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  • Ispirata da quella che una volta era semplice fantascienza, la tecnologia sta cambiando radicalmente l'healthcare.

    Questa evoluzione dell'healthcare ha una specifica natura, ed è quella che l'autore definisce 'consumerizzazione'.

    Osservati sotto questa luce, i cambiamenti -di comportamento, di abitudini, di processo- che coinvolgono patologie ed organizzazioni diversissime, prendono una luce di coerenza.

    Nella big-picture mostrata l'healthcare è oggi una information technology (Ray Kurzweil) e le tecnologie/cure che si imporranno più rapidamente sono quelle costruite per i mercati si massa e diffuse (anche) attraverso la contribuzione di molteplici utenti/protagonisti/attori.

    La medicina è appena uscita dalla sua 'Era Ford' ed i drivers di consumerizzazione porteranno ad una profonda mutazione di scenario.
    Grazie alle tecnologie digitali, dalla 'auto informazione' dei pazienti, si evolveranno altri stadi come: 'auto diagnosi', 'auto riparazione', 'auto backup e rirpistino'.

    L'idea di poter mappare una mente umana, e quindi di copiarla su un supporto digitale, evolve i presupposti stessi di ciò che definiamo 'vita' e 'salute'.
    La ipotesi che, in 40 anni da oggi, noi si possa influenzare la essenza stessa della nostra specie, rende unico questo momento della storia. ...E non vi è stato mai uno migliore per occuparsi di healthcare.
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  • Tricoder is in my heart. :)
    Thank Leeander.
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  1. TEDMEDLiveBolognaHealthcareConsumerization TEDMEDLive
  2. TEDMEDLiveBolognaThe Tricoder effectLeonard McCoy TEDMEDLive
  3. TEDMEDLiveBolognaLeonard McCoy TEDMEDLiveAny sufficientlyadvanced technology isindistinguishable frommagic. Arthur C. Clarke
  4. TEDMEDLiveBolognaHas healthcare run outof his Magic?TEDMEDLive
  5. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveBoth these characters are not real physicians
  6. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveThey are memorable physician archetypes
  7. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveI expected the Tricoder while I got the Pills (25y)
  8. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveScience Fiction
  9. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveIs the Tricoder thehealthcare equivalent ofthe flying car?
  10. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveTricoder: Reality Check 01
  11. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLive“We are providing to people a way to check theirbody as often they check their email.” Walter De Brouwer
  12. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveStarted in 2011 with about 2MM USD
  13. TEDMEDLiveBolognaScanadu SCOUT, which monitors vital health signssuch as heart rate and blood pressure, ProjectScanaFlu, an automatic saliva testing device thatscans for afflictions such as Strep Throat, andProject ScanaFlo, a urine testing device that looksat things such as dehydration and pregnancy.Ready to send your smartphoneto the MED School (Dec 2012)
  14. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveTricoder: Reality Check 02
  15. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLivehttp://www.qualcommtricorderxprize.orgA $10 million competition to bringhealthcare to the palm of your hand expect to assign thisTricoder X-prize started in 2012 inless than 5 years and to see theconsumer tricoder before 2025.Imagine a portable, wireless device in the palm ofyour hand that monitors and diagnoses your healthconditions. That’s the technology envisioned by thiscompetition, and it will allow unprecedented accessto personal health metrics.
  16. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveTricoder: Reality Check 03
  17. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveMike Lazaridis, inventor of the BlackBerry smartphone, is starting a$100 million quantum technology fund that’s aiming to turn deviceslike the medical Tricorder from “Star Trek” into reality.Mar 19, 2013 6:00 PM ET Founder Betting $100M onStar Trek Tech
  18. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveIn 3 years, the race to build a Tricoderaccelerate from 2+2 -> 10 -> 100 MM USDYES, We are living exponential times
  19. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveWe really got a doctor inside our smartphone?
  20. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveWe really got a doctor inside our smartphone?“Your cell phone has more computingpower than NASA in 1969”
  21. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveWe really got a doctor inside our smartphone?“Cloud Computing potentially brings the wholehumanity knowledge at your fingertips”
  22. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTechnology is PUSHING andACCELERATING healthcareTEDMEDLive
  23. TEDMEDLiveBolognaThis is the main pillar ofhealthcare CONSUMERIZATIONand it is happening because...TEDMEDLive
  24. TEDMEDLiveBolognaEvery Tool, service, business thatembrace the digital technology,starts to followMoore‟s Law.Inspired by Peter DiamandisTEDMEDLiveGordon Moore at Fairchild R & D in 1962
  25. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveRay Kurzweil“Healthcareis now aninformationtechnology”
  26. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveConsumerization it is NOT waiting the Tricoder
  27. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveConsumerization is already here
  28. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveToday, the most commonsecond opinion tool is...GoogleGlasbergen (2005)
  29. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveThe greatest change inhealthcare...ePatientLet patients Help! | Give me my rawdata!Dave deBronkart
  30. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveThe most valuable“motivational” technique is ...Gamification
  31. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveEmpowered by digital, patients are alreadychanging HEALTHCARE for ever.
  32. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLive0. Self InformationThis is the Step Zero of consumerization
  33. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveHealthcare is moving out of its “Ford” erajust while the culture of the Internet isgrowing evermore rampant, and this mixis potentially disruptive.
  34. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveWhat after the FORD era
  35. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveSci-fi stories are business plans in disguiseWalter De Brouwer
  36. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveWhile waiting for the first generation of Tricoders,people already started to monitor themself forwellness reasons, moving a step further in thehealthcare consumerization.1. Self Monitoring
  37. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveQuantified Self, as self consciousnessThe Quantified Self is a movement toincorporate technology into data acquisition(wearable sensors) on aspects of a personsdaily, mood and performance.Technology changes people‟s behaviors70% doctors have a self-tracking patientApr 15, 2013 | mobihealthnews
  38. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveQuantified Self, as industry
  39. TEDMEDLiveBolognaPortland, (OR): Nike CityTEDMEDLiveWe see a future of children running, jumping andkicking to reach their greatest ...
  40. TEDMEDLiveBolognaSan Francisco Design district @JawboneTEDMEDLive
  41. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveWatson best known for defeating “Jeopardy!” quiz champions on the populartelevision game show this year, can sift through millions of pages of data andproduce diagnoses virtually on the spot.2. Self/assisted Diagnosis“IBMs Watson supercomputer togive instant medical diagnoses”.Able to analyze 1 million books, orroughly 200 million pages ofinformation, and provide responses inless than 3secs.
  42. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLive2. Self/assisted Diagnosis
  43. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLive3D printing is already widely used in healthcare.As humanity we regularly print medical models,surgical guides, hearing aids, dental applicationsand implantable devices.3. Self Repair Bonassar of Cornell University showsthe ear made by a 3-D printer. Photo: AFPThat makes two of us: How bioengineers are using3D printing to create body partsSoon, before 2040, we might be able to do it at “home”.30‟
  44. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLive3. Self RepairOrganovo: A San Diego company is developingtechnology to "print" artificial blood vessels fortransplant. The initial goal: Create an arterial graft foruse in coronary bypass surgery. BioPrinter (2010)Artificial Blood on a 3D Printer (2013)
  45. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveBrain Mapping…4. Self BackupTEDMEDLive
  46. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveBrain Mapping…4. Self BackupTEDMEDLiveIn 20 years, „human brainand memory backup mightbe stored on Hard Disk!‟
  47. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveBrain Mapping…4. Self BackupTEDMEDLive"Thats the future were imagining. Thats whatwere hoping for. Thats why the Brain Initiative isso absolutely important." Brain Initiative (Brain Research throughAdvancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) will launchwith $100m of federal funding, and there are hopesthat it could create thousands of jobs in spinoffscientific and technological enterprises.
  48. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveBrain Mapping, Mind Upload, ...4. Self Backup: UploadTEDMEDLiveDigital immortality (or "virtual immortality", or"immortality in silico") is storing a personspersonality in a more durable media, i.e., acomputer, and allowing it to communicate withpeople in the future.The result might look like an avatar behaving,reacting, and thinking like a person on the basisof that persons digital archive.The futurist Ian Pearson believes thathumans will save their consciousnessinto computers by the year 2050.
  49. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveBrain Mapping, Mind Upload, Restore.4. Self Backup: RestoreTEDMEDLive2015-2020The emergence and widespread use ofaffordable android "avatars" controlledby a "brain-computer" interface.2020-2035Creation of an autonomous life-supportsystem for the human brain linked to arobot.Any patient with an intact brain willbe able to drive a robotic avatar.2045Thanks to nano robotics minds willreceive new bodies with capacities farexceeding those of ordinary humans.Humanity, for the first time in its history,will make a fully managed evolutionarytransition and eventually become a newspecies. Moreover, prerequisites for alarge-scale expansion into outer spacewill be created as well.
  50. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveConclusions
  51. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLive
  52. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveThis future will be shaped by mass market driversThis future will arrive with (or without) our contributionConsumerizationCrowdsourcing / Social
  53. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLive
  54. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveThere has never been a better time towork in healthcare and, with or withouta Tricoder, you can actually contribute inre-shaping humanity
  55. TEDMEDLiveBolognaTEDMEDLiveThanksgmail, skype, flickr, twitter: @leeanderWhat technology wants, is what LIFE wants. (KK)