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The idea iseverythingDream it. Build it. Live it.
Technological                                                                  it off. With Microsoft resources and suppor...
The Competitions                                                                  The Challenges                          ...
How Can You Help?                                                               What’s In It For You?1. We Need You To Get...
How Can You Help                                         Help Them Join Them           Your Students?	                    ...
The World’s Premier StudentTechnology CompetitionTheir FutureStarts
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Imagine Cup Faculty/Academic Brochure


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Details on the Imagine Cup for Educators and Faculty Members

Published in: Education
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Imagine Cup Faculty/Academic Brochure

  1. 1. The idea iseverythingDream it. Build it. Live it.
  2. 2. Technological it off. With Microsoft resources and support, tomorrow’s innovators can bring their ideas to life, and win travel and cash prizes!Innovation Can Since Imagine Cup began in 2003, more than one million students from moreChange The World. than 180 countries have signed up. When you join the Imagine Cup community, you’ll be abe to help inspire creatives from all over the UK to share ideas, have fun, and be there when the ‘Next Big Thing ‘ is unveiled, and even help the people who do it get there!Game-Changing Ideas Imagine Cup:are Born in Young Minds Is The Next Gates Or Zuck From Your University?You teach them, and you know what it is like. You have seen students coming Over the decades, the way we live and work has been changed forever byup with great ideas—so here is your chance to show these individulas off! student startups. Without the fancy offices , millions in venture capital, orStudent startups have been driving innovation in technology for decades: thousands of staff, students have still been able to find their way from the halls• Dell revolutionized the way technology is designed, manufactured, to the board room with nothing but passion, creativity, and that one big idea... and sold And you have seen it happening!• Facebook transformed the way we communicate and share• Microsoft eradicated boundaries with software innovation But with your inspiration, you can help these talented student innovators bring their ideas to life even further.Imagine Cup: Students bring their ideas and you as faculty can provide the platform, and the reach to help students realise their ideas. As faculty there is no otherIf They Can Dream it, They Can Build it opportunity as impactful where you can invest your time / money/ universityNow it’s time to get your students great ideas out there! Microsoft Imagine name!Cup is the world’s most prestigious student technology competition, bringingtogether student innovators from all over the world.For students with a big idea, Imagine Cup is a fun and rewarding way to show Sign up at
  3. 3. The Competitions The Challenges Azure Challenge- Forrester Research says that the global market forGames Competition- We have students around the country cloud computing is going to be $241 billion by 2020. Support your studentcreating addictive gaming experiences that transforms the way we play. This teams using Windows Azure to build a cloud-based app that can turn theis your chance to realise and publicise the next group of students, who could market on its ear, and you could be part of the technology industry’s Nextbe the creators of the next gaming phenomenon! Big Thing. The Sky’s the Limit!Innovation Competition- These are the students who are Windows 8 App Challenge- Windows 8 is coming, and withready to help break some new ground! The students who are pioneers of an all-new touch interface, it’s going to take computing to a whole newinnovation and creativity. Using their dev skills, alongside the Microsoft tools dimension. Apps are the center of the Windows 8 experience, and great appsand technologies, they are looking to design a totally new app experience! start with great ideas. When you encourage students to create WindowsSo here is your chance to prove that you have some of the most innovative 8apps for the Imagine Cup, you’ll have the satisfaction of teaching somestudents, and inspire them to create something that could change people’s of the first teams creating apps for the new Windows 8 platform. With yourlives! support, students can build an app that delivers an innovative experience that will blow users away.World Citizenship Competition- We have those studentswho want to make the world a better place. This competition recognisessoftware apps that want to improve the world we live in. This is your chace to Windows Phone Challenge-Windows Phone gives one-touchpromote your leading edge students who want to solve real life challenges access to the people, entertainment, and information we care about.with their technology! Whether they are looking to reduce world hunger, Windows Phone has become a lifestyle., and talented student innovatorshelp provide better treatment for diseases, raise awareness of environmental have those big idea’s that need to get into the hands of millions of usersissues, this is your chance to help steer them in the right direction! worldwide! Through getting them involved and educating them about the Imagine Cup, they can deliver innovative functionality that enables new ways to connect, buy, play, and learn—all wrapped in the outstanding Windows Phone user experience. Sign up at Sign up at
  4. 4. How Can You Help? What’s In It For You?1. We Need You To Get Behind The Campaign- We 1. Competition run on a regional scale- Thisonly approach the top universities who we believe will have the best faculty and benefits you in every way. Having regional competitions ensuresinnovative students, who could really succed in this competition! We want you to that you wont have to be giving up more time and expense thanget on board with the sompetition and be able to really educate the students on you bargained for. The students wont be paying large amounts to bewhat they could achieve, and to really help these student teams get the most out travlling to information sessions and hackathons. Also the mentorsof their experience. and sponsors will all be from around the area, which not only allows for regional recruitment oportunities but also allows you to create some great buzz and publicity around your students in the area!2. We Need Your Time- We need those dedicated faculty who arewilling to help our students through the process. We require you to act as possiblementor to the students, and encourage students to put some time aside to really 2.Recruit Opportunities - This competition will realisefocus on making their app and this experienceall it could be! It not only benefits some of the most innovative young minds in the country, and this isthem but you as well! the sponsors and mentors oportunity to look to see whether they are possible recruits for their firms. Whether it is placement oportunities or actual full time jobs they have to offer, you can provide them with3.Give Up Some Space- We will be getting students from all lots of amazing candidates to choose from, and help your own ‘fromdifferent universities around the country to be involved in the challenge to be the university to employement’ rates!next Imagine Cup winner, and to do so, we will be holding various hackathonsand information sessions at universities around the region. We would encourageyou to want to volunteer your university lecture theatres and areas to ultimately 3. PR - The competition allows for great publicity of not only yourfacilitate these students success! How often can you say that the next big app students taking part in the Imagine Cup, but also create great buzzidea was formed in your university? around the University and the schemes it allows its students to get involved with. This will in turn spread the word amongst all future students, faculty, sponsors and families involved. This is your perfect4. Educate Them- If you want to be able to say that the winning team oportunity to get your Universities name out there, get some greatwas from your university, then you need to educate them on the oportunity! publcity out through our channels and align yourself to somethingThere will be a lot of clever students and budding entrepreneurs who are just great and new that helps to find the leaders of tomorrow.waiting for their big break, so here is your chance to let them know about ho wthey can make it happen! Sign up at
  5. 5. How Can You Help Help Them Join Them Your Students? CompetitionThe Game Change Starts Here Games CompetitionAre you ready to take your students idea’s to the next level?Getting involved with Imagine Cup is easy:1. Take the challenge Innovation CompetitionGet your students to sign up at and select thecompetitions they want to take part in.2. Rally a team World Citizenship CompetitionGet them into teams and recruit the smartest classmates theyknow to participate with them.3. Bring their idea to life Azure ChallengeHelp your Students develop a new and innovative way to usetechnology. Then help them make it a reality.4. Compete to win Windows 8 App ChallengeHelp them advance through each round for chances to wintravel, great PR and cash prizes, Windows Phone Challenge Sign up at Sign up at
  6. 6. The World’s Premier StudentTechnology CompetitionTheir FutureStarts