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Gameathon UK Windows 8 Lecture


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Keynote lecture at Windows 8 Train2Game Gameathon World Record attempt

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Gameathon UK Windows 8 Lecture

  1. 1. signing great gamesfor Windows 8
  2. 2. 26th October, 2012 15th August, 2012 June, 2012 February, 2012September,2011
  3. 3. You have your greatideas and excitinggame designs…
  4. 4. Ideas for Windows 8 Casual Games
  5. 5. great Windows 8 game willmake sure that navigationbetween all experiences is a fast,fluid, and delightful experience
  6. 6.• Makes users first experience a complete one.• Provides a great mechanism for providing users with updates/fresh content
  7. 7.• Semantic Zoom allows a user to get a different view of your data • Navigate between different levels • Quickly show unlocked content, recently released levels, or new achievements
  8. 8.• Great way to keep your game as front-and-centre experience.• Can use the top app bar as navigation home
  9. 9.• Will the control be used very frequently?• Is the control crucial to the playing of the game?
  10. 10.• Users approach tablets and touchscreens in a variety of ways• Windows 8 accommodates a multitude of interaction variations
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Game gets 5s to Game is not notified handle suspend before termination UserLaunches Game Game notified when resumed Splash screen
  14. 14. Additional Ideas for your game….
  15. 15.• At-a-glance information delivery in a natural, attractive format• Draw the user back into the app with a single tap with fresh, tailored content via Live Tiles• Send tile updates even when your app isn’t running• Secondary tiles provide an entry point into a specific experience within your app• Scenarios: game-play status, latest leaderboard positions, multi-player messages, game news
  16. 16.••••
  17. 17.
  18. 18. users with a familiar andnatural way to search for itemsacross game.Scenarios:• A friend to start a multiplayer game against.• A user name on a leader board.• An achievement.• A specific level in a game with many levels.
  19. 19. a way to connect theplayer of your game to their socialnetworks, friends, or other apps.From your game:• Sharing game levels, high scores, screenshots, custom objects etc.To your game:• Receiving in-game content, images, video etc.
  20. 20. settings charm provides afamiliar and consistent way tomodify an apps settingsMore settings menus can beadded for account managementor game specific menus.Scenarios:User-account info, help content,control mappings, notificationsettings, about app info, supportinfo etc.
  21. 21. allows your game to share it’scontent with other apps seamlessly andconsistently.• The file picker makes it easy to organize content. You can also access content from other appsScenarios:• Exporting images from game to start screen background,• using music from music app for game.
  22. 22. your experience beyondWindows 8 and push yourcontent to devices on your localnetwork.The ‘PlayTo’ feature allows relevantcontrols to be accessed on thefirst device without compromisingthe display on the other.
  23. 23.
  24. 24.• Many games may take longer than the expected couple of seconds to load.• If thats true of your game, ensure that you provide some sort of indication to the user that the game is actively loading
  25. 25.• Communicate to users when the game is in a paused state:• removing them from the in- game experience and putting them back in the central hub• or by presenting a pause overlay or pause screen
  26. 26. are a crucialcomponent for game enthusiasts.The competition factor keepsusers engaged in your game andencourages other users in theirnetwork to return and maintaintheir rankings.Utilise location services to accesslocal standings.
  27. 27. engagement beyondstandard gameplay withachievements.Utilize weight, color and size todistinguish between items that areclose to being completed.
  28. 28.• Most people have more than one Windows PC.• Make your game a continuous and consistent user experience across all their Windows 8 PCsRoaming Scenarios:• Game settings and configuration• App licenses and in-app purchases from the Windows Store
  29. 29.• Windows Azure Mobile Services makes it incredibly easy to connect scalable cloud backend to your games.• Easily store structured data in the cloud that can span both devices and users,• Integrate it with user authentication• Send out updates to clients via push notifications
  30. 30. for discovery• Spotlight, Recommend, Browse/Filter, Search• IE10 & Deep linksUnprecedented reach• Global reach: 200+ markets,• 100+ languagesFlexible business models• Free, paid, in-app, trials• 3rd party in-app & advertising supportPricing• Developers control pricing• Up to 80% revenue share
  31. 31. http:// 8 Samples 8 Store Apps API 8 Store Apps Dev Blog 8 Store Apps Forums
  32. 32. • Good luck with the GameJam!• Thank you for your enthusiasm, support and ideas!• Looking forward to seeing some great games!Post GameJam:• Register for a Windows 8 Developer Store account DreamSpark members have FREE Windows Store subscription!• Build and sell great W8 store apps/games!