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Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance


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The Microsoft Dynamics® Academic Alliance is a program
for member universities and colleges who wish to enhance
the learning experience by integrating Microsoft Dynamics
enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship
management (CRM) software in the curriculum

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Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics® Academic AllianceFUTURE-READYToday’s education for tomorrow’s business success.WHAT IS THE MICROSOFT DYNAMICS HOW DOES THE ALLIANCE WORK?ACADEMIC ALLIANCE? Member institutions receive free software, support,The Microsoft Dynamics® Academic Alliance is a program and resources from Microsoft. Peer educators withinfor member universities and colleges who wish to enhance the alliance share ideas for curricula. Events providethe learning experience by integrating Microsoft Dynamics opportunities for deepening knowledge andenterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship relationships. Microsoft Dynamics partners maymanagement (CRM) software in the curriculum. participate as guest speakers in the classroom or as expert advisors in a laboratory or seminar setting.WHY IS THE ALLIANCE IMPORTANT?Education is often more meaningful when it is made practical. WHY SHOULD MY ORGANIZATIONHands-on learning with software enables students to apply GET INVOLVED?business concepts and processes to real-world scenarios using Member universities demonstrate leadership,business tools they are likely to encounter during their career. relevance, and innovation by incorporating Microsoft Dynamics into their curricula, and theyStudents at member colleges and universities have a can benefit from the loyalty of graduates whocompetitive advantage in the job market after college because were well-prepared for internship, career,they are not only well-educated and highly motivated, but and business opportunities.already experienced in using business tools. They also mayhave taken advantage of opportunities to network with peers Participating partners have an edge inand meet business people and Microsoft partners through recruiting highly qualified graduates andtheir affiliation with the alliance. As a result, they receive mentoring them to become loyal, productivespecial insight into internship, career, or business opportunities employees who make critical contributions inafter graduation. serving customers and driving business growth.
  2. 2. Give context to concepts with Microsoft Dynamics softwareStand apart as leaders and innovators in business and technology education, and attract talented faculty and students as well as business connections.Membership in the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance distinguishes forward-thinking schools and faculty, which are able to put students in a strongerposition to find rewarding employment.Augment students’ understanding of the business world with relevant, realistic, hands-on learning experiences that enhance the effectiveness of your technologyand business courses. The alliance provides free Microsoft Dynamics software, encourages connections with local Microsoft Dynamics partners, facilitates theexchange of ideas and experience among peers and Microsoft business technologists, and offers online resources with insight into business and technology trends.VALUABLE, RELEVANT EDUCATION CONNECTED COMMUNITY • Practical insight into business processes, challenges, and solutions • Synergies among business, technical, and environmental benefits. through the use of software used in thousands of midsize businesses • Idea exchange among peers at special alliance events and with the around the world. alliance member network. • Holistic business and process modeling, incorporating cross-functional • Vast ecosystem of Microsoft Dynamics partners and technology experts business activities. for advice, speaking, and mentoring. • Professional growth through exposure to and incorporation of some of RESOURCES FOR ALLIANCE MEMBER INSTITUTIONS AND FACULTY the latest ideas and practices from Microsoft and its technology partners. • Certificate of completion for students passing Microsoft DynamicsBUSINESS ENABLEMENT AND INSIGHT Academic Alliance courses • Broad exposure to business issues and technology solutions for • Members-only email signature your students. • Web buttons for your institution website to lead to your program • Downloadable, effective materials shared by alliance members. information page • Realistic, context-rich business modeling using data sets provided • Best practices guide by Microsoft. • Copy usage guidelines with ready-to-print descriptions of your • Innovative education leadership with contemporary, progressive alliance membership technology and business curricula. • Datasheets communicating the value of the alliance to your institution • Close connections to the real business world. • Networking, educational, and advisory opportunities • Curriculum aids from Microsoft and education peers • Newsletter with the latest information about the program and moreProgram membership levels—Foundation and Associate—depend upon the depth of engagement each member institution has with theMicrosoft Dynamics Academic Alliance. Visit or send email to© 2010 Microsoft Corporation.