DreamSpark & EES licensing


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INTRODUCE your students, educators, and schools to the latest Microsoft software so they can interact,
collaborate, and learn. EES offers qualified academic customers a way to realize their full potential with
quality technology tools available under a single, subscription agreement

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DreamSpark & EES licensing

  1. 1. Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions ® The Microsoft Volume Licensing Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) is the simple, affordable way to provide your academic institution with the latest productivity and collaboration tools to be successful. INTRODUCE your students, educators, and schools to the latest Microsoft software so they can interact, collaborate, and learn. EES offers qualified academic customers a way to realize their full potential with quality technology tools available under a single, subscription agreement.Why EES? With EES, qualifying academic customers are THE EES EDUCATION DESKTOP PLATFORM STUDENTS REJOICE eligible for a subscription that includes: SUITES INCLUDE: The EES Student Option provides a convenient• Easy Compliance • Annual FTE Count – For full-time equivalent EDUCATION DESKTOP WITH CORE CAL SUITE and cost-effective way for organizations to license• Customized Solutions employees and/or students selected products for students on a personally • Assured Coverage – Desktop platform Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade owned computer or an institution-owned• Lower Total Cost of products licensed institution-wide computer assigned for the student’s exclusive use. Ownership Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 • Additional Products – License in any and Office for Mac 2011 • Free electronic software download eliminates• Simplified Asset quantity applications, servers, and services, the cost of distributing media and the burden Management Microsoft Core CAL Suite plus add IT Academy of managing the Student Option• Low Administration • Standardized software for students helps Involvement • Special Benefits – Student Licensing Option, EDUCATION DESKTOP WITH ENTERPRISE CAL SUITE Software Assurance, Electronic Software make everyone compatible Download, Live@edu Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade • Provides smarter tools for learning Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 You can obtain EES subscription licenses in one and Office for Mac 2011 of two ways, depending on the size of your “Budgets are getting smaller. Requirements are organization. Microsoft Enterprise CAL Suite getting larger. Data is getting even larger still.” Microsoft “helps us meet those demands without 1. Smaller customers with as few as five (5) full- STAY UP TO DATE having to purchase and manage the infrastructure time-equivalent (FTE) employees or students that we would need if we created our own solution.” can license through an Authorized Education Instead of purchasing software, you subscribe to Reseller (AER) by signing the simplified Open it, which gives schools the opportunity to upgrade Chris Spice Value Subscription Agreement for Education software versions as soon as they become available. Assistant Director of Information Services Solutions (OVS-ES), online e-agreement. EES won’t ever leave you or your campus feeling University of Ulster 2. Larger customers with a minimum of 1,000 FTE as if you have been left behind with older software employees or students can also license through and tools. a Large Account Reseller (LAR) by signing the Campus and School Agreement (CASA) and the Enrollment for Education Solutions.
  2. 2. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF EES SPARK A DREAM DREAMSPARK AT A GLANCE • Work at Home Rights – Permit faculty and Microsoft makes it easy to dive into our leading Every student, educator, and lab can take advantage of DreamSpark products staff to use application, system, and CAL development and design tools. for developers and designers, institution-wide for instructional use. DreamSpark Premium is only for qualified higher-education science, technology, engineering,RESOURCES products on a personally owned computer SHARE SHINE SIGN UP START TECH With the DreamSpark Membership, students get TIPS & TRICKS TRAINING WORK and math (STEM) departments. for work-related purposes the professional-level developer and designer • Microsoft Live@EDU – Helps to simplify tools they need—at no charge—to build real sites, K–12 Higher Education Higher EducationRESOURCES online collaborationUPand document sharing, SHARE SHINE SIGN START TECH apps,&and games for Xbox Live®/360®, Kinect™, TIPS TRICKS TRAINING WORK Technical Depts Only and promote online safety while keeping your Microsoft Windows Phone, and more. Students ® Students Educators Students Educators Students Educators data private through a reliable and easy-to- can get paid for their apps, get a head start on a DreamSpark X X X XRESOURCES manageSHINE SHARE Microsoft solutionSTART SIGN UP TECH career,TRICKS do better in class. TIPS & or TRAINING WORK DreamSpark • Software Assurance – A powerful Tomorrow’s tech superstars can be found in dorm X X Premium combination of benefits that includes new rooms and in Microsoft tech clubs on campusesRESOURCES version rights, the Home Use Program (HUP), SHARE SHINE SIGN UP START TECH around the world. They will create thousands TIPS & TRICKS TRAINING WORK cold backups for disaster recovery, spread-out of next-gen apps, tools, and games. That’s why TOP PRODUCTS OFFERED payments, and training resources we’re giving students and universities the top While DreamSpark offers a broad range of professional products for developers • DreamSpark Membership – EES with development and design tools at no charge. and designers, DreamSpark Premium provides access to a variety of different products. DreamSpark is a cost-effective way to get all of Microsoft’s productivity, collaboration, HOW DREAMSPARK WORKS DreamSpark DreamSpark Premium and developer tools under a single A free online subscription to DreamSpark is a Operating Systems agreement. In addition, EES includes an benefit of your EES subscription. Windows Client X organization-wide online subscription to Windows Server X X DreamSpark for instructional use by your ACTIVATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP: Developer & Designer Tools teachers and students in your classrooms 1. Go to www.DreamSpark.com Visual Studio® X X and labs. Plus, each STEM department Expression® X X 2. Enter the promotion code included in your Windows Embedded X X in your organization may qualify for a EES subscription welcome letter DreamSpark Premium subscription. These Applications memberships provide access to Microsoft 3. This promotion code entitles your institution Visio® X developer tools, platforms, and servers in to the DreamSpark (Electronic Software Project X Delivery) subscription level at no cost. One Note® X labs, classrooms, and on student computers for research and instructional purposes Servers SQL Server® X X BizTalk® Server X SharePoint® Server X “Our Microsoft volume licensing agreement is a key component of our strategy to provide consolidated, low-cost, high-value services to the faculty, staff, and students. ... It simplifies administration, lowers costs, and improves security and compliance.” -Mike Conlon, Ph.D., Associate CIO, IT Architecture, University of Florida © 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Learn more at www.microsoft.com/education