  44. 44. What is WideTag? WideTag designs technology solutions that include Social Objects, Communities and novel Business Processes, providing the Core Innovation to run your Communications in Realtime Everywhere. Only social, and connected products and services have a place in our future. 
 We are bound to replace one by one our electronic gadgets, household appliances, even the recent home automation, and car navigation systems. The only products and services we really need are connected to the Internet, and to our Social Network! Whether we consider training and fitness tools, environmental sensors, data collection mobile applications, or entertainment and information Social Hardware, the universal need is to manage their increasing volume of communication.
  45. 45. human-to-human machine-to-machine 7.0 trillion 6.7 billionIPv4: ~109 devices IPv6: ~1038 devices Billions of Actors M2M index 2015 = 99% Spime Networks Data (Gb/sec) Before the end of this decade, The World Spime Network will generate One Exabyte of data per day, that is comparable with the dimension of the whole Net in 2010 Data Forecast 21 August 2008 - Intel CTO Justin Rattner talks at the Intel... -
  46. 46. “Sequential programming is dead.
 So stop teaching it!”
 — Paul Steinberg (Intel, 22-10-2008) Parallel Clouds Erlang is a language battle-tested in real large scale industrial products for years. high concurrency pure functional parallel processing virtual machine truly distributed platform true cloud computing is assured by the share-nothing msg-passing structure fault tolerant builtin robustness for errors and crashes using supervisors Erlang flagship product 99.9999999% uptime (or 5.2 min/year downtime) No Single-Core Computers for Sale!
  47. 47. A fault-tolerant, horizontally-scalable and high-concurrency platform for connecting massive numbers of objects, supporting distributed parallel data processing. WideTag Technology the people the backbone the spimes organizing the complexity augmenting their perceptions gathering the data
  48. 48. 1. CO2: First Spime Ever
 Collects CO2 levels Communicates wirelessly Visualizes collected data online
  49. 49. Leeander, March 2008
  50. 50. 2. WideNoise With WideNoise you can monitor the noise levels around you, everywhere you go. You can also check the online map to see the average sound level of the area around you. Do you live in a “sleeping cat area” or in a more noisy “rock concert area”? Nobody knows how much noise is “65db”, but everyone knows the noise level of a TV!
  51. 51. Chiuque può interagire con 
 iCrocco digitale embeddato
 dandogli cibo, carezze o infastidendolo L’interfaccia software verifica se l’iCrocco corrispondente è connesso a cui invia tutti i dati in real time (o memorizza le variazioni). In ogni caso, l’utente lato web riceve l’adeguato feedback a video l’iCrocco USB -se connesso- reagisce in tempo reale. 
 Così, quando un utente interagisce con l’iCrocco sul web, l’iCrocco fisico sulla scrivania, fornisce un feedback immediato. 
 3. iCrocco (Facebook Toy) :) edit Y, ?
  52. 52. 3. iCrocco (Facebook Toy) Dario Violi, October 2009
  53. 53. 4. Social Energy Meter The Social Energy Meter (SEM) enables the user to measure her real-time energy consumption. 
 This is visualized in relation with all other users participating in a social network, working towards a common goal of reducing energy use.
 There are also opportunities for cross and up-selling for the clients that adopt the SEM application, such as in the purchase of carbon credits.
  54. 54. Vision...
  55. 55. Ogni oggetto dovrebbe avere una Storia. Una storia del suo passato (materiali, luoghi di produzione, istruzioni) e del suo Futuro (differenziazione, smontaggio, riciclo).
  56. 56. Ogni oggetto dovrebbe (attivamente) conoscere qualcosa di sé (essere senziente o almeno consapevole del tempo ed il luogo del proprio uso);
  57. 57. essere connesso (non importa se always on, passivamente o attivamente, ma tutto deve poter comunicare);
  58. 58. saper essere sociale (ovvero essere parte della nostra stessa Rete digitale e sociale, sedimentando le interazioni con i propri utilizzatori).
  59. 59. Awards / Highlights Based on the awards and acknowledgments, we consider WideTag as a Top-10 worldwide Brand in the field of the Internet of Things.
  60. 60. First Spime Ever
 Collects CO2 levels Communicates wirelessly Visualizes collected data online Featured on WIRED Magazine in just 10 days from start BruceSterling
  61. 61. WideNoise With WideNoise you can monitor the noise levels around you, everywhere you go. You can also check the online map to see the average sound level of the area around you. Do you live in a “sleeping cat area” or in a more noisy “rock concert area”? Nobody knows how much noise is “65db”, but everyone knows the noise level of a TV!
  62. 62. Financial Times - New York Times - Reuters - Adn Kronos - WIRED - Domus - Glamour - Panorama - Espresso - IlMondo - Communication Arts - Nova - 7thFloor - Liquida - ... Cultural Leadership
  63. 63. Awards Received TechGarage
 Users’ Choice Award - 2010 Singularity University WideTag Teach Internet of Things - 2009 TechGarage
 Best of Show Award (3rd) - 2010 ReadWriteWeb
 Top 10 IoT Website - 2010 ReadWriteWeb
 Top 10 IoT Video - 2010 Frontiers Of Interaction WOW! Award - 2010 New York Times Internet of Things TOP10 Product 2009
  64. 64. Inc. WideTag, Inc.
 370 Convention Way
 Redwood City, CA 94063 email:
 phone: +1 (650) 419-2686
 fax: +1 (415) 373-3905
 David Orban
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