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Healthcare Consumerization

We are undergoing a period of significant change in the world of healthcare. With technological acceleration failing to impose itself upon the industry and the mindset of its operators, it is at the same time breaking - and in many ways expanding - the mould, forcing existing workers to embrace the change and to try and seize any new opportunities that may arise.

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Healthcare Consumerization

  1. 1. The Consumerizationof Healthcare The eHealth communications agency
  2. 2. Introduction W e are undergoing a period of significant change in the world of healthcare. With technological acceleration failing to impose itself upon the industry and the mindset of its operators, it is at the same time breaking - and in many ways expanding - the mold, forcing existing workers to embrace the change and seize any new opportunities that may arise. The current process is similar to the spread of a state-of-the-art technology, initially only accessible by professional markets given its complexity and cost, to semi-pro and consumer markets. This trend could be described - to use a new expression, in the hope of rousing attention and maybe even a sense of urgency - as the Consumerization of Healthcare. The process starts with access to medical information - now widely democrati ed by the vast number of possibilities created by the Internet, followed by wellness-based tracking devices that are becoming increasingly integrated with medical profiles. It then focuses on the future of self-diagnosis and self-healing. Its a difficult road ahead but one filled with opportunity. This article touches on the trends that have already been laid out and takes a look at the steps that lie ahead.Copyright © 2012 Publicis Healthware International. All rights reserved 01
  3. 3. The dawn of the ePatientW e live on a small, interdependent planetwith technologies that are speaker should never have been there: Dave deBronkart, a cancer patient, was supposed to The most underutilized resource in all of health care is the patient, and this has to change.enabling an increasing number die years earlier.of people to carve out their own Give me my raw data!destinies. What Dave recounted to the Patients have the right to audience at TEDx, and the complete access to diagnosesIn such a world, its hard to thirty thousand people who and a transparent view of allimagine that the pragmatic, watched his talk online, was his their personal approach, channelled experience with cancer. Dave,into precise mold with through information that he, as Dave deBronkart is certainly acontinuous roles of mediation, a patient, had found online special person: the archetypaloffers adequate resistance to from other patients, was able to ePatient. An equipped, enabled,those who would rather take a change his own fate, going from empowered, engaged, equal,different route. having 24 weeks to live to emancipated and expert patient.And this, which applies in all making a full recovery. A patient "augmented" both bymarkets from IT to the his motivation and by theautomotive industry, couldnt be Of course, his specific cure is Internet. But by nature, themore true when its our own not guaranteed to heal others. ePatient |lives and our health at stake. But his approach, perhaps. [...] | is not a completely new thing, asIn July 2010, I came across this Daves moving message can be Dave recounts:talk | [...] | summed up in two simple,from TEDx in Maastricht. universal claims:There aren’t many videos thathave amazed me as much as this Let patien s help!one did. Firstly because the Patients can help themselves. That Fall of 1969, the Whole Earth Catalog came out. [...] We think of hippies being just hedonists, but theres a very strong component -- I was in that movement -- a very strong component of being responsible for yourself. This books subtitle is: "Access to Tools." [...] Tom Ferguson was the medical editor of the Whole Earth Catalog. And he saw that the great majority of what we do in medicine and health care is taking care of ourselves. In fact, he said it was 70-80% of how we actually take care of our bodies. Well he also saw that when health care turns to medical care because of a more serious disease, the key thing that holds us back is access to information. And when the Web came along, that changed everything, because not only could we find information, we could find other people like ourselves who could gather, who could bring us information. And he coined this term ePatients -- equipped, engaged, empowered, enabled.02 Copyright © 2012 Publicis Healthware International. All rights reserved
  4. 4. I believe that anyone who has ePatients (their main conference Authors note: the opportunity - as I did in can be found here | Whenever I use the term 2010 - to meet with the author |), are "patient," Im referring to the of the Whole Earth Catalog will prepared to do everything it "team of patient/caregiver." If a understand the inspiration takes to help save their own patient is not well enough to be behind individuals such as lives. Just like Dave. an ePatient himself, he can do it Stewart Brand - and people like Steve Jobs - that enabled them “ Not an enemy of the establishment, but another cog through someone standing at his side, a "proxy ePatient." The to influence the thinking of an in an increasingly complex set of end result is still the same: the entire generation. Like it or not, we owe the Hippie gears . ” "team" that can be formed around a disease includes at counterculture more than we Looking at the opportunity that think. this change creates, you could say least one ePatient. this democratisation and This hippie note helps consumerisation of healthcare is emphasi e how seeing the not necessarily a bad thing. ePatient as an insignificant role would be a double faux pas. Firstly, since it is an ingrained, long-established phenomenon. And secondly because phenomena which benefit from digital advancement are rapidly approaching their tipping point | [...] |.Copyright © 2012 Publicis Healthware International. All rights reserved 03
  5. 5. Giving ePatients this visibility of their disease through dynamic 3D maps, which read their data and reconstruct it in an accessible format so they can fully understand it, is opening up a new digital world which will create significant new business opportunities for many years to come. As an example of something closer to home (Publicis Life Brands Resolute UK), we recently launched a mobile application called "Positive Vibes" | http://youtube/4oExqVecvGk | . Positive Vibes is a support network, an information source and a place to share experiences. Its a mobile app that will connect you to other teenagers with cancer who will help you through the tough times. Positive Vibes aims to make life with cancer a little easier. Whenever and wherever you need it to. The intersection of the Internet, social media, and mobile has created a new dynamic in healthcare. Now theres no looking back. But why should we see this as an opportunity? We know more and more information is being made available online, even on clinical treatments. Consumerisation is here, and its a developing process that simply cannot be ignored. And so it makes sense to become a channel, a medium, an application for consumerisation so that we can learn about it and jump on board. An example of a large-scale project is | VIDEUM, Health in Any Language |. In 2011, one in three YouTube users (32%) around the world watched health-related videos. These videos are the sixth most-watched category on YouTube, and - given the virtual absence of control or adherence to applicable standards - they represent a04 Copyright © 2012 Publicis Healthware International. All rights reserved
  6. 6. primitive consumerisation of engines, more reliability thanks Authors note: video access to medical to its review process and more Each page of Videum contains information. opportunities for healthcare the full transcription of each providers to speak with translation available. This VIDEUM is a project of Publicis ePatients. speeds up search engine Healthware/dotSub (the same indexing in every available company that translates videos Much more than just the next language. from TED, NASA, Singularity YouTube hit, Videum is a University, Stanford Open Edu), controlled consumerisation that which works by integrating the has created an explosive healthcare industry into social opportunity for the entire media to provide translations of healthcare industry. content while adhering to tested models for the production, review and controlled distribution of information. More distribution through word-of-mouth and search Authors note: if youre still not won over by ePatients, try reading this article from OReilly Radar (one of the most-followed sources in the technology industry, the bible for start-ups and VCs in search of new trends and opportunities): Epatients: The hackers of the healthcare world | [...] | You can also find the ePatients White Paper (PDF) here | Patients_White_Paper.pdf |Copyright © 2012 Publicis Healthware International. All rights reserved 05
  7. 7. Self-tracking is here... and its about timeT he process of consumerisation and newbusiness opportunities do nt Self-tracking leverage consumer technologies instead of complex PRO medical device which doubled since 2010. Many major health care companies have foundstop with ePatients. makes you the protagonist mHealth applications as being sharing on the web, giving you an effective medium toBesides access to information the possibility to be aware of promote and deliver health(which is essentially the focal the feedback that your "stories" care products and services.point of ePatients), there is theself-tracking of ones personal are receiving. ” More information on the mHealth application marketwell being using connected Some statistics published on can be found in the detaileddevices: more wellness than January 2012 by TechCrunch: 100 page report byhealthcare, and perhaps even (we love statistics even more Research2Guidance entitled, |more consumerist. This is soon than forecasts) The Mobile Health Marketto be followed by the delicate Report 2011-2016 |, whichprospect of self-diagnosis and, describes the impact ofsoon enough, self-healing. “ | PEW Research was already reporting | that 17 smartphone applications onThe various aspects of this percent of mobile phone users were using their devices to look the mHealth industry. ”developing field are not clearly up health and medical Beyond the numbers, in termsdefined. ePatient applications information, and | Juniper of trends, self-tracking devicesare mainly found on mobile recently estimated | that 44 are typically well accepted byplatforms, exploiting the million health apps were patients |enormous growth of the mobile [...] |industry in everything from downloaded in 2011. ” with an increasing number ofuptake and variety of devices to In monetary terms, in 2011, the models and features available.the number and popularity of area of mobile health The image of the Apple Store inapps. I wrote about this applications alone was worth NYC from a HEALTHphenomenon in our sister eZine $718 MM. perspective, offering trackingGeeks of Health: The Internet of devices for less than a hundredThings in Healthcare |http://www.publicishealthware. “ A main growth fordue an significant reason is the dollars, is a huge step [...] | increase of smart phone users on the demand side, and the “ In 2008 the number of devices connected to the increase of mHealth applications on the supply side Internet exceeded the number of people on Earth, and we foresee 50 billion Connected Things in 2020. We call this new step: The Internet of Things. Self-tracking means that YOU are in charge. You are the first one to monitor your performance/conditions.06 Copyright © 2012 Publicis Healthware International. All rights reserved
  8. 8. Self-diagnosis... F or the moment, self-tracking and self-diagnosis seem worlds medical problems in space. ” | [...] | apart. While many patients are So, whether its going to an becoming ePatients and many expert system or a are proactively arming remotely-connected doctor, the themselves with tracking information will get to exactly devices, this doesnt mean they where it needs to be: on the want and actually know how to augmented reality display. diagnose themselves. As soon as these technologies And yet, here too, technology is are launched, we find them banging hard on the door and, consumerised on our again, it could plant the seed of Smartphones. doubt in our minds. This has happened elsewhere Technologies from the world of before. The following story Artificial Intelligence (AI) today came as a cultural shock to me. have access to an unimaginable In the early 2000s.... world of BigData that was unheard of just a few years ago. The improvement in medical diagnostic support systems is clearly on the rise. Entrepreneur Henry One [still experimental] case Ihejirika offered the so-called that has grabbed the headlines bankruptcy expert system through in recent weeks is described in his company Frankfort Digital the article: "Augmented Reality Services and a series of Web sites System Helps Astronauts operating under the names Diagnose Medical Problems in, and Outer Space.” others. Ziinet described the bankruptcy service this way: Ziinet As we may have read in the is an expert system and knows the Geeks of Health article, law. Unlike most bankruptcy "Stairway to Healthware" | programs which are little more http://www.publicishealthware. than customized word processors, “ com/ [...] | Nothing in Space, the Ziinet engine is an expert is as easy as it is on Earth. ” system. It knows bankruptcy laws Per questo motivo... The “ European Space Agency (ESA) is right down to those applicable to the state in which you live. Now working on an augmented you no longer need to spend weeks reality system that will help studying bankruptcy laws. astronauts better diagnoseCopyright © 2012 Publicis Healthware International. All rights reserved 07
  9. 9. Following a trial that eventually that expand upon projects like Behind this is a specific businesswent in favour of the software the symptom checkers of idea: the new partnershipdesigned by Henry Ihejirka, thebankruptcy court in a | Feb. 27 WebMD | “ between insurance giant WellPoint Inc (US largest insurerdecision | , affirmed: [...] | and Mayo Clinic | by membership). and IBM. The [...] company, with 34.2 million Frankfort’s system touted | linking them not to medical members in 14 states, also said its offering of legal advice and exam results carefully recorded Watson will not be used to make projected an aura of expertise by the patient from some decisions about reimbursing concerning bankruptcy automatically searchable third patients or doctors for the cost of petitions; and, in that context, it party, but to the users own treatments. offered personalized -- albeit self-tracking data. Physicians really need tools to automated -- counsel. ... We get better quality answers, said find that because this was the In this scenario, intelligence is Lori Beer, a WellPoint executive conduct of a non-attorney, it provided by the giants. Systems vice president in charge of the constituted the unauthorized such as IBMs Watson integrate initiative. We see this as a tool practice of law. Nuances speech recognition to help them be more successful and speech synthesis technology in driving better outcomes for“ As the| notes about|the case, Wired blog 27B into medicine-based artificial our members. We’re not tryingStroke 6Ihejirika used a flesh-and-bones intelligence programs. to replace the physician. ”attorney for his defense. From the Los Angeles Times...But Seth at QuizLaw raises anintriguing question: What if the Watson best known forsoftware had first taken and defeating “Jeopardy!” quizpassed the California bar champions on the popularexam? ” television game show this year, can sift through millions of pagesWhereas ten years ago software of data and produce diagnosesthat gave legal advice was virtually on the spot. “IBMsblocked by a Court of Justicenot because it would make Watson supercomputer to givemistakes, but because it wasnt a instant medical diagnoses” |qualified professional, I think http://latimesblogs.latimes.we will soon be seeing solutions com/ [...] |08 Copyright © 2012 Publicis Healthware International. All rights reserved
  10. 10. And the facts speak for work? Do we throw away our themselves... smartphones just because “ Watson will be able to analyze 1 million books, or theyre out of coverage? No. We improve them. roughly 200 million pages of information, and provide responses in less than three seconds. ” The Watsons of this world are being connected to self-tracking devices chosen independently on the consumer market by patients. Like with this partnership between Body Media and IBM to help “ patients meet their personal fitness and weight loss goals by integrating biofeedback features into the Body Media FIT Armband. | ” [...] | This is no longer in the future - its already happening. From a futurologists perspective, I would like to add: “ At some point, with Google Cars driving themselves along the highway, the average Joe will find it hard to entrust a diagnosis simply to human experts. ” Self-drive cars could be upon us within 10-15 years. For now, the biggest boundaries are cost and legal constraints rather than the actual technology. Of course, there will always be boundaries. But how many things do we use that in certain contexts dontCopyright © 2012 Publicis Healthware International. All rights reserved 09
  11. 11. Self-healing... I saved this last section for a link to the site of the NEXT REMOTO. 3D printing | “ A San Diego company "print" developing technology to is artificial blood vessels for [...] transplant. The initial goal: | is already widely used in Create an arterial graft for use healthcare. We regularly print in coronary bypass surgery. medical models, surgical The long-term goal is to solve guides, hearing aids, dental problems in medical therapy applications and implantable that cant be solved otherwise, devices. especially in organ transplants, where tens of thousands of We can soon get used to the people are waiting for donated idea of printing out an organs, said Keith Murphy, CEO orthopaedic prosthesis at home. | of the company, Organovo. | http://www.informationweek. ” com/ [...] | [...] | Were even looking down a microscope and learning how to print artificial blood!10 Copyright © 2012 Publicis Healthware International. All rights reserved
  12. 12. Conclusions I nformation, tracking, self-diagnosis and of its main focus: the patient. self-healing are the steps which, in rapid succession, are and will “ Twenty major drugs are setfew go off patent whitin the next to soon be taken on and subject to years, pushing big pharma into a change. Today were still in the new era of R&D. This time with early stages with ePatients, the patient and the internet which, having inspired a whole new category of digital included in. ” communication projects, is Few things have given me as creating massive opportunities much enjoyment as the lyrical for innovation. waxing of Dave deBronkart in his ePatient rap, a cancer The next stage, self-tracking, is survivor singing in sunglasses already affecting the very from the TED stage to make our definition of the medical device, world a better place. generating a vast market of "medical" devices run by As a technologist and designer consumers. (who you may have read in Geeks of Health), I can barely Self-tracking and self-healing hide my excitement at the new are yet to arrive, but failing to innovations being made embrace these as new areas of possible by this evolutionary Roberto development could lead to phenomenon. Ascione inadequate strategies being President implemented by ageing medical stalwarts. Let’s 2012, is the real annus horribilis for patent expiries | Rock! Leandro Agrò Global Director [...] | User Experience And in the next few years, most "generic" drug patents are set to expire, a crisis which - based on Kristin the Japanese assimilation of risk Milburn and opportunity - will fall right General Manager USA into our laps. To say that nothing is happening would be impossible, Ariel as the very perception of health Salmang is already shifting in the mind International Digital Communications Director ariel.salmang@publicishealthware.comCopyright © 2012 Publicis Healthware International. All rights reserved 11
  13. 13. Articles of interest Digitizing Health Records, Before It Was Cool [...] Money Ball for Medicine – Business Models for Healthcare [...] Mobile Technology Is Transforming The Health Industry, But To What Extent? [...] Pharma forecasting: The changing role of patients [...]Images Source 12 Copyright © 2012 Publicis Healthware International. All right reserved
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