Windows In Academia - Review of Microsoft Services and FREE offering


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A review of the tools, curricula and resources available to Academics

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Windows In Academia - Review of Microsoft Services and FREE offering

  1. 1. the innovatorsstart with you
  2. 2. get involvedMicrosoftFaculty Connection
  3. 3. Microsoft Student Partners • Representing Microsoft on Campus • Certified • Helping to host student clubs and developer camps • Mentored by MVP
  4. 4. DreamSparkDreamSpark forStudentsDreamSpark forAcademicInstitutions2 subscriptionlevels
  5. 5. DreamSpark Subscription Offering K-12 Higher Education Higher Education (tech dept. only) Audiences Student Educators Student Educators Student Educators DreamSpark Subscription x x x x DreamSpark Premium Subscription x x Overview Renewal Path as of 1/6/12DreamSpark Subscription• Direct and campus-wide offering for students, educators, and labs• Offers development and designer products• Access via MSDN Subscription Portal or E- Academy ELMS Webstores• Electronic delivery + DVD (1 year)DreamSpark Premium Subscription• Only offering to qualified HED STEM departments• Offers all Microsoft products (minus Office Suite)• Access via MSDN Subscription Portal or E- Academy ELMS Webstores• Electronic delivery + DVD (1 & 3 years)
  6. 6. DreamSpark • Visual Studio 2012 RC Available now • Windows 8 RC available on DreamSpark Premium • Latest professional software and training from PluralSight • Free registration for Students on App Hub Simplified authentication with • School Domain verification • Subscription School Search
  7. 7. Students to Business • Connecting students with Microsoft skills to internships and jobs at Microsoft partners and customers. • Profile their Microsoft skills and activities • Exclusive opportunities and events
  8. 8. CodePlex • Open source project hosting web site • ASP.Net web application based on Visual Studio Team Foundation Server • Over 5000 projects /over 100K active users
  9. 9. Microsoft Research Connections 16
  10. 10. Academic search • Don’t miss paper submission deadlines • Find collaborators • See trends • Compare organizations
  11. 11. IT Academy Program • Microsoft Official Curriculum, leading to certifications • Includes online learning, projects, and labs • Help students obtain employable skills before they graduate. • Flat fee per institution
  12. 12. The Faculty Connection • Provides technical resources, training, and software tools • Source for MS specific news, technology highlights and events Repository Resources • 3K curriculum materials • Software tools • Curriculum Resource kits • Training materials400 000+ • Presentation videosDownloads a year • Newsletter
  13. 13. The Faculty Connection
  14. 14. Share your resources globally • 140 countries visiting • 150K registered users • 350K resources downloaded each year • All languages supported • NEW: Ratings and comments
  15. 15. Keep in Touch • Register for our Monthly Newsletter (7 Languages) • Contribute curriculum resources, rate and comment • Join our Linked in Group – Microsoft Faculty Connection Global • ups/Microsoft-Faculty- Connection-UK-3829706 • Meet us at Industry Conferences
  16. 16. Online Curriculum Resources
  17. 17. Online Curriculum Resources Agile Software Engineering using Visual Studio Team Foundation Server with Instructor Supplement Curriculum resources Training Material Azure Access Grants • Faculty & Students • No Credit card • 5 month access • Technical Training ducation
  18. 18. Windows 8 coursesThree university level courses are now available for faculty and studentson Faculty Connection (course names below are clickable + short URLs): • The courses are modular for easy MODULAR integration into existing curriculaDesigning for Modern UI [ ]• 11 modules: lectures and tutorials to design for the new Windows UI. FACULTY • Each course contains instructor guides,• 100 Level for Human Computer Interaction (HCI) classes; focus on UI design RESOURCES PPTs, labs/tutorials and videos. Prerequisites: none; suitable for any college student• Audience: any audience; no programming skills required STUDENT • Use tutorials and videos for self-study RESOURCES • Links are posted on DreamSparkApp Development for Modern UI [ ]• 9 modules: Concepts of developing app using JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3 • Faculty InfoSheet with MSFT tools and resources. COLLATERALS • Intro PPT• 100/200 Level for web design classes/apps development • Resource Kits, etc• Prerequisites: basic programming skill, i.e. Intro to Computing (101) • Coming in October• Audience: any audience - science, engineering, art, etc • Train-the-trainer workshops for faculty WORKSHOPS • and ADE guidelines / info coming inApp Development for Modern Devices [ ] September• 3 extended modules with labs and projects for phones, tablets and desktop computers, focusing on a) fundamentals of building network aware software, b) • interfaces for touch and NUI devices such as Kinect; c) graphics programming BLOG /archive/2012/08/10/courses-for- such as writing code that displays augmented reality experiences windows-8.aspx• 200/300 Level for CS; Engineering; Science programs with apps development• Prerequisites: students need basic programming skill, math and science • Arkady Retik Audience: STEM disciplines QUESTIONS• ••
  19. 19. Windows Azure Educator Grants • 7 day passes for Training Camps o Distributed by Microsoft Staff o Platform As A Service (PaaS) – 4K o ADEs request passes here (internal SharePoint Form) o Redeem passes at: • 5 Month Pass for Teaching Cloud o Apply online ONLY at o Distributing Passes for Students, No Credit Card needed o Platform As A Service (PaaS) o 12.5K Passes to distribute o Includes a 12 Month renewable pass for educators.