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Massive Data Collection


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Massive Data Collection

  1. 1. L’Era della Massive Data Collection Leandro Agrò | WideTag, Inc.
  2. 2. Premessa
  3. 3. Evoluzione della Rete • Web 1: I dati sono delocalizzati • Web 2.0: Dati e le applicazioni sono delocalizzate, emergono i network sociali • Internet of Things Le componenti del sistema sono delocalizzate ed emergono network misti persone/macchine (ad autonomia crescente). La SFIDA è quella di connettere in Rete larga parte del mondo fisico.
  4. 4. Internet delle Cose • Per quanto Internet sia pervasiva, oggi il numero degli oggetti/device connessi alla Rete è ridicolmente inferiore rispetto al numero degli oggetti NON connessi. La prossima rivoluzione del mercato sarà data dalla necessità di sostituire gli oggetti non connessi nonché di collegare in Internet Reti di Sensori.
  5. 5. Next Big Thing • OGGI: Mobilità avanzata: iPhone / Android Elettronica di Consumo e Social Network divengono portatori sani di sensori • DOMANI: Oggetti e Sensori Connessi alla Rete, evolvono in una enorme rete RealTime “Internet of Things”
  6. 6. Massive Data Collection (Cambiare Scala & Modello Mentale)
  7. 7. 700-600 B.C.
  8. 8. Mappa delle Nazioni
  9. 9. Light Pollution
  10. 10. The image shows the global mean tropospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) vertical column density (VCD) between January 2003 Global air pollution map and June 2004, as measured by the SCIAMACHY instrument on ESA's Envisat. The scale is in 1015 molecules/cm-2. Credits: University of Heidelberg
  11. 11. La prossima Infrastruttura? Visione Planetaria Near Real Time P2P
  12. 12. Antincendio.... • Appartamento • Palazzo • Vicinato • Zona • Città • ... • Pianeta
  13. 13. Il Principale BrainFrame è la SCALA
  14. 14. Orange County fire map
  15. 15. La mappa determina ciò che conosciamo
  16. 16. Possiamo monitorare il Pianeta in Tempo Reale?
  17. 17. 21 August 2008 - Intel CTO Justin Rattner talks at the Intel Developer Forum describing the initiatives that the company is planning to introduce new generations of devices dubbed General Digital Radio, potentially numbering 7 trillion units on the planet. -
  18. 18. La Sfida nel Near Real Time
  19. 19. Monitoraggio in Near Real Time Tecniche di Visualizzazione Tecnologie Wireless Sensor Networks Strumenti di Condivisione Cultura Partecipazione
  20. 20. Tecnologie Wireless Sensor Networks Risultati 1 - 10 su circa 2.220.000 per quot;WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKSquot;. (0,29 secondi)
  21. 21. Monitoraggio in Near Real Time Tecniche di Visualizzazione Tecnologie Wireless Sensor Networks Strumenti di Condivisione Cultura Partecipazione
  22. 22. The images shown here are from the Greater London area and surrounds.
  23. 23.
  24. 24. MSNBC Hurricane Maps An interactive hurricane tracker, built with MSNBC's Paige West to track major storms. Built using Modest Maps and Microsoft's excellent Virtual Earth tiles, the project allows for interactive investigation of both live and historical hurricane paths, wind speeds, and forecasted routes.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Oakland Crimespotting is an interactive map of crimes in Oakland and a tool for understanding crime in cities. If you hear sirens in your neighborhood, you should know why. Crimespotting makes this possible with interactive maps, e-mail updates, and RSS feeds of crimes in areas that you care about.
  27. 27. Near Real Time...
  28. 28. EARTHQUAKE 3D
  29. 29. Monitoraggio in Near Real Time Tecniche di Visualizzazione Tecnologie Wireless Sensor Networks Strumenti di Condivisione Cultura Partecipazione
  30. 30. Strumenti di Condivisione Cultura Partecipazione
  31. 31. Web 2.0
  32. 32. UGC
  33. 33. {
  34. 34. • il Near Real Time = MASSIVE DATA COLLECTION Oggetti percettivi: le conseguenze inattese dell'Internet delle Cose. Le prossime reti di sensori distribuiti che costituiranno l'internet delle cose avranno caratteristiche nuove e importanti di necessaria autonomia
  35. 35. Spimes & Tecnologie Software abilitanti Platform Order of ≈ 108 PCs ≈ 109 Mobiles ~ Humans Spimes > 1010
  36. 36. Earth Monitoring
  37. 37. CO2: First Spime Ever
  38. 38. Spime as Social Hardware Rebuild knowledge from the bottom. Push HW to web2 standard
  39. 39. General Company Description MISSION: Enabling device monitoring & remote management (it include payments). VISION: Internet of Things. Ten connected devices for person everywhere on the planet by 2011. MARKET PRIORITIES: Clean Tech, Energy Utilities, Emergent Metering.
  40. 40. Core Products and Services WideSpime is a fault tolerant, distributed and scalable monitoring system. It allows the collection of significant amount of data (metering), which enables near real time monitoring and management. WideSpime can be customized and sold as standalone monitoring system for specific clients’ needs, or packaged as SaaS in domains such as energy metering for small to medium Power & Utilities companies. The WideSpime platform is optimized for extremely large sensor networks and distributed parallel data processing. WidePos is a standalone or WideSpime-embeddable service that enables automated credit card transactions of devices. WidePOS can be customized and sold as specific product in domains such as mobile ticketing or micropayment services, or as an add-on to WideSpime, for instance in pay-per-use monitoring systems.
  41. 41. WideSpime, MultiCore Programming WideSpime is written in Erlang (, developed by the Ericsson Computer Science Laboratory (1986) Advantages: • battle-tested in real large scale industrial products for years • high concurrency [parallel processes - functional] • truly distributed platform [message passing] • fast on multicore servers • fault tolerant [Erlang flagship project: 99.9999999% uptime ~ downtime 5.2 min/year] We have already experienced a consistent shift in hardware trends, moving from single CPU to multiple core machines.This in necessary as single CPU speeds have inevitably leveled out. The shift from single to multiple core and the need for fault tolerant, distributed and scalable systems will have to be undertaken by concrete efforts in software optimization and programming techniques in order to fully unleash the power of new hardware solutions and to satisfy the requirements of Internet of Things.
  42. 42. WideSpime Architecture Monitoring Data Collection Management Remote Control Massive Targeting 1,000,000 reporting/min ✓pluggable multiple protocols: ‣ HTTP [RESTful, SOAP, XML over HTTP,…] POLLING ‣ XMPP EVENT ‣ ... ✓monitoring and management API ✓pluggable web visualization components
  43. 43. Other Activities Mobile & iPhone Custom development of mobile and iPhone’s applications. These can be sold as standalone or as part of more complex systems which may have WideSpime or WidePOS as backend. Consulting & prototyping Consulting in the design of Web2.0 and Internet Of Things oriented services and architectures, and the ability to provide prototypes of internet-enabled hardware devices. OpenSource A key value is our protocol OpenSpime that we plan to extend to support P2P as network infrastructure.
  44. 44. WideNoise to let all familiarize with the concept of spimes What is WideNoise? It is an OpenSpime inspired iPhone application. With WideNoise you can monitor the noise levels around you, everywhere you go. You can also check the online map to see the average sound level of the area around you. Do you live in a “sleeping cat area” or in a more noisy “rock concert area”? We hope that WideNoise will be successful in illustrating with its example a series of possible applications on the iPhone, which is a wonderful, human powered and dispersed spime. WideNoise for iPhone, spread data and maps on facebook, twitter and any blogs (Android version coming soon) Greener Gadgets Design Competition
  45. 45. WideNoise Short Demo
  46. 46. Campi di Applicazione • Monitorare il Clima • Ottimizzare produzione e consumi energetici • Garantire la sicurezza • Controllare la presenza di inquinanti • Seguire le Specie in via di estinzione • Plotting attività sui Social Network (Emergent Metering) • Gestione Apparecchiature Industriali • Sistemi monitoraggio apparecchiature in noleggio
  47. 47. Leading IoT Culture Spime Design Workshop at LIFT Lisbon, CISCO & IBM Virtual Island, BBC, IKS-Coreconsulting, etc.
  48. 48. Non siamo i soli... }
  49. 49. L’invasione IoT verrà da Internet
  50. 50. WideTag, Inc. Offices: 370 Convention Way Redwood City, CA 94063 Company Website: Spreading Ideas: Conference: Conference Video: Personal Website: Other Biz: Toyz: Portfolio: thank you!