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Imagine Cup 2012 Student Brochure


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Details of the Imagine Cup 2012 Student Competition - Student Pack

Published in: Education
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Imagine Cup 2012 Student Brochure

  1. 1. The idea iseverythingDream it. Build it. Live it.
  2. 2. Your Ideas, Visions, Since Imagine Cup began in 2003, more than one million students from more than 180 countries have signed up. When you join the ImagineInnovations Can Cup community, you’ll be able to communicate with students from all over the world to share ideas, have fun, and be there when the ‘Next BigChange The World Thing’ is unveiled, thats if you arent the one unveiling it!The Next Game Changing Idea Could Come Imagine Cup:From You: Can You Be the Next Gates Or Zuck? With software, the idea is everything. But do you think you have the next bigStudents over the years have managed to come up with some of the idea?most innovative and ingenious ideas, becoming the necessities inour lives since the moment they were invented. From a PC on every Over the last decades, the way we live and work has been changed foreverdesk, to one ex-Harvard students now billion dollar business in scoial by student startups. Without the fancy offices , millions in venture capital, ornetworking we’ve seen students re-invent the technology landscape. thousands of staff, students have still been able to find their way from the hallsStudents clearly have always been the pioneers of creativity and to the board room with nothing but passion, creativity, and that one big idea.innovation, and here is your chance to follow on in your predecessorsfootsteps! The Imagine Cup gives you this change to bring your With your inspiration, visions, passion, you can be that next talented studententreprenurial spirit and your great ideas, to create the next big thing, that brings their ideas to dont miss out!Imagine Cup:If You Can Dream it, They You Can Build itMicrosoft’s Imagine Cup is the world’s most prestigious studenttechnology competition, bringing together student innovators from allover the world. For students with a big idea, the Imagine Cup is a funand rewarding way to show it off. With Microsoft resources and support,tomorrow’s innovators can bring their ideas to life, and win a widerange of prizes from up to $50,000, to a trip to St Petersberg! Sign up at
  3. 3. Games InnovationCompetition CompetitionGames Competition Innovation CompetitionIf you’re all about having fun, and you’ve got game—literally. If you Ready to break some new ground? If your life mantra is ‘why not?’have an idea for an addictive gaming experience that could transform then come join the Imagine Cup Innovation Competition, and showhow we play, enter Imagine Cup and make it happen! us what you can do!Be fearless: Use the Microsoft platform to change up an existing Use your entreprenurial charm and dev skills, along with Microsoftgenre, craft a unique play scenario, or deliver a killer UI. Let your skills tools and technologies, to design a totally new app experience. Fromin design, artistic direction, and story and character development run the concept to functionality to interface, you run the show. You’llwild. architect, design, develop, and test your app—and create something that could change people’s lives!Take the first step, and you never know what could happen. For allyou know you could be the creator of the next gaing phenomenon... What can you build that is better, faster, and smarter than anythingThe future of gaming is in your hands! else on the market? Let the Imagine cup turn those genious ideas into a reality!Sign up at Sign up at
  4. 4. World Citizenship Windows AzureCompetition ChallengeWorld Citizenship Competition Azure ChallengeIf your goal is to make the world a better place through technology, Get this: Forrester Research says that the global market for cloudthis is the competition for you! The Imagine Cup World Citizenship computing is going to be $241 billion by 2020. With the WindowsCompetition recognizes software apps that have the greatest Azure cloud platform, you can build and deploy apps using anypotential to improve the world we live in. operating system, language, or tool. And you can do it fast.The key to success in the World Citizenship Competition is impact. The sky’s the limit: Use Windows Azure to build a cloud-basedWhat global challenge can you help solve with technology? Got an app that can turn the market on its ear. It (and you) could be theidea for an app that will help reduce world hunger, provide better technology industry’s Next Big Thing.treatment for disease, or raise awareness of environmental issues?Make it happen!If you think your big idea has the potential to benefit those in need,it’s time to get to work. Join the Imagine Cup World CitizenshipCompetition and start making an impact right now!Sign up at
  5. 5. Windows 8 App Windows PhoneChallenge ChallengeWindows 8 App Challenge Windows Phone ChallengeDoes your big idea have style? Windows 8 is coming, and with an Windows Phone is way more than just a mobile OS. Giving one-touchall-new touch interface, it’s going to take computing to a whole new access to the people, entertainment, and information we care about,place. Apps are the center of the Windows 8 experience, and great Windows Phone has become a lifestyle.apps start with great ideas like yours. If your big idea needs to get into the hands of millions of usersWhen you join Imagine Cup, you can be one of the first to create an worldwide, create a Windows Phone app. You can deliver innovativeapp for the new Windows 8 platform. With your creativity, you can functionality that enables new ways to connect, buy, play, and learn—build an app that delivers an innovative experience that will blow all wrapped in the outstanding Windows Phone user experience.users away.Sign up at Sign up at
  6. 6. Dream it. Build it. The Game Change Starts HereLive it. Are you ready to take your idea to the next level? Getting involved with Imagine Cup is easy: 1. Take the challenge Sign up at and select the competitions you want to take on.What’s In It For you? 2. Rally a team1. Looks great on your CV’s- What better way to show you are amongst some of Recruit the smartest classmates you know to participate with you.the most innovative and clever-minded students in the country than to enterthis competition? 3. Bring your idea to life Develop a new and innovative way to use technology. Then make it2. A chance to work with some great Companies, Mentors and Sponsors- This a reality.competition has the prospects to further your future career. It could turn outthat a mentor from one of our partners or sponsors gives you your next big 4. Compete to wininternship or job! Advance through each round for chances to win travel and cash prizes3. A chance to work directly with Microsoft- high-potential teams (at Microsoft’sdiscretion) will have the opportunity to work with Microsoft for the duration Join the Competitionof the competition to develop your app commercially and technically. You willgain help in furthering your idea, even if you don’t win! Games Competition4. A chance to develop your idea into an real business- with the help of the Innovation CompetitionMicrosoft Team, you’ll have access to free software through Dreamspark, andeven further may get access to BizSpark, enabling you to turn that idea into a World Citizenship Competitionsuccessful business.5. Money- a chance to win up to $50,000, enabling you to kick-start a new Azure Challengebusiness and the opportunity, should you make it through to the worldwidefinals in St. Petersburg, Russia, to get an Imagine Cup grant of $100,000 to Windows 8 App Challengedevelop your project further. Windows Phone Challenge WIN A TRIP TO THE IMAGINE CUP WORLDWIDE FINALS IN ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA!
  7. 7. The World’s Premier StudentTechnology CompetitionYour FutureStarts