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JISC RSC Conference 2012 - Consumerisation and the Cloud Opportunity Microsoft


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JISC RSC Conference 2012 18th May.Consumerisation and the Cloud Opportunity from Microsoft

Published in: Technology, Business
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JISC RSC Conference 2012 - Consumerisation and the Cloud Opportunity Microsoft

  1. 1. Agenda
  2. 2. Traditional IT IaaS PaaS SaaS
  3. 3. Cloud Computing Landscape TargetedCustomers Apps
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Landscape TargetedCustomers Apps
  5. 5. Cloud services spending will exceed $36 billion, growing at 4x the industry rate IDC Predictions 2012 “Competing for 2020”
  6. 6. In 2012, about 83% of all net-new software firms coming to market will be operationalised aroundcreating, testing, selling, and provisioning a service versus a packaged product. IDC 2012Are you teaching the right technologies?
  7. 7. Cloud Connected Devices
  8. 8. A Unified Ecosystem
  9. 9. 65% of CIOs believe their role will morph into “Chief Innovation Officer” What will be your role be?
  10. 10. The Changing Role of IT Balancing user expectations with IT requirements.
  11. 11. Embracing the Consumerisation of IT &Institutional requirements
  12. 12. Security and Management•••••
  13. 13. App Development • ••••
  14. 14. Microsoft UK Academic TeamTools and resources for student technologists & educators to make the most of their learning, teaching and research Tools Curriculum Community DreamSpark Free curriculum Professional materials, from Key On-line and in-person Platform, developer and Stage 1 to post communities of designer tools to build graduate, covering students, teachers and real hundreds of Computer researchers sites, apps, games, cloud Science topics services and more
  16. 16. Employability IT Skills The IT Industry is growing and 98k new IT business will be presents a significant opportunity for created by 2015** your students to find employment after graduation UK requires 550,000 new entrants in to IT and Telecoms by 2015*** Yet industry struggles to find the right skills Global IT jobs will grow from 35.6 million in 2009 to 41.4 million by +20% of Application Development jobs require SharePoint skills**** 2013* 92% of IT Leaders indicate it is challenging to secure necessary IT skills***** Global IT Spend will grow to $1.7 Universities now have a focus on employability within 6 months of trillion in 2013* graduating in subject that was studied * Source: IDC Economic Impact Study, Global, 2009 ** Source: IDC, Microsoft’s Economic Impact, 2011 *** Source: eskills Technology Insights report, 2011 **** Source: ***** Source: TEKSystems Report, October 2011
  17. 17. Positive Economic Impact by 2015 IDC, Microsoft Economic Impact, 2011 Source: IDC, Microsoft Economic Impact, 2011
  18. 18. Resources for Faculty & Student Programs IT Academy: Academic Faculty Certification Imagine Cup Search Connection Microsoft Partners in Research Curriculum DreamSpark Learning Connections Resources How “App First” will impact IT
  19. 19. FREE Resources & Curriculum materials Operating Systems Cloud Computing Game Development Dynamics CRM/ERP System Engineering Phone Development 35
  20. 20. Faculty & Student ProgramsOpenSource Microsoft StudentCommunity Experience Student to Business Blog & Facebook Phone App Start-Up Support Xbox Game Clubs & Societies Faculty Connection Mentoring Development Blog & Linkedin
  21. 21. Why Microsoft?
  22. 22. Whats Next..Sign up to a free Windows Azure Academic Pass the UK Windows azure user group http://ukwaug.netVisit the UK Faculty Connection Blog the UK Faculty Site and Resources apps for Phone and windows 8