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Great Poster looking at the power of Windows Azure Cloud Service perfect for your teaching labs

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Windows azure poster

  1. 1. CLOUD SERVICES VIRTUAL MACHINES WEB SITES Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud LOAD BALANCER INTERNET ENTERPRISE platform that enables you to quickly build, SHARED RESERVED deploy and manage applications across a global LOAD BALANCER VPN GALLERY GALLERY network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. WINDOWS WORDPRESS VIRTUAL Build applications using any language, tool or MACHINES VM 1 VM 2 VM 3 framework. You can integrate your public cloud LINUX DRUPAL applications with your existing IT environment. LOAD BALANCER HYPERVISOR SQL SERVER UMBRACO GLOBAL ANY LANGUAGE WEB ROLE ... ... With 8 data centers worldwide, and a Windows Azure allows you to use any INSTANCES STORAGE worldwide Content Delivery Network, language, framework or code editor to you can build applications that build applications, including .NET, PHP, VHD 1 VHD 2 VHD 3 3 2 provide the best experience even to Java, Node.js, Python and Ruby. Client the most remote places. libraries are available on GitHub. Virtual Machines can run both Windows and Linux operating systems. Create VMs from With Web Sites, you can share space in a VM or reserve an entire machine for your web site. Virtual Hard Disk images stored as blobs. Create VHDs locally and upload them, choose from You can create sites with both SQL Database and MySQL databases, as well as deploy ALWAYS ON OPEN PROTOCOLS a stock gallery or modify a running VM and save the image to your personal gallery. popular open source software from a gallery. You can use the slider on the Windows Azure Windows Azure supports a Windows Azure features and services QUEUE portal to scale out to more instances. deployment model that enables you to are exposed using open REST upgrade your application without protocols. downtime. CONNECTED MOBILE SERVICES MEDIA SERVICES SELF HEALING Use the Windows Azure robust Windows Azure provides automatic OS messaging capabilities to deliver WORKER ROLE WORKER ROLE WORKER ROLE and service patching, built in network hybrid solutions that run across the Broadcasters Network Operators load balancing and resiliency to cloud and on-premises. Expand your WORKER ROLES Content Owners Enterprises hardware failure. Windows Azure data center into the cloud with Virtual TYPE: X TYPE: Y TYPE: CACHE MOBILE BACKEND SERVICES delivers a 99.95% monthly SLA. Networking. SELF-SERVICE RICH APPLICATION SERVICES DATA It is a fully automated self-service Windows Azure provides a rich set of platform that allows you to provision applications services, including SDKs, WINDOWS 8 resources within minutes. caching, messaging and identity. SCRIPTS CDN DATA MEDIA SERVICES ELASTIC RESOURCES Quickly scale your resources based on You can store data using relational USER AUTH :-) your needs. You only pay for the databases, NoSQL and unstructured STORAGE resources your application uses. blob storage. You can use Hadoop and INGESTION ENCODING CONVERSION PROTECTION JOB SCHEDULING business intelligence services to mine WINDOWS PUSH ENTERPRISE READY data for insights. NOTIFICATIONS PHONE 8 iOS Backed by industry certifications for ON DEMAND IDENTITY ANDROID STREAMING LIVE STREAMING ANALYTICS ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT security and compliance, from ISO SQL DATABASE TABLE STORAGE BLOB STORAGE 27001, SSAE 16, HIPAA BAA and E.U. Model Clauses. Cloud Services consist of Internet facing Web roles and Worker roles that run background tasks. Mobile Services is a turnkey backend solution running on Windows Azure servers that offers Media Services provide a selection of services for encoding and protecting streaming media Web roles can offload computing jobs to Worker roles and can distribute work via queues to functions such as saving data, querying, managing identity and pushing notifications to such as videos and music. Drop off your high-resolution source content and convert it to scalable pools of Worker roles. All roles can access data stores or other services. phone. Additionally, you can run scripts on the server to execute custom logic when doing multiple bit rates for playback on a variety of devices. Stream to HD, DVD and phones. CRUD operations. COMPUTE DATA SERVICES APP SERVICES NETWORKING STORECLOUD SERVICES VIRTUAL MACHINES SQL DATABASE STORAGE HDINSIGHT CACHING WINDOWS AZURE ACTIVE DIRECTORY MEDIA SERVICES VIRTUAL NETWORK CONNECT STOREWith Cloud Services, you can quickly deploy and With Virtual Machines, you get full control over a server For applications that need a full featured relational Storage services provide multiple options for securely Based on Apache Hadoop, HDInsight simplifies working Caching helps applications scale and be more Windows Azure Active Directory is a modern, With Media Services, you can build workflows for the Windows Azure Virtual Network enables you to Windows Azure Connect provides an agent-based, Windows Azure Store provides quick discoverability,manage multi-tier applications where Windows Azure in the cloud, and maintain it as your business requires: database-as-a-service, SQL Database offers a high-level managing data and are accessible via REST APIs: with big data through integration with tools like responsive under load by keeping data closer to REST-based service that provides identity management creation, management, and distribution of media in provision and manage virtual private networks (VPNs) in machine-to-machine connection between Windows seamless access and easy management for applicationhandles the details: provisioning, load balancing, health • Bring customized Windows Server or Linux images or of interoperability, enabling you to build using many of • Data is replicated at least three times in the same data Microsoft Office and System Center: application logic: and access control capabilities for cloud applications: Windows Azure – quickly and easily: Windows Azure and to securely link these with Azure services and on-premises resources such as services and data sets for developers, right from themonitoring for continuous availability: select from a gallery the major development frameworks: center across physically separate fault domains, and • Fast reading and processing of large structured or • Choose between a managed, multi-tenant shared • Extend on-premises Active Directory to Windows • Create, manage and distribute content to many on-premises IT infrastructure: database servers and domain controllers: Windows Azure management portal:• Use a dedicated IIS web server for hosting front-end • Migrate applications without changing existing code, • Only pay for what you use also geo-replicated to another data center unstructured data stores cache or one that uses existing or dedicated Azure and other cloud services devices and platforms (Xbox, Windows, MacOS, iOS, • Build traditional ‘site-to-site’ VPNs to securely scale • Build distributed applications hosted in a hybrid • Browse the catalog from within Windows Azure web applications with Web Role work seamlessly to migrate SharePoint, SQL Server or • Use existing relational database design and program- • Use blobs to store up to 100 terabytes per account of • Create Hadoop based clusters on-demand web/worker roles • Manage access to applications based on centralized Android) using pre-built first- and third-party your datacenter capacity using IPsec protocol environment, maintaining secure connections with management portal and purchase directly from the• Run asynchronous, long-running or perpetual tasks Active Directory to cloud ming skills to build enterprise class applications unstructured text or binary data (video, audio and • Easily scale by changing virtual machine size or the policy for logon processes, authentication and technologies • Connect to your role instances and virtual machines on-premises infrastructure without custom code portal • Integrate with SQL Database, Reporting Services, independent of user interaction with Worker Role • Persistently store OS and application data • Replicate multiple redundant copies of your data to images) PowerPivot, Excel, and Windows Azure Storage number of running instances of your roles federation services • Easily integrate with tools and processes you already by hostname • Remotely debug your applications through a direct • Easily discover the services you need to enhance and• Build for scenarios such as complex application multiple physical servers for high availability • Use the NoSQL capabilities in tables for storing up to • Decrease latency and increase throughput • Use consistent single sign-on and digital rights use through REST APIs • Control your network topology by configuring DNS connection between your local development machine extend the application you’re building • Remotely connect to take control of your virtual • Use Pig, Hive and other ecosystem tools and applications hosted in Windows Azure, using the installations and supporting scale-out cloud patterns machines with full admin access • Simplify the process of migrating existing 100 terabytes per account of unstructured data • Enable existing Memcached applications through management technology when you subscribe to • Store only a single set of source files securely, and settings and IP address ranges for virtual machines • Integrate into your Windows Azure development with VM Role • Get started with basic visualizations like bar and pie other Microsoft cloud services, such as Office 365 dynamically deliver to multiple formats without same tools you use on-premises workflow on-premises databases to cloud with Import/Export • Use queues to build reliable, persistent messaging charts quickly Memcached protocol between application tiers intermediate files • Create caches larger than 100 GBWEB SITES MOBILE SERVICES SQL REPORTING SQL DATA SYNC SERVICE BUS ACCESS CONTROL SERVICE (ACS) CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORK (CDN) TRAFFIC MANAGERWith Web Sites, you can get started with web apps for With Mobile Services, you can use Windows Azure to Windows Azure SQL Reporting allows you to build SQL Data Sync enables creating and scheduling regular Service Bus messaging enables loosely coupled Windows Azure Active Directory Access Control Windows Azure CDN improves performance of Traffic Manager load-balances incoming traffic acrossfree. Then scale as you go: support many backend capabilities: reporting capabilities into Windows Azure applications. synchronizations between Windows Azure SQL communication between applications in the cloud or provides you with centralized authentication and applications by caching content at locations closest to multiple services running in the same or different• Build in any tool (VS, text editors) or language (ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Node.js) • Native client libraries for mobile device platforms, including Windows Store, Windows Phone 8 and iOS Reports can render on the desktop and remove the need to maintain your own reporting infrastructure: • Create reports with tables, charts, maps, and gauges Database and either SQL Server or other instances of SQL Database: • Synchronize data on a preset schedule or on demand on-premises for improved scale and resiliency. It provides functions for widespread communications, large event distribution, naming, and service publishing: authorization for applications in Windows Azure using either consumer identity providers or on-premises Windows Server Active Directory: your customers so you can provide the best experience for your application: • Provide better performance for users far from a datacenters. Customers configure policies which are applied to DNS queries on their domain name(s): • Manage traffic to ensure high performance, Like it? Get it.• Launch a web app from a gallery in 5 minutes or less • User authentication with identity providers including• Deploy with TFS, GIT, FTP, or WebDeploy• Choose SQL Database or MySQL Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft Account • Pushing notifications to mobile apps • Deploy the same report layouts on both private and public clouds • Use Report Designer or Report Builder to build • Manage synchronization with an intuitive web UI instead of writing code • Synchronize between on-premises and cloud data • Queues guarantee first in, first out delivery of messages • Topics can be subscribed to, allowing receivers to • Move complex authentication logic out of your code • Orchestrate authentication and authorization of users • Integrate with consumer identity providers like content source who are using applications requiring many Internet trips to load content • Take advantage of distributed scale to manage traffic availability and resiliency • Choose from different routing methods such as performance, failover and round-robin• Scale instantly in shared or reserved modes • REST-based APIs for data access and authentication select specific messages to read peaks, for example, a product launch reports when SQL Database is your data source sets, and across geographically dispersed databases Windows Live ID, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook • Provide automatic failover capabilities when a service• Use affordable custom domain names • Monitoring and data visualization showing usage of • The brokered messaging model enables message • Enable in Windows Azure management portal just goes down your Mobile Service transmission even if senders and receivers are not with one click online at the same time © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Created by the Windows Azure Team Email: