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Introducing the Social Energy Meter (2008)


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This is a shocking project we developed as WideTag Inc. in 2008. Our tests were stunning both on the energy saving side than about the efficiency of the parallel computing architecture. Unfortunately was the 2008... definitively too early. In 2009 we won two TECH GARAGE Prize with S.E.M.

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Introducing the Social Energy Meter (2008)

  1. 1. Inc. Social Energy Meter
  2. 2. What is SEM? Social Energy Meter – SEM – is an innovative solution that allows the realtime monitoring and collaborative management of energy usage in households and businesses, through an innovative suite of hardware and software platforms.
  3. 3. WideSpime SEMenergy meter Reference Group Feedback Your Feedback Your House Your Reference Group How does it work?
  4. 4. How does it work? your household feedback reference group feedback you consume less of the 25% of your group you consume more of the 75% of your group you’re in the middle of your reference group you are a lot below the threshold you are a above the threshold you are near the threshold Color patterns can be modulated according to the specific business logic
  5. 5. A fault-tolerant, horizontally-scalable and high-concurrency platform for connecting massive numbers of objects, supporting distributed parallel data processing. WideSpime
  6. 6. the people the backbone the spimes organizing the complexity augmenting their perceptions gathering the data
  7. 7. savings a personalized energy plan could save much money over time ENERGY USER awareness a realtime monitoring of energy shows the current consumption sharing comparing the usage patterns with friends and groups Many advantages profiling gathering the usage data allows a customized offering ENERGY PROVIDER communication sem represents an open daily qualified communication channel with the user efficiency the data allows a better prediction of usage levels and increased efficiency for the for the
  8. 8. Social driven change Social norms has a strong influence on personal behavior and happiness. Global change is only possible when people are involved.
  9. 9. Market size Smart meters are the vanguard of smart grid deployments. 2008 2015 46 millions 250 millions 18% of all meters 250 millions North America: 55% of all smart meters
  10. 10. Business model energy provider userenergy meter LICENSING + SAAS +
  11. 11. WideTag is providing the expertise to HP, ENI to build a solution to raise awareness in the population about energy consumption and builds the foundation of a customized interaction with a wider green energy community. Case study: ENI PROTOTYPING & TESTINGENVISION COMMUNICATIONDEPLOYMENT Idea definition and solution identification. Building the test infrastructure based on the target design, building the physical prototype and the integration with ENI systems, testing the whole system. The solution will be rolled out to the market in different phases in order to test the system in a safe and reliable way. Public campaign to raise awareness and promote the adoption of the solution. 2009 2009 2010 2011
  12. 12. Press Coverage Technology, September 17, 2009 “Big cities prove apt for apps” by Steve Molman Il Sole 24 Ore, September 17, 2009 “The Internet Governs the Objects” by Luca Dello Iacovo Financial Times, August 27, 2009 “My summer at the Woodstock for technologists” by Simon Daniel Reuters, August 17, 2009 “Italian invention on the New York Times” by Roberto Bonzio New York Times, August 10, 2009 “WideNoise: Monitor Noise Levels on Your iPhone” by Richard McManus Singularity University, July 26, 2009 “Singularity University presents David Orban and the Internet Of Things” by Bruce Klein Wired Italy, June 2009 “Internet Of Things” by Emil Abirascid Mondo, May 2009 “Milan to San Francisco, and back” Wired Italy, December 2008 (Issue 0) “Sterling sent me, and I am hunting CO2″ RAI TG Neapolis, Dec 2009 “Tools for Change”
  13. 13. WideTag, Inc. 370 Convention Way Redwood City, CA 94063 email: web: phone: +1 (650) 419-2686 fax: +1 (415) 373-3905 Inc.