Windows Explay Event March 2013


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Presentation on the opportunity of building apps for Windows for Explay Network

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Windows Explay Event March 2013

  1. 1. Lee StottMicrosoft@lee_stottLeeStott@microsoft.com
  2. 2. Source: 1bn
  3. 3. Source: IDC, March 2012 690m
  4. 4. Source: IDC, March 2012 60m
  5. 5. 100m
  6. 6. The Global Picture Per Market Segment Casual WebsitesPC/Mac Download $4.2bn$7.6bn -1% CAGR+2% CAGR Social Networks $3.9bn +5% CAGRPC/Mac Boxed Total$8.0bn Mobile $68bn Devices-11% CAGR +7% CAGR 9.0bn +32% CAGR Consoles $21.2 MMOs -2% CAGR $13.6bn Source: Newzoo 2012 Games Market Revenue Report +21% CAGR © 2013 Newzoo •Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
  7. 7. The Global Picture Per region 2012 298m Asia-Pacific gamers North America 169m $22.2bn $21.8bn gamers +13% CAGR +1% CAGR Total 47m Middle-East $68bn +7% CAGRgamers & Africa 880m $1.0bn gamers +21% CAGR Latin America 89m $3.8bn gamers 274m Europe +14% CAGR gamers $18.8bn +3% CAGR Source: Newzoo 2012 Games Market Revenue Report GAMES REPRESENT 25% OF THE GLOBAL SOFTWARE MARKET. THE GLOBAL GAMES INDUSTRY BOASTS HIGHER REVENUES THAN THE TOTAL MUSIC INDUSTRY AND 2X THAT OF THE MOVIES BOX OFFICE. © 2013 Newzoo •Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
  9. 9. Why Games.... Demand  Most titles in the Windows Phone apps store are entertainment and utility apps  Customers are downloading more games than any other type of app  Customers are willing to spend money for the privilege  There is an opportunity here to give customers what they want
  10. 10. Sensors including New, top-level OSlight, gyroscope, functionality makes gamesaccelerometer, more social and lets themand location. make use of nearby devices.Support for user The Windows Store makes itinteraction, easy to offer games underincluding touch, flexible business modelspen, keyboard, andmouse.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Shared Windows CoreWindows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Share Many Components AtThe Operating System Level OS Modules Windows NT Kernel Windows Kernel Windows Kernel
  13. 13. Full WinRT (around Phone-specific additions to Windows 11,000 members) Phone Runtime include • Speech synthesis and recognition New for Subset adopted for Windows • Windows.Phone.PersonalInformation Windows Phone Phone Runtime (around Runtime • LockScreen and LockScreenManager 2,800 members) (around 600 members) • More…
  14. 14. Some Key DifferencesIt’s important to design for the platform differences as well as similarities Screen Size Controls Lifecycle Windows Phone Windows Phone Windows Phone 800x480, 1280x720, 1280x768 Panorama, Pivot, ListPicker Launched from start/apps list. Portrait, Landscape LongListSelector Tombstones apps Windows Windows Windows 1024x768  GridView, ListView, Semantic Resumes existing apps Portrait, Landscape, Snapped Zoom, FlipView No tombstoning
  15. 15. Design a UX that is native for each platform!• One-handed touch most common • One or two-handed touch, mouse• Guaranteed hardware, such as camera • No guarantee of any specific hardware, and accelerometer must check at runtime• Avoid multiple columns of content • Rows and columns of content can• Scroll vertically for more content work well• Very limited room on the app bar • Scroll horizontally for more content• Hardware back button • Significant room on the app bar• No semantic zoom • On-screen back button • Semantic zoom
  16. 16. Ad Supported• Use our ad system• Bring your own• 100% RevenueUse Your Existing Commerce• Existing relationship• SubscriptionsFlexible business models• Free, paid, in-app, trials• 3rd party in-app and advertising support
  17. 17. The Windows StoreA new opportunity for Windows developers 1 2 3 4 5 App is available in Customer the Store Catalog purchases app Enjoy! App is associated to Microsoft Account & Device
  18. 18. Tools for DevelopmentEverything you’ll need for Windows Store apps in one package
  19. 19. 70%for new apps80%once your appmakes $25,000
  20. 20. In-App PurchaseBuild apps with higher and recurring revenue opportunityExtend reach Upsell Customize Upsell users to purchase paid digital goods andAttract a larger user base services that enhance or Add and modify differentwith free baseline extend the app experience paid options for differentexperience in the app itself user segments
  21. 21. In-App Purchase: sell items in your app
  22. 22. In-App Purchase used for digital content
  23. 23. Options to store and deliver the content The in-app content that the consumer purchases has to be delivered. There are two ways of storing and delivering this content: Embedded in the App Remotely stored Simple to deliver: add it to your Requires accessing remote storage (e.g. up, keep content hidden/locked Azure, web hosting, or developer server) and unlock after item is purchased. More flexible: can modify the content on the fly, add or update very rapidly. Requires internet connection to provision.
  24. 24. Visual Studio 2012
  25. 25. Building Windows Store Applications
  26. 26. Blend Works with HTML
  27. 27. HTML5 App Development• Windows 8-style HTML5/JavaScript app development is not supported on Windows Phone 8 • Windows Phone Runtime projections to C#/VB.NET and C++ only• However, Windows Phone 8 includes Internet Explorer 10 • Another shared codebase with Windows 8 • Great support for HTML5 (2 x feature support compared to Windows Phone 7.5) • New JavaScript processing engine (4 x faster than Windows Phone 7.5)• This same browser is at the heart of the WebBrowser control • You can build HTML5-based apps rendered in the WebBrowser against local or web-based content
  28. 28. WP8 Emulator & Win8 Simulator Performance• The emulator is not a reliable way of predicting how a program will perform on a real device • The processor in a Windows PC may be more powerful than the one in the phone• The emulator is for functional testing only• If you have any concerns about performance you should ensure you run your program on a real device• There are profiling tools that you can use to inspect the activity of your programs, both in the device and in the emulator
  29. 29. Build for Cloud
  30. 30. Create Windows Azure Solutions
  31. 31. • Windows Azure Mobile Services makes it incredibly easy to connect a scalable cloud backend to your client and mobile applications.• It allows you to easily store structured data in the cloud that can span both devices and users, integrate it with user authentication, as well as send out updates to clients via push notifications
  32. 32. Games hubMore Xbox LIVE games expected every week –all with achievements and “Try Before You Buy” in the StoreYour closet “out of the box”Built-in Xbox SmartGlass so you can control your Xbox 360 right fromthe phone
  33. 33. Gaming ExperienceThe only device and phone with Xbox built-in, ready to play anywhere.Windows Phone is the only phone with Xbox built-in, giving you easy access to yourentertainment however and wherever you want. Select from a wide range of top titlesand rest easy with the knowledge that you can try any Xbox LIVE game before youbuy it.Enjoy exciting new ways to play such as multiplayer games from phone to PC toconsole.With Xbox SmartGlass, use your device to discover new content and use it as aremote control for your Xbox 360 and of course, customize your personal avatar, trackyour gamer scores and earn achievements.
  34. 34. Kid’s CornerA worry-free way for kids to play.Children love playing with your phone. And they have just asmuch fun with the games as they do changing your phonesettings or sending emails to your boss on your behalf. That’swhy Windows Phone has a Kid’s Corner. This delightfulinnovation makes it possible for kids to access only the apps andfeatures you choose for them. So you can be sure they’re onlyplaying games and not emailing your boss.
  35. 35. World Class Games100+ titles available in the marketplace as of todayAll Xbox games include Try Before You BuyNative code support means stronger 3rd party support
  36. 36. In app purchase + wallet PINOpens up new types of gameplay, such as free-to-playgames with downloadable content for purchase Icon Publisher App Product
  37. 37. Xbox SmartGlass enriches your entertainment experience, makes gaming more competitive and fun, and makes it all easier to discover and share.Xbox experiences available on the device you already own Immersive Discovery & Gaming Gets Entertainment Control Better
  39. 39. 2 nd Screen Experience Entertainment Gaming • Character Bios, Relationships • Secret Screen – Cards, Sports • Backstory, Trivia • Interactive Level Guide • Fantasy Sports, Stats • Real-Time Map • Shopping, Sweepstakes • New Input Methods
  40. 40. SmartGlass Experience• Gesture Navigation: Simple swipe and tap on your Windows Phone to navigate your Xbox 360• Browser Control: Easily and elegantly control your Internet Explorer on Xbox 360 (available on console this holiday)—swipe, scroll, pinch and zoom. All from your Windows Phone• Text-input: Use the virtual keyboard you’re already familiar with on your phone to set up an account, redeem a code, type a website into the browser url bar• Video Guide: The Xbox Video catalog comes ready with an Xbox SmartGlass experience called: Video Guide. Get information on the scene you’re watching, cast and crew, and other related films.• Music Guide: The Xbox Music catalog comes ready with an Xbox SmartGlass experience called: Music Guide. Get information on the track you’re listening to, move it seamlessly from your phone to your Xbox 360, and control the playback.
  41. 41.
  42. 42. You have your greatideas and excitinggame designs…
  43. 43. Tools for DevelopmentEverything you’ll need for Windows Store apps in one package
  44. 44. Phases of an Application Development
  45. 45. Phases of Distribution
  46. 46. Submitting the App
  47. 47. Certification Certification ensures that apps in the Windows Store Microsoft’s approach to are safe, both for the system certification compared to and the users other platformsMicrosoft’s approach to certification compared to other platforms
  48. 48. Published!
  49. 49. Analyzing Performance
  50. 50. • The hierarchical pattern enables you to put all of your content in front of users, delighting them and making their first experience a complete one.• The flat navigation model simplifies subcategories, levels, or dynamically populated fields• Global navigation elements such as the app bar are consistent and familiar for users
  51. 51. True multi-tasking for tablets is finally here!Keep your app top of mind by snapping apps tothe sides of the screen. Your app responds tothe available screen real estate to show contentin the optimal wayWindows 8 allows full gameplay if applicable insnap view
  52. 52. • Edge UI leaves the screen clear of clutter, but keeps needed functions close by• Cool Scenarios • Pausing • Messaging • Status Updates • Accessing Game Menus
  53. 53. • Users approach tablets and touchscreens in a variety of ways• Windows 8 accommodates a multitude of interaction variations
  54. 54. • Semantic Zoom allows a user to get a different view of your data, making it easier to understand and navigate. • Allow a user to quickly navigate between different levels • Quickly show unlocked content, recently released levels, or new achievements
  55. 55. • Semantic Zoom allows a user to get a different view of your data, making it easier to understand and navigate. • Allow a user to quickly navigate between different levels • Quickly show unlocked content, recently released levels, or new achievements
  56. 56. • Communicate to users when the game is in a paused state, either by removing them from the in-game experience and putting them back in the central hub or by presenting a pause overlay or pause screen
  57. 57. • Elements of your game’s brand are introduced without the clutter of unnecessary UI• Edge UI helps manage multiple games while keeping the canvas available for important startup functions
  58. 58. • Most people have more than one Windows PC. Let your game provide a consistent user experience across all their Windows 8 PCs• Give users the experience they expect. Windows 8 makes it easy to roam information • Game settings and configuration • App licenses and in-app purchases from the Windows Store
  59. 59. Leaderboards are a crucialcomponent for gameenthusiasts.The competition factor keepsusers engaged in your gameand encourages other users intheir network to return andmaintain their rankings.Utilise location services toaccess local standings.
  60. 60. Drive engagement beyondstandard gameplay withachievements.Utilize weight, color and sizeto distinguish between itemsthat are close to beingcompleted.
  61. 61. Game gets 5s to handle Game is not notified suspend before termination UserLaunches Game Game notified when resumed Splash screen
  62. 62. Deepen Engagement & increase repeat-use• At-a-glance information delivery in a natural, attractive format• Draw the user back into the app with a single tap with fresh, tailored content via Live Tiles• Send tile updates even when your app isn’t running• Secondary tiles provide an entry point into a specific experience within your app• Represent your content best with a variety of tile templates
  63. 63. ••
  64. 64. • Sensors in the tablet can feel more than touch• The accelerometer measures movement and provides an additional element to games• It brings games off the screen and into the physical world
  65. 65. • A simple implementation of the accelerometer• Another way to keep secondary functions out of the way, but readily available
  66. 66. • The Search Contract provides users with a familiar and natural way to search for items across application on the machine.• Cool Scenario: • Searching for in app purchases or add on.
  67. 67. The settings charm provides afamiliar and consistent way tomodify an apps settingsMore settings menus can beadded for accountmanagement or game specificmenus.
  68. 68. Drive engagement with your gameby exposing content with App toApp picking. This allows your gameto share it’s content with otherapps seamlessly and consistently.• The file picker makes it easy to organize content• You can also access content from other apps
  69. 69. Extend your experiencebeyond Windows 8 and pushyour content to devices onyour local network.The ‘PlayTo’ feature allowsrelevant controls to beaccessed on the first devicewithout compromising thedisplay on the other.
  70. 70. Windows 8 Games 8 UK Camps and Training Events 8 developer resourceshttp://dev.windowsphone.comWindows Phone 8 developer resources