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The WideNoise


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Introducing the idea of crowdsourcing Ecology, WideNoise -designed by from WideTag Inc- was awarded and mentioned by NYTimes into the top10 IoT product in 2009.

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The WideNoise

  1. 1. WideNoiseSocial environmental noise spime Inc. Infrastructure for an Open Internet of Things
  2. 2. Why WideNoise?
  3. 3. TODAY TOMORROW Mobile 2.0: iPhone + Android. Social electronics. Social networks as aggregators. Shift from hardware to software. Connected objects and sensors will evolve in a global realtime Internet of Things.
  4. 4. Both machines and people are required as core elements of the next generation infrastructures. The Internet of Things will be anticipated by an Advanced Mobility phase where mobile phones are equipped with sensors.
  5. 5. SPIME = SPace + tIME A new category of objects aware of their surroundings. (SPACE) POSITION: (TIME) MEMORY: COMMUNICATION: SENSES: GPS Local + Cloud Near Field + Internet Hardware sensors Bruce Sterling defined a spime as:
  6. 6. What is WideNoise?
  7. 7. Noise is pollution as well. We live surrounded by all kinds of sound around us. We are accustomed to this continuous background noise. Still, we feel relieved when that stressful noise disappears. An often ignored form of pollution.
  8. 8. WideNoise helps you better understand the soundscape around you.
  9. 9. WideNoise is an early form of SPIME.
  10. 10. Distributed on the Apple App Store
  11. 11. How is WideNoise designed?
  12. 12. Simplicity Ergonomy Green CORE DESIGN DRIVERS: Social
  13. 13. Reading UI designed to be nice and to aid comprehension of noise. Reporting UI calibrated to minimize “test” behavior and fake results. Appealing, but not too much to harm the results. Ergonomy
  14. 14. See with your own eyes the noise around you. Read the aggregated noise data from all the world. Share the noise you’re getting on social media. WideNoise raises awareness on noise pollution. Green
  15. 15. Take a noise sample. The data is social, shared in the cloud. Social blogs
  16. 16. Everything happens at the push of a button. Simplicity Noise analysis GPS Location Cloud uploading Social sharing Seems simple... because it’s designed to be simple.
  17. 17. Each sound level is represented as a symbolic noise emitter: 10db 20db 30db 40db 50db 60db 70db 80db 90db 100db 110db 120db Nobody knows how much noise is “65db”, but everyone knows the noise level of a TV!
  18. 18. A sleeping cat and a green hue: living here will be nice. A TV and a yellow hue: I will stay just as long as I need to. A car and an orange hue: I will probably try to avoid this area.
  19. 19. What is the platform?
  20. 20. Platform Order of PCs ~ 108 Mobiles ~ Humans ~ 109 Spimes > 1010 WideNoise is a spime: it’s based on the next generation computing paradigm.
  21. 21. A platform optimized for extremely large sensor networks and massive data collection, supporting distributed parallel data processing.
  22. 22. WideNoise SPIMES WideSpime CLOUD PLATFORM Social Networks INTERNET Data Aggregators INTERNET Semantic Web INTERNET
  23. 23. All the generated data can be analyzed and re-aggregated.
  24. 24. Who designed WideNoise?
  25. 25. Davide Casali Aaron Brancotti Leandro Agrò Roberto Ostinelli Design & Visual & UI Development Design & Audio Development Vision & Design Platform Design & Development Luisella Brustolon Visual
  26. 26. Who talks about WideNoise?
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  33. 33. Twitter SOCIAL NETWORK (WORLD)
  34. 34. FOR MORE INFO: Inc. Infrastructure for an Open Internet of Things